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  1. Philadelphia Distilling is looking for an educated distiller

    Bump. Still looking for qualified candidates for this position. Thank you!
  2. Philadelphia Distilling is looking for one or two additional distillers to join our team. We are experiencing rapid growth in our core spirits and are looking to enter into some new spirit categories over the next 12 months. We offer competitive salaries, 401K, health and dental coverage along with a great team working environment. A formal distilling education is desired. We hope to fill these positions within the next 2 to 4 weeks. We are just finishing building our new expanded distillery in the heart of the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. If you are interested in joining our team we would love to hear from you. Contact Andrew Auwerda aa@philadelphiadistilling.com
  3. 12 year old Fulton Vertical Tubeless Steam Boiler for sale. Natural gas, 20 HP, ~650,000 BTU/Hr output. Boiler has been annually maintained and repaired, runs fine. Can run up to 150psi, but can be modulated down to 50 psi on the boiler. Blowdown separator and condensate return included. Pump on condensate return is less than 2 years old. $8000 OBO. Buyer pays for freight or picks it up. Currently in Philadelphia, PA. Please contact me at aaron@philadelphiadistilling.com if you are interested, if you have questions, or if you would like pictures. Thanks!
  4. Forklift size?

    I'd also like to suggest going electric, as they don't produce aromas that can affect your product. If you do go electric, look for type EX, for explosion proof motors usable in atmospheres containing flammable vapors and dust.
  5. Open Wooden Fermenter Opinions

    The other two advantages that I hope to get from them (not actually using wood yet) are using less chemicals to clean, and, even with steaming, encouraging a local and unique microbiome. The latter is maybe a whole other thread for discussion though.
  6. Open Wooden Fermenter Opinions

    PeteB - Thanks for those tips. I'll be recirculating the beer post fermentation to (semi-)homogenize the grains and liquid before transferring to the still. I hadn't considered the dissolved CO2 problem, so we'll probably have to go with a positive displacement pump. As far as the steam wand, we have no idea yet. That was the purpose of posting this thread; to get some feedback from other distillers about the nitty-gritty of open wood fermenters. Another thread http://adiforums.com/index.php?showtopic=5290 suggested a steam wand for sanitizing, so that's the plan we're going with right now.
  7. Open Wooden Fermenter Opinions

    We're pretty set on getting some open-top wooden tanks for our whiskey beer fermentations. We're considering getting drop-in glycol chillers for fermentation temp control and we'll recirc' with a centrifugal pump from the bottom port to a pipe we'll hang over the top edge. We'll probably clean with hot water, then steam-wand, in between fermentations. I was wondering who out there in ADI-land has any experience with these. Any secrets or pitfalls that we might not be considering? Does any body use them tilted or did you find someway to get a sloped bottom? Any breaking in tricks? Thanks!
  8. Hello from Philadelphia Distilling! I'm the newest distiller here, Aaron. Just came from the brewing world and am excited to learn and share on this forum!