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  1. pmdoyle

    Rye Mash Foam

    that's great info to share thanks Pete
  2. pmdoyle

    Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2016

    Well done Pete. I've followed your story for a while and will have to pop down to Nick's wines to buy a bottle on the next payday!
  3. pmdoyle

    The Distillery Nation Podcast

    Hi Ilias I really like what you are doing. The show is getting at some good information and provides some real insights for the novice like me. The one with Captive Spirits and the most recent one were my favourites. My only criticism (that comes after binge listening to all of them) is that the questions you use are the same every episode. I would suggest you need to find a way of extracting the same info via different questions are in a more free flowing style. But i do have to congratulate you on the series - one of the key learnings for me is that each person knows their weak points well and they have developed a way to get around this, normally by surrounding themselves with people that compliment them. Cheers!
  4. pmdoyle

    Still Dragon column and stainless steel pot/ kettle

    Would scorching limit the life of an immersion element?
  5. pmdoyle


    please send a price and photos to phil@triptychdistillery.com.au. cheers!