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  1. For those of you who aren't already aware, there is a HUGE mess going on right now on facebook and in the on-prem 'craft cocktail' community. It has to do with 'glass ceilings' for women in the bartending world, but eventually spilled over into a boycott of the 86 co. (Tequila cabeza, aylesbury duck vodka, ford's gin, etc...) that has a huge presence in craft cocktail bars. One thing led to another, and some insensitive comments from 86 co. owner Dushan Zaric led to him being forced to step down by his partners when boycotts were threatened. Playboy.com just put up an article talking about some of the details. http://www.playboy.com/articles/employees-only-singapore-flyer-dushan-zaric It would seem our on-premise bartender sales force is getting rather sensitive these days. Probably worth sharing this link with your marketing force and brand ambassadors if they haven't been aware of what's going on.
  2. I'd love to see your procedure if you are willing to share. Thanks!
  3. mcsology

    DYE China?

    This is universally true: if you buy anything internationally (i.e. without legal recourse) you better be willing to fly your happy ass over there to look over their shoulder during production, until they have earned your trust.
  4. "Plates do very little to change the flavor compared to being able to change the entire shape of the column" What the deuce?
  5. When I've let washes go wild acetobacter took over as soon as the yeast started slowing. Made killer cane vinegar. Useful stuff.
  6. Quick question, anyone used whirlfloc on a rye mash?
  7. I usually will put 5 or so gallons in there and check the heads, roll it around to check for leaks and use the same water from barrel to barrel. I collect the small amount of little bits of char that come out with the water at the end. Useful stuff. Straight off the truck I've rarely seen ones that need work to seal. If they have been sitting its a different story
  8. mcsology

    Gold Cachaca

    Novo Fogo has fantastic wood aged cachacas. I always assumed that they were oak, but I guess I never asked.
  9. I tend to one-shot pot distill gin. After heatup I give it about 30 minutes to an hour to go very very very slowly to minimize the volume of the first fraction that has all the volatile, rather bitter citrus oils that cloud up the spirit when proofed. That cut usually gets cycled into the next runs from the same batch until the batch is fully processed. At the end of the line it goes into the feints container. As soon as the first make starts running clear when proofed to 40% I kick up the heat/speed to maybe 20-30% of the production rate of a stripping run, which is fairly fast but still showing a bit of restraint. When sensory tells me that juniper is falling off in intensity a bit I go a little harder until I get the first hints of cardboard and feintyness. After that I blast feints through at stripping speed into a separate container. Feints get turned into neutral and cycled into the next maceration. Since I cut by sensory, process can vary a little bit depending on what's coming off from run to run.
  10. You can always smith the oiliness down by adding neutral and then water. Lots of great gins are made by distilling a super oily concentrate and smithing down.
  11. Hi Humble, Are you helping them sell their equipment, or is this yours? It would be nice to be able to chat with the people that were using it.
  12. Your local authorities may vary, but I'm fairly certain that in most places, boilers that operate above 15 psi (or was it 30?) are classified as 'high-pressure' boilers and have much more complicated building code requirements and will likely make the local fire chief ask you to jump through some serious hoops before they'll sign off on your facility. I'd definitely look into that side of things before going that high pressure. I also did a little quick and lazy math, and to heat up an 800 gallon stripping load from 25c to 87c at 10% alcohol, and a 300 gallon spirit load from 25c to 87c at 40% alcohol, you'd need to be putting out 1,030,800 appx btus per hour to heat them up in an hour assuming a 10% thermal loss on the way to your equipment. This would be your peak load, so unless you wanted to add mash tuns or other steam powered equipment a 31 BHP steam boiler should get you where you need to go. If this is way off I'd love to know so I can update my sizing calculations.
  13. Anyone smarter than me have advice on buying a hemacytometer? I have good sources on how to properly do cell counts, methylene blue tests, etc... The cheap chinese ones have pretty atrocious feedback on amazon, but since I'm just counting yeast cells and checking for viability, I would think that spending $100-$250 on one is a bit overkill. If anyone out there has one that they like and is on the cheaper side would love to know the brand! Thanks, Mike
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