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  1. @Skaalvenn I was just letting you know it is possible to achieve any fine-tuned fill height in any bottle with the Mori filler. The cone position does affect the fill height. If anyone is interested in how to do this, I could post pictures when I get back tomorrow. @MichaelAtTCW, thanks for clarifying, and the adjustable tray option sounds like a great upgrade. Cheers everyone, Happy New Year
  2. @Skaalvenn, Ran across this thread and am a bit confused. I have the Mori 6 spout filler and have no problem finely adjusting the fill level. On each tube, there is the oval-shaped opening where liquid enters the bottle. Move the rubber cone and lock ring such that when the bottle is in position, the bottom of the outer metal sheath is where you want your fill level. The liquid stops filling when air can no longer exit the bottle. I do have to adjust the position of the rubber cone for different bottle types. I know I'm late to the thread, but I've heard the idea that the Mori filler is only adjustable by tray height from a few sources now. You don't need a fancy tray, just a hex wrench. Or maybe I'm missing something here.
  3. Welcome to the Virginia distillery business! What will you be growing on your farm?
  4. Sorry, I'm a bit confused. Paragraph A seems to indicate an increasing series number across all packages filled. Paragraph B states that an additional identifier must be present on cases containing bottles, but clearly requires that these identifiers be distinct from those in paragraph A. The way I read it, you must mark each case with two serial numbers, which must be distinct from each other. How can we have distinction if there is only one series? Additionally, I am wondering about the wording of all the paragraphs. What we are required to do begins with 'must', but many of these sentences include 'may', such as " except that any series of such numbers already in use may be continued to that limit ", which indicates that continuing the series, rather than starting over at 1, is optional? Has any TTB officer given their specific interpretation of this section of the CFR?
  5. Thank you everyone for your interest! I have accepted a position, but I am still available for advice. Feel free to drop me a line any time. Ryan
  6. I recently graduated from Michigan State University, receiving my Masters in Chemical Engineering. I was part of the Artisan Distilled Spirits program, and have four years experience in the micro-distillery environment. I also interned at Jim Beam. I have experience in distilling, equipment procurement, setup, and maintenance, and bartending. I have extensive labratory experience, including research in winemaking and activated carbon filtration. I am looking for more experience in the craft distilling industry. My resume is available upon request. If you are interested, email me at hendricks.ryan.j@gmail.com.
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