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  1. Thanks! I'm having issues with my gin runs being consistent. Would I benefit from putting my gin basket below the dephlagmator? Additionally, because I have internal heating elements in this still I am forced to charge the still at a low proof (20-40 proof). With a lot of the botanical oils being non-water soluble what effect will this have on their potential extraction?
  2. I'm reading often that botanicals should be at 20-35 grams/liter depending on the recipe. Is this liters of spirit to be collected or total liters of liquid in the charged still? of It seems that there are some varying opinions on the topic. Additionally what are the pros and cons to charging the still at a lower proof (60-80) or at a higher proof (80-120)? Thanks!
  3. Fluid Fusion Equipment PURE series agitator/mixer 3" Tri-clamp fitting. Asking $2,100 or best offer. Ships from Buffalo, NY. Contact Cory@lockhousedistillery.com Can send more pictures Via e-mail. Heavy Duty, Model# PHD-3FL 1/2hp Electric Motor 1750 RPM 56C, 230/460v, Three Phase, 60Hz Custom Fabrication Housing Unit 304SS, Dual Vitron lip seals Shaft: 3/4" x 21" 316SS Set Screw Attached Impeller VFD 115V single phase input/ 230V 3 phase output Includes all cords, original users manual, and an extra lip seal.
  4. Can someone recommend a few good technical books on the topics of spirit blending and aging?
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