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  1. richard fraser

    bottle machine

    Looking for a machine to bottle 50 ml bottles. Have one for 750 ml but wont go that small. Suggestions?
  2. richard fraser

    corking machine

    Thanks for comments.CCR has what i need and and the B design corks 1 per second if you can keep up..!800 dollars is a bargain if you knew how bad my hand hurts.
  3. richard fraser

    corking machine

    We are corking by hand 1200 bottles at a time.Hard on hands. Any advice on a not so expensive corking machine.
  4. richard fraser

    pureify spirits

    Well i am new to ADI forum but i think i have the idea now.Opening distillery in month or so.My partner has all the knowledge.Just learning and having fun as well.Thanks
  5. richard fraser

    pureify spirits

    OK OK OK sorry you are all right! I was in a hurry this morning .Won't happen again.
  6. richard fraser

    pureify spirits

    I know carbon filtertration but what about chill filtration or any other thoughts
  7. richard fraser


    What's best method or device to interpolate proof
  8. richard fraser


    Sorry I meant interpolation of proof.
  9. richard fraser


    What would be best device or method for tabulation of spirits
  10. richard fraser

    Just starting distillery couple months from now.

    Thanks guys i will check them out
  11. Anyone have idea for best program to keep us legal with Federal and state for our production and sales as well as inventory etc.I know it's complicated to say the least.And don't laugh i have no background in this business but willing to learn and i better do it fast.
  12. richard fraser


    Thanks also very good info.
  13. richard fraser


  14. richard fraser


    Does anyone know where to get 30" code 7 filter cartridges.
  15. In couple months starting up distillery in Tenn.Want to get started in several states as soon as possible.It seems a broker with connections already would be best choice for multiple states.Your thoughts and who you might suggest.Would like surrounding states and Fla maybe NY.