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  1. Hopped Whiskey(?)

    I don't mean to hijack but what if you made a beer from a mash entirely of cereal and used hops in a botanical chamber?
  2. Distributors marketing contribution$$

    We have what we call LMFs set up where the distributor and I both put a buck a case into a local fund for use in that market. This is money to help cover cost of tastings, special menu printings, specialty POS items, events and promotions, cosponsored marketing material, help offset cost of holiday VAPs etc. We monitor the balance of the account with the distributor and we both have to agree for any money to be used.
  3. Early Sales, Consistent Sales

    What type of programming are you doing w your dist?
  4. Less is always more in print. Concision is key, attention span has diminished beyond existence in most consumers. Just be wary of inventory, I have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars in POS rotting away in distributor sales warehouses that never actually gets picked up or utilized by reps (until the day you come in for a work with) No one will sell your brand if you don't. You can provide the best marketing materials and see no results if you aren't in the market working with reps yourself. Be your own disciple. The key to distribution is multiplying yourself.
  5. Continuous Still Video by Red Boot

    Hawkeye here! That is some sweet hardware amigo. I'm in WI I'll have to drop down with my COO sometime and check you guys out.
  6. slot floor drains

    We're thinking of installing a 15 foot section in Jan. to see if we want to convert for our expansion, I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes. I'm sick of power washing trenches, bring on the CIP!
  7. Vendome

    I don't want to trash any supplier I haven't actually purchased from publicly- but check your DMS!
  8. bulk milk tank

    We had same issues with repurposing similar tanks by same brand. I emailed tankinfo@johnwood.com and we figured out a calibration sheet for us to use.....
  9. Banana Brandy

    They'll ferm its all sucrose glucose and fructose Theres a spirit called Warragi made all over Africa in former UK colonial countries.... IN war time when gin stocks were low in colonies the troops recruited local help to ferment and distill local fruit- often one of the many species of african bananas was a major constituent of most of the mashes...... Term "Warragi" developed from linguistic differences between colonial soldiers and locals, "War Gin" morphed into the vernacular "Warragi"
  10. Snake oil salesmen. Don't contact this boner. If he were any good at marketing he would have one, if not multiple, brands in market. "Spinning" a story like he says is actually lying. The state of the union in our industry: People are getting sued for "marketing" (lies). Theres a difference between outrageous advertising (John Jameson diving in the sea etc.) and untruthful marketing (lying about your experience, qualification, process, heritage, etc). [insert double bird here]
  11. Dead piling in vertical storage stacks on pallets is far more efficient safer to handle and will allow you to fit more barrels then traditional ricking structures or using racks. One thing you can do is seal the bung mid barrel and drill out a hole on the top, then pump in and out through top- this will make handling barrels exponentially easier quicker and safer- but you lose the romance of rolling barrels around and popping that stave mounted bung cheers bro
  12. Dead piling in vertical storage stacks on pallets is far more efficient safer to handle and will allow you to fit more barrels then traditional ricking structures or using racks. One thing you can do is seal the bung mid barrel and drill out a hole on the top, then pump in and out through top- this will make handling barrels exponentially easier quicker and safer- but you lose the romance of rolling barrels around and popping that stave mounted bung cheers bro
  13. Vendome

    Give us some still porn stats here, this is just a beer stripper right? How many plates? Height and number of columns (if its not a beer stripper)? Where will you be located? Welcome to the team!
  14. New equipment

    If i was purchasing equipment again on that budget I would go to Affordable and get the most rockstar shit I could afford.
  15. Still Manufacture Issues

    If you're liquid and ready to rumble talk to McKee and get yourself a Ferrari bro, we gotta headframe coming in Jan As for a pot I gotta CDS/SM system and I'm really happy with the still, she purrs. SM has the second worst customer service ever though imo and is not a good partner for our industry members as growing enterprises. I have never worked with the guy from affordable but he's very up front and honest about his sourcing and fabrication... from the post stalking I've done of him he truly grasps and understands dist technology, its capabilities and limitations, and his pricing is rad. I know some of the guys at HBS and I like them a lot, but I do think they're capabilities have some limitations- they are learning fast and are passionate about their work though. For american made I do not think there will be a better deal for you if you're only looking at dollars and cents..... The Haneys are great people. If you need to save some cash scroll the forums here and look for a disco still, Chinese stills are always cheap but some people will look at you as a pariah, Affordable is a great option as discussed, and if you want something more customized I would contact Cassel and ask him to design you a set up to be manufactured by someone other than SM..... I would honestly contact McKee and see if they have the copper capability to manu a Cassel pot for you guys....... Their manu. team is out of this world they're a pleasure to do business with and your money is going to a higher cause in Butte. Cheers bro
  16. Farm Distillery Floor-plan Feedback Request

