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  1. EZdrinking

    Forum malware?

    @Silk City Distillers I was able to turn this feature back on. They show up below all of the forum topics.
  2. EZdrinking

    Forum malware?

    I just tried two mobile browsers and it took me directly to the forum. If anyone else encounters your same problem, I will create a support request from the forum host.
  3. EZdrinking

    Removing color from natural oak aged white rum

    Here is a quick resource that explains the basics of how spirits can be decolorized. http://www.silcarbon.eu/2014/cms/upload/downloads/Entfrbung_Eng.pdf
  4. ADI has been invited by TTB to speak to Label specialists about issues distillers face during the label approval. Please provide us feedback on your experience of applying for label approval. We will aggregate and anonymize the information provided and before it is shared with TTB. It is our hope that opening dialog will lead to reduced rejections and change requests which will save distillers and TTB time and money. I will be traveling to DC July 23, 2018 so please submit your responses before then. Google Forum: https://goo.gl/forms/X306I2pyUURz7BBQ2
  5. Going from bourbon to straight bourbon would be a change in type so I believe that would require a new COLA.
  6. EZdrinking

    Rolling Out Vendor Ads

    Hello, I want to let users of our forum know that we are in the process of adding a more dynamic advertising system to our forum. If you encounter bugs that get of the way of using the forum please message me. eric@distilling.com Thank you.
  7. EZdrinking

    2019 ADI Craft Spirits Conference & Expo

    Mark you calendar and join us in Denver for the 2019 ADI Craft Spirits Conference & Vendor Expo, March 18-21, 2019. More details coming soon.
  8. EZdrinking


    One producer of agave spirits I spoke to said he uses multiple yeast strains to full attenuate the syrup. He didn't share which strains since it took him a lot of trial and error to figure it out. Given @bluestar comment about the different sugar contents of bulk agave syrup, maybe using a couple of yeasts more suited to each sugar type would help avoid stuck ferments.
  9. EZdrinking

    Can we do something about the spammers?

    @whiskeytango I deleted everything that was reported. If you see more, please flag it.
  10. EZdrinking

    Can we do something about the spammers?

    @indyspirits I'll look into the logistics of this and talk to ADI Team about this.
  11. EZdrinking

    Can we do something about the spammers?

    So I discovered that with one of the forum updates I performed on the back end changed some of my notification settings so I wasn't getting emailed about reported posts. I will fix this so that I can respond quicker. Also, if in the future you don't get a response you can always send a support request.
  12. EZdrinking

    Can we do something about the spammers?

