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  1. kleclerc77

    DIY defoamers

    I use coconut oil in a test still, but for some reason am hesitant in scaling up with it. It works like a charm in the little guy though.
  2. kleclerc77

    Barrel Warning

    https://www.wlky.com/amp/article/scam-alert-fake-bourbon-barrel-company-deceives-customers/25657218 These fuckers!!!
  3. kleclerc77

    Exogenous Enzymes

    I'm looking for some suggestions for exogenous enzymes to use in our grain-in mashing. I've mashed a ton of single malt before, where exogenous enzymes were unnecessary. I may use malt down the line for conversion, but initially am looking to use enzymes until I get a firm grasp on our equipment's heating and cooling quirks/capabilities. I'm leaning towards a certain supplier I won't mention as to not skew people's advice. Lots of suppliers on here, but looking for success stories from producers. Thank you!
  4. kleclerc77

    Water Chiller

    Due to the sizing of the fermenters and the size of the still, I do not see it being a possibility to mash with collected hot water. If that hot water sits around for any longer than overnight, microbial issues are a big concern. We could collect it for cleaning since it will be mixed with caustic and p3, but the water collected would still be way, way more than we need to clean. The city water is an adequate temp for cooling our mash, but I don't want to dump 1,500+ gallons of water down the drain whenever we mash. I thought chilling warm water was going to be a lot simpler than it is turning out to be. We are getting lots of conflicting advice from reputable chiller companies, so we are at a loss.
  5. kleclerc77

    Water Chiller

    Man I should post about more exciting stuff. But really, any insight is appreciated here. Thanks!
  6. kleclerc77

    Water Chiller

    We are trying to get the right system for a closed loop cooling water setup. Our idea now would be a system that goes: cool water tank-->mash chiller-->hot water tank-->water chiller-->back to cool water tank. I didn't realize that the cool water tank also has to mix with the hot water tank before the hot water can go into the chiller. Water that is too hot is not good for the chiller. We are considering a 10hp or a 20hp water chiller, with 2100 gallon hot and cold water tanks. This is to cool a ~800 gallon grain-in mash. We are not looking to do more than one mash per day, nor are we looking to run the still at the same time. Do you think this system could keep up with our needs? Thanks everybody!
  7. kleclerc77

    Mashbill in pounds

    I had the same question, my plan was to add grain and warm/hot water simultaneously with a flow meter on the water, then cook it with the steam jacket. That way, in the future, if it is better to add your grain to a certain amount of water, you will know the amount. From what I understand, there is no harm in steeping then cooking as opposed to getting the water to temp then adding grain(correct me if I'm wrong!!). Best of luck.
  8. kleclerc77

    Advice on where to hire Sales Reps

    Brewbound.com also has a job board you can post to.
  9. kleclerc77

    Adjusting Proof for Temperature

    While proofing down some potato vodka, there was a big difference in what I calculated versus what the hydrometer was reading. It should have ended up at 80 proof, but the hydrometer was reading 92 proof. Adjusting for temperature (85°) according to the chart that came with the hydrometer, I subtracted .4 to end up with roughly 91.6 proof. Baffled, I checked the HoochWare app to see what it said the true proof at the temperature is, which said 80 proof. It gave me some confidence that I didn't do my math wrong, but left me confused about temperature adjustment. TLDR: what is the best way to adjust for true proof when the temperature isn't reading 60°?
  10. kleclerc77

    Bottle Blower / Rinser

    I'm looking for a lead on a bottle blower to use pre-fill, ideally something that works off a small air compressor. I am not worried about using water, just air. Some use both which would be okay too, I just wouldn't hook up water. I am having a surprisingly hard time finding a good solution. Thank you!
  11. kleclerc77

    Hot Dry Weather

    When I worked in Santa Fe, the loss was ridiculous. Up to 60% over a couple years. Climate/humidity control was the solution, we never tried spraying everything down. Seems a little sloppy.
  12. kleclerc77

    Agitate or not to agitate

    I've found agitation to be really helpful. Along with an anti-foam it will prevent surging. I also found it to reduce heat up time and reduce scorching. Maybe it wasn't a "scorch", but when we didn't agitate, some type of very tough to clean buildup would accumulate in the bottom of our pot. Everyone's setups and results are different, but I've found agitation to be a no-brainer whenever running still.
  13. kleclerc77

    Help! Artemisia pontica..

    There are one pound bags for sale on eBay, not sure how many they have available though.
  14. kleclerc77

    Standard Operating Procedure

    Thanks Cap'n, will do. I figured this topic wasn't going to get a ton of traction...I really appreciate your input. I also found a good starting point from the Brewer's Association. Here it is if anyone wants to check it out https://www.brewersassociation.org/educational-publications/good-manufacturing-practices-for-craft-brewers/
  15. kleclerc77

    Standard Operating Procedure

    I am looking to put together a Standard Operating Procedure document for our state, and for future employees (also possibly for the FDA?) Is DISCUS good place to get a template for this? Is anyone willing to share a template? It will be tweaked for our unique plant but am looking for somewhere to start. I put this in "Safety" because I would imagine that will/should be first and foremost in any SOP document. Thank you!