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  1. PeteB

    Hot vs Cold Water Barrel Prep

    A lot of my barrels have staples, especially the French ones. I don't find them "a pain in the butt", just forget they are there and drive the hoop down, the staples will easily get dragged with the hoop.
  2. PeteB

    Hot vs Cold Water Barrel Prep

    You say your barrels leak like crazy at the start. Are you driving the hoops tighter before filling? I often fill very dry barrels and they occasionally seep for a short time but I tighten the hoops first. They will sometimes drive down another inch or so.
  3. PeteB

    Rust in stainless tank

    Do not rub off with regular steel wool, it will make it worse in the long run
  4. Methanol or ethanol can be used to make biodiesel. The problem with heads is the water which causes soap formation in the biodiesel. I used to run my still on biodiesel, still do occasionally, but a much easier option is with a siphon nozzle burner that uses the waste veg oil (or sump oil) directly without the effort of converting to BD. I burn my heads under the still through a second nozzle.
  5. PeteB

    Adjusting Proof for Temperature

    Also if the temperature of your spirit being measured is a long way from the air temperature it can be hard to get a steady reading. eg If spirit is at 85f and air at 50f the spirit is cooling, density is increasing, hydrometer is glass is shrinking, hydrometer is rising, glass thermometer is shrinking and spirit inside the thermometer is also shrinking. Some components are shrinking faster than others so it really is impossible to get a true reading until spirit temperature is same as air temperature. Also you referred to Hoochware app. I have never used it but because of the name I suspect it may not be as accurate as TTB requires. Do some comparisons with TTB Table 1, downloadable from TTB website https://www.ttb.gov/foia/Gauging_Manual_Tables/Table_1.pdf Also is your hydrometer a "Hooch" type as well? Over what range does the one you used measure?
  6. Sorry to be critical but the words "can't fail" should not be used in a potentially dangerous situation. "very unlikely to fail" would be more appropriate.
  7. It is not the weight of the water, it is the depth. It does not matter if the tube is 1 inch or 1 mile diameter, 2 feet of water column will create the same 1 PSI pressure. Before someone thinks I have made a mistake about 1 or 2 feet per PSI. Explained: 1 foot of water in a "U" will be pushed up one side of the tube to 2 feet by 1 PSI
  8. I saw this still in France last month. Almost turned inside out. It didn't have a vacuum release.
  9. About 6 inches should be enough. If bubbles push through while running the still, add a little more water until it stops. Approximately 1 foot of water in the "U" will hold back 1 PSI of pressure or vacuum. As well as water depth the diameter of the pipe is very important. The larger the still the larger diameter pipe is required.
  10. PeteB

    Hopped whiskey??

    So could an officious TTB agent say you cannot make a peated whiskey because the grain is flavoured before fermentation? Or is that specifically allowed in the regs?
  11. PeteB

    Bulk proofing vs. Proofing in bottle

    I occasionally proof (cut down with water) in the bottle but it is just one or 2 bottles. Add the calculated weight of water then the weight of spirit. Works OK but is quite time consuming. If you are paying yourself a wage then you would soon lose the cost of a bigger proofing tank.
  12. PeteB

    Hopped whiskey??

    Thanks for the the information. In Australia our regulations are not very specific and I was hoping that your regulations allowed for a product "Hopped Whisky" then I could use that as an argument to use that name for my product. I think if I clearly note on the front label I should still be able to use the name.
  13. I presume you mean the holes in the front plate, the holes are slightly smaller than the grain to prevent whole grains passing. I guess with corn the holes could be much larger than for rye.
  14. PeteB

    Filtration During Barrel Harvest

    Keep the suction hose off the bottom of the barrel until the very last moment. Most of the charcoal will be settled on the bottom away from the suction if you don't disturb it.
  15. Most of my meat grinder milling is with green malt. I have soaked the grain and when sprouted it is soft. I originally tried dry unmalted rye and added water as it entered the grinder. I found the grinder required a very fine front plate otherwise some whole grains got through. I think dry corn with water added as it entered the meat grinder would work well but would require more horsepower than pre-order soaked. That PTO grinder sounds like a heavy duty beast.