    When did you report these? I have not received any reports in the last month or so.
  13. Registration for ADI's 2018 Judging of Craft Spirits is Open Now! The purpose of this judging is to help promote the craft spirits industry and the people who are producing the finest quality artisan spirits, bitters, aperitif and fortified wines and to give participants valuable, unbiased, third-party feedback on the quality and process of their spirits. WHO CAN ENTER? ADI accepts entries in all classes and categories of craft spirits from US and International distillers, blenders, bitters makers, and producers of aperitif & fortified wines who are: Independently Owned: Less than 25% of the producer is owned or controlled (or equivalent economic interest) by alcoholic beverage industry members who are not themselves a craft distiller, blender, bitters maker, or producer of aperitif & fortified wines. Small-Scale: Producer has maximum annual sales of 100,000 proof gallons (about 473,000 liters/52,500 9-liter cases). WHAT DO I GET FOR ENTERING? Double-gold, gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded with certificates for spirits judged worthy of recognition. All entrants will receive tasting notes with comments from the spirits judges. All entrants will also be considered for our Packaging Awards and be evaluated to see if they if they meet the standards for ADI’s Certification of Craft Spirits at no additional cost or paperwork. Award winners will receive a physical awards as well as a digital renderings of all applicable medals, awards and certifications. Judges reserve the right to not award medals when, in their opinion, no spirits in that category merit an award. Medals and Packaging Awards will be announced at the American Distilling Institute’s Annual Conference & Vendor Expo, March 26-29, 2018 in Portland OR. NOPTIONAL ADD-ONS During registration entrants can choose to purchase professional bottle image(s) of any of the spirits entered and entrants can submit one or more of their registered spirits for testing and receive a certificate of chemical analysis which is valid for all major retailers, most countries import/export and tender purposes. A $700 value offered to judging entrants for $150 per spirit. For more details check out our submission guidelines. Download and example certificate here to get an idea of what information is included. DEADLINES Deadline for International Spirits Registration: January 5, 2018 Deadline for US Spirits Registration: January 19, 2018 Deadline for Receiving Entries: January 25, 2018 ENTRY FEES: Early Bird Registration Up through December 24, 2017 ADI Members $200 per spirit for US entries $250 per spirit for international entries Bulk discount for members who enter more than 10 spirits Non-Members $300 per spirit for US entries $350 per spirit for international entries Standard Registration After December 25, 2017 ADI Members $250 per spirit for US entries $300 per spirit for international entries Bulk discount for members who enter more than 10 spirits Non-Members $350 per spirit for US entries $400 per spirit for international entries DISCOUNT FOR AFFILIATE ASSOCIATIONS Members of the following Affiliate Associations: The Gin Guild Ontario Distillers Association Australian Distillers Association may enter their spirits at the ADI Member price even if they are not current members of ADI. For more information download the attachments or go to ADI's Judging Page TO ENTER YOUR SPIRITS, CLICK THE LINK TO REGISTER TODAY 2018 ADI Judging Shipping Label.pdf 2018 ADI Submission Guidelines.pdf cola_waiver_2018 ADI Judging_template.doc 2018 ADI Judging Fact Sheet.pdf
  14. Our attendees are eager to Call for Presentations at ADI's 2018 Craft Spirits Conference & Expo in Portland Oregon Come share your expertise at the largest distilling conference in the country. Our attendees are eager to learn from their peers and industry experts about all things distilling, from setting up their company to making important marketing decisions to dealing with exports and fulfillment. There is increasing interest for specialized presentations around technical decisions, expert topics and upcoming trends and research. You can submit several separate sessions if you would like. We reserve the right to combine presentations that deal with a similar subject in panel sessions. If you are not ready to present, but would like to suggest a session that would benefit our industry, you can email us at speakers@distilling.com. We also welcome your suggestion or submission of White Papers and case studies (to be potentially used online and at the conference). All submissions will be reviewed by an expert committee. Interested in submitting? Here are our tips: Create a presentation title that clearly describes your session. The shorter, the better. Identify your target audience and level of knowledge (basic/start-up, intermediate/confirmed, expert/master) Identify your track (marketing, administration, technical knowledge, general industry knowledge) Identify your presentation format (lecture, roundtable, hands-on, panel) Write an engaging presentation description in 150 words or less. Summarize course objectives, learning outcomes and specific skills attendees can expect to gain from your presentation. Providers (vendors) to the industry should bring a customer as their main presenter to share success and failure with their peers. We choose presentations based on the interest for our attendees. Indicate if you have a book and if you'd like to do a book signing. Deadline for submission is SEPTEMBER 15, 2017. Presenter Expectations Keep the number of presenters to 2 maximum, unless on a panel. All co-presenters must actively participate in the presentation. Keep the timing of the presentation to 45min or less, unless special request is made Presentations must reflect the description given at submission. To be considered, your session must be educational in nature. No sales pitch will be accepted. Presenters are responsible for securing and paying for travel and lodging. ADI will provide Speaker Passes as well a discounted guest pass for the Conference & Expo. Material should be original and will be shared with our attendees (for copyright reasons, you can submit an abridged version of your presentation to be offered to the attendees after the conference if you so chose). For multiple speakers, each speaker will be required to agree to the submission and rules. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. Email speakers@distilling.com if you have an idea but need help with the format. What's next? Our Review Committee will review and advise by November 15, 2017. Email Speakers@distilling.com with questions. Submit your Proposal Today!
  15. EZdrinking

    Already read content resurfacing

    Just a quick question. Are the topic reappearing because people have been replying to the topic? Or, are there no new posts and it still reappears in the Unread Content?