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  1. Very nice system! One of my favorite style of stills.
  2. Hello! We've got a 250gal charge (300gal total) still kettle for sale. We ordered it to use for stripping runs and have decided to go a different route. Its got an 8" ferrule with 4 2" connections on the top for a pressure valve, agitator, sight glass, and a light if needed. Built in light for the manway, 2 2" port on the side for a volume glass, (currently fitted with 2 sight glasses) and a 2" drain. 440k btu natural gas jet burner is included. Changing the price to $10,000 firm. Buyer to arrange shipping, we'll help with loading. If you have any questions please send me an email at john@caskwerks.com Thanks for your time. Cheers, John Miller CaskWerks Distilling Co. Tempe, Az
  3. Hey Ryan, I'd contact these guys: http://www.stm-instrument.com/default.asp Cheers, John
  4. Hello All! We're working on starting a guild for the distilleries in Arizona. Would anyone be willing to share a copy of their 501©(6) that has recently been accepted by the IRS? Or maybe info that has been used to help facilitate the filing of that document. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, John Miller
  5. Contact John Patt from Desert Diamond Distillery in Az. http://www.desertdiamonddistillery.com/desert-diamond-distillery He's got a Holstein system with digital controls.
  6. Its loading for me. Maybe its been a while but it looks like its been updated. Cheers, John
  7. Very nice! Once we're in our new location I'm going to be calling you guys..
  8. Hey Stephen, I'm the distiller for Forward Brands (aka Arroyo Spirits) in Phoenix, I'll get you the info for the company we use. I'll PM it to you once I have it. Cheers, John
  9. The last time I had a quote for a German 500L still it was closer to $70K
  10. Hello all! My family and I will be driving up to Portland at the end of July for the Oregon Beer Fest. I'm going to be there for a full week and I wanted to know if I could possibly stop by a few local distilleries and say hello! I'm the distiller for Arroyo Vodka based in Phoenix, Az and since I didn't make the ADI conference I just wanted to meet some industry folks on my own. So please let me know if theres anyone available July 31st to August 4th. Thanks for your time! Cheers, John Miller
  11. I wish I'd have heard about this sooner! I'd have planned my trip up there to the Beer Fest a little better.. Cheers! John
  12. you can produce and wholesale in Az according to the Az LLC.
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