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  1. Industry distiller with the past 8 years managing distilleries as well as experience in the brewing industry and two years on the winemaking side is looking for the next opportunity. I have experience with recipe & product formulation with several different types of spirits some of which have garnered both domestic and international awards & recognition that include; whiskey’s (malt, rye, bourbon and others), vodka’s, gin’s, brandy’s and other specialty spirits. Beyond the product formulation and day to day aspects of managing, reporting, and operating a distillery (both in large scale production environments and smaller operations) I’ve also spent a fair amount of time supporting and leading facility build-outs including; facilities & equipment designs/flow, building renovations & equipment installations, and equipment start-up sequences. One aspect of the industry that I love and find true to today is that no two distilleries are identical, everyone has different focuses & takes in the ongoing search for producing the best spirit. If you need some help, or if you would like to start a conversation please feel free to message me. Cheers, -Brian
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