    As was earlier mentioned yeast will need refrigeration unless you propagate naturally, which although risky I think would be to your credit and make you absolutely unique (and save you some cash, but replicability will be tough). Is your slab already poured?
  17. Farm Distillery Floor-plan Feedback Request

    Echoing everyone above: Look into the sombrero of death concept. You have a large one in your plans and its a problem. I would consider making your single line floor drain a T if you're using a basic trench, especially if your floor isn't already pitched for a floor drain (I'm assuming you're moving into a building and installing your own trench). I would look into the floor slit drain if I were you, and if you added it it would work well as a single line or a T. As a smaller operation it will be expensive but it will really help you keep everything sanitary being able to flush that out easily and allow for less operators. I would add another concrete pad for a chiller or put it on roof. Where is your air compressor? Intrinsically safe instead of explosion proof will save you alot of money. You definitely don't have enough storage, think about fitting grain bags, enzyme, nutrients, tools, hardware supply (Oar, mixers, hoses, siphon tubes, lab type equipment, refractometer, hydrometer, etc.) all in that small supply storage. I think you should add a hoist/lift to the ceiling somewhere, this could help to allow you to run as a single operator. Where will you store samples of finished goods? You need some processing tanks of some type. Blending Proofing Mixing Cleaning they can do it all but you need them to do anything.
  18. Hello from Massachusetts

    Distillation Principles and Practices Sydney Young Fundamentals of Distillery Practice Willkie/Prochaska Distillation Principles and Design Procedures Hengstebeck Lean Thinking Womack The above books were integral to our design and procedure development. Delve deep into Lean thinking, the Toyota Way, and Six Sigma well before you plan anything in your project. The following are great resources as well: Distillers Grain Manual Willkie and Mather Designing Great Beers Daniels Search for any of the Joseph E Seagrams and Sons Inc publications by ISBN on the interwebs...... super hard to find but amazing resources and not a lot of people have seen them! I run a search every couple weeks and have ended up with a few texts most people probably don't even know exist (I didn't) out of weird used book shops......
  19. Ice Machine / Ice Maker?

    Im glad you did your research on ice its something a lot of people over look! Somethings to keep in mind when sizing an ice maker and choosing type as well: -Size of your tasting room and complexity of your cocktail program: how much ice goes into constructing and serving one cocktail, and if your tasting room is a hit, whats your anticipated maximum output of cocktails per hour, per night? If you come in under the ice is just never used.... if you come in over on your need you will be castrated. -How often are you going to have special events and what is going to be their size? Its not appropriate to run out of ice when throwing a wedding. -Depending on where you are and what drink you want to serve: top hat ice is usually larger, harder, clear ice and is not best for frozen cocktails or blended drinks so keep that in mind!
  20. Broker compensation

    I've used brokers in all control states to various but mainly unimpressive results. Getting menus and features printed is more complicated w brokers over distributors and you're better off doing it yourself in most cases. On top of that, their coverage is limited in those states, they don't hit full markets, they try to group you with their other brands in promotions etc. to the detriment of your own brand (its never about whats good for your single brand, but their portfolio as a whole- where as distrib. will have profit in the success of your brand individually). In most states brokers cannot even take or fulfill orders, and my main issue with them is the lack of reporting. In states where brokers would be valuable, reporting is limited and usually unavailable, so their reporting to you will be incomplete. Fuck brokers. Do the leg work yourself and save the margin for yourself, its just another leech trying to pull value from sales you and your brand likely generated for yourself.
  21. 300 gallon new Still for sale

    ASD manufactured?
  22. Ice Machine / Ice Maker?

    Before you select an ice maker I would suggest selecting a type of ice you want to make. One that looks good in the glasses you have, complements the cocktails you offer, and melts at the rate you wish for dilution. Ice is a major component of any cocktail.
  23. Wooden Cocktail Stirrers - Anyone..?

    Alibaba is an amazing resource for bulk bar items that big buys use effectively for marketing
  24. Barrel Mill barrel quality

    They make good barrels. I have a 15 gallon used brandy barrel from Old Sugar Distillery I'm using as a test batch for some port finishing. Sealed up with essentially no issue at all and is holding fluid exceptionally well.
  25. Who pays for liquor store shelf space?

    Given the size and scope of your budget in comparison with big boys, and likely even mid cap suppliers, you are absolutely barking up the wrong tree here. Why would you devalue your brand and at the same time cut out your own margin (which you probably haven't protected enough as is)? Your distributor is taking advantage of your inexperience with programming if they are over pushing pay to play.... Set yourself up for success with distributors who believe in your brand and the value it holds. If the team believes, the team succeeds. If you devalue your brand by supporting it in the market when you shouldn't have to (because your product is not a commodity) why would anyone else respect what you're peddling?