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  1. I have 10 unused 10 gallon wood barrels from Barrel Mill with Char 3 + bungs. These were ordered in 2015 but never been used just sitting in our storage. These are located in Alabama. I've included a screenshot of the original invoice for these below. $1200 for all barrels OBO (not including shipping). You pay shipping cost or come pick them up, or I may deliver them for a fee depending on your location.
  2. Big_Sur

    Vodka turning pink in the bottle?

    My guess is either lipstick or perhaps someone used a pour spout on the bottle after previously using it on a bottle of something red - like Deep Edy's grapefruit (which is delicious by the way).
  3. Big_Sur

    Vodka turning pink in the bottle?

    Syntheic T-Tops
  4. Big_Sur

    Vodka turning pink in the bottle?

    Never had an unopened bottle go pink. There is a single bottle that supposedly has turned pink after some amount of time after opening....I've yet to actually see this and have seen hundreds of identical bottles not have that problem.
  5. Big_Sur

    Vodka turning pink in the bottle?

    Has anyone experienced vodka turning pink after being in a bottle for a while? 100% corn vodka, carbon filtered, starts out crystal clear....and turns a pinkish color after some time? Seems to have happened only after being opened for a while. Only had one or 2 examples of this, just curious if anyone else has seen this. Possibly oxidation? Sunlight? Residue from cleaning solution used on bottling filter?
  6. I'm looking at these 300 gallon fermenters: http://www.distillery-equipment.com/oshop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8_32&products_id=55 I've tried to contact the company but they're not responding..... Does anyone have experience with these fermenters? Good or bad? What type of glycol chiller setup is required to use these effectively?
  7. Big_Sur

    Tops move up/off - heat shrink capsules?

    Definitely some bottle/top combos with a batch of a few thousand of each don't match up just as perfectly as the majority. Seems like some of them slide up about 24 hrs after bottling. Thanks for the feedback folks, I think putting the shrink wrap over will solve the problem completely.
  8. We've got a Nordic style bottle for vodka with synthetic cork bar top. The tops fit perfectly, snuggly, but seem to creep up on some bottles over time. We're going to use a paper strip over the top for the breakable seal (awaiting labels to be delivered any day), but I'm worried that won't prevent the top creep. Do heat shrinks over the top of the paper & top prevent the top from creeping up over time? Also, I think its partially due to temperature changes between bottling & store.
  9. We received 2 of these barrels a couple of months ago. They are fantastic! Very well made and reasonably priced. -Stephen Watts Redmont Distilling Company Birmingham, AL
  10. Big_Sur

    Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    We received our approval today after submitting at the end of November - 6 month wait. We did not hire an attorney but I believe if we had or had hired an attorney to review our application the process would have gone faster. Much thanks to Aaron "InsuranceMan" for his assistance and advice through the process! Redmont Distilling Company is Birmingham, Alabama's first distillery since prohibition.
  11. Big_Sur

    Valuation of Aging Stock?

    This is my first post on the forum and I'd just like to say that Aaron is a great resource. I'm the co-owner of Redmont Distilling Company which will hopefully be the first distillery in Birmingham, AL since prohibition (waiting on the DSP.....crossing my fingers every day!). Really stellar and would highly recommend using him.