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  1. I will build my distillery from ground-up. But I need HELP!

    Wow, this sounds like an incredible project. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad to have this forum to learn from everyone.
  2. Barrel Warning

    Which supplier was it?
  3. Is it absinthe

    Good luck! Another good resource for some very old classic recipes is in Duplias' "A Treatise on the Manufacture and Distillation of Alcoholic Liquors". Lots has changed since those recipes were created but they offer a good starting point.
  4. Is it absinthe

    An herbal infused vodka? Bitters?
  5. Is it absinthe

    I don't believe the TTB has a legal definition for absinthe. You can read through "Class and Type Designation" and see. I wouldn't consider it absinthe without redistillation, but that doesn't mean you couldn't get it approved as an absinthe.

    That's quite the piece of equipment and price tag to be offered such little assistance in running it, I would be heated. Did you have any luck with filtering it right after mashing as opposed to after fermenting? Is this the only way to really separate liquids from solids when using grains besides malted barley? I've never heard of such a process until now!
  7. Square Bottle Labeler

    Does anyone have a label applicator that works well with square bottles? I have only dealt with round bottles in the past and can't find any convincing sources for one. Thanks!

    Beautiful. Is it still available?
  9. Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    There are plastics that safely and neutrally contain spirits, MGP ships their 190 out in plastic totes. The supplier should know the specifics of suitable plastics. Plastic may be cheaper but I feel you can achieve a cleaner vessel with stainless.
  10. Looking to start a Craft Distillery and Speakeasy in the midwest.  Please send your info to charlie@88mgmt.com.  

  11. Experienced Distiller

    Hey Everybody! Very capable distiller looking for my next opportunity. I have experience: ●creating a wide array of award-winning spirits from start to finish and creating new recipes. (Mashing, fermentation, distillation, blending+gauging, aging) ●designing and optimizing facilities and equipment layouts ●bartending, giving tours and general customer service. I am currently in the Portland, Oregon area, but I am willing to relocate for the right opportunity. I am also fully available for consulting work if you need a hand with your current or future plans for your facility. Email or PM me with any further questions or if you would like to see my full resume. Thanks! Kyle kleclerc77@gmail.com
  12. Anti-Foam Alternatives

    I have been using coconut oil successfully, though nothing large scale.
  13. Hello from Cape Cod, MA

    I have been distilling for the past five years for various companies, and am currently heading production at a distillery in Oregon. I'll be on the cape early next month if you wanted to grab a beer and talk shop. I've been involved in starting up distilleries and am in the process of ordering all production equipment for this current facility so may have some helpful advice if you find yourself in need of it! Kyle
  14. Hello from Cape Cod, MA

    Lots of great distilleries and distillers in MA! Other states I've worked in have been pretty cut-throat and ruthless with their competition, but nearly every distillery in MA is WICKED friendly and helpful. They get that it's little guys vs big guys, not little guys vs each other. I'll be on the cape in a couple weeks, do you have anything up and running that I could come check out? Best of luck! Kyle Displaced Masshole
  15. Wine cap style crimper

    Thanks for the tip Joe!