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  1. These barrels are unfortunately $1095/barrel due to the increase in tariffs. All other equipment we are keeping at the same price and eating the additional costs: http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment
  2. Other sizes of fermentation available: http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment/fermentation-tank-1600-liters-422-gallons as well as transfer barrels: http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment/stainless-steel-transfer-barrels
  3. Additional sizes are available as well: http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment/fermentation-tank-1600-liters-422-gallons
  4. If still available email me andrew@tetondistillery.com
  5. We also have available 6 new 3500 L (925 gal) fermenters for sale. $17,800 each. Link here:
  6. New Fermentation Tanks 3500 liters (925 gallons). Price: $17,800 each. 6 available. 5 wrapped and ready for shipping, 1 was unwrapped to take a picture and inspect. Jacketed for cooling with sloped bottom SUS 304 Stainless Steel Side manhole CIP Cleaning Ball Thermometer Pressure Gauge Sampling Port Stand with adjustable legs Mixer - 3 phase motor with shaft and paddle Our price includes the motor (other providers usually do not). Call or email andrew@tetondistillery.com for pricing.
  7. @Gsimmers we also have a 250 g pot still available which is a perfect 1-to-1 for these fermenters.
  8. We have sold stills to Lucky Bastard Distillers, Endless Summer Distillery, Fairbanks Distilling, 1857 Spirits, Wildrye Distilling, White Tiger Distillery, Whistling Hare Distillery, and many more!
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