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  1. Dsking416


    The 1.2 is factoring for the additional heads and tails you lose in Vodka production.
  2. Dsking416

    Chlorine impact dramatic over chloramine

    Chlorine evaporates, check out this article. https://sciencing.com/remove-chlorine-from-water-4516999.html
  3. Dsking416

    Oxidation does it matter?

    You will want aerate the add anti foaming agent before distilling and kegged beer.
  4. Dsking416

    Organic distilled spirits means exactly what?

    The real reason to use organic sources in my opinion is so that when you distill your spirits you aren't just condensing the pesticides that came on your substrate. They can travel through the still and some evaporate at similar temperatures. Use a Mass spec to test for contamination.
  5. Dsking416

    Fractional Distillation

    Contact Odin of iStill.
  6. Dsking416

    Iowa distiller looking for equipment

    Check out the new iStill line.
  7. Dsking416

    Electric Stripping Still?

    Check out the NextGen iStill equipment. https://www.youtube.com/user/OdiniStill
  8. Dsking416

    Reuse Glass Bottles?

    I have been wondering about this as well at least for locally sold product. I am on a small island as well and shipping is crazy. Has anyone successfully reused painted bottles?
  9. Dsking416

    UPC/bar code requirements

    I just sent an email to GS1 directly and will let you know if there is any useful info.
  10. Dsking416

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Looks great. I can't wait to use the Next Gen equipment at the next class in Utah.
  11. Dsking416

    Mango brandy

    We juiced the mangoes but it still left too much fiber to get an accurate reading. The distillate is amazing I can't wait to do it in 1320 gallon batches with a juicer made specifically for mangoes.
  12. Dsking416

    Spiced Rum

    Definitely use separate vessels. I find you can tune the flavor profile of things like cardamom and clove by using a lower proof and then adjusting steep times. For instance cardamom can get tart and tannic if it's too high of a proof or left too long.
  13. Dsking416

    Starter Still / Bench Still Suggestions

    You guys should really take a look at the 100 liter iStill NextGen. I am getting one for the exact same reason. http://www.istill.eu/100-2a
  14. Dsking416

    Mango brandy

    Update: The ferment is going great and the yeast is coming back aggressively every time I add more fresh mango juice. Usually just two days between adding juice. I have one more juice session left and no need to inoculate as the yeast is going great and finishing the fermentation overnight every time. I severely under pitched compared to the sugar content and it is still aggressive and vibrantly fermenting while gaining little to no heat during the fermentation.
  15. Dsking416

    Banana Brandy

    I have not, but the flavors are so pronounced I don't know how they wouldn't.