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  1. Wow that is pretty big column for starting off. A column that size will produce a heck of a lot of neutral spirit. I dont think the column would run well feeding it such high ABV, typically columns of this size run better with a different inputs. If you need any help setting up the column of speccing ancilliary equipment for it, drop me a line and I can certainly help you out. Distillerynow@gmail.com
  2. Neat looking column and welcome to the forum. Id like to give you more input on operating the column but would need more information to do so. Can you share a bit more with us including number of trays in the column and some of your expected inputs? Cheers, ---KB
  3. We dont use turbo yeast, nor do I reccomend it due to the off flavors it can create. I buy most my yeast from Fermentis. If you need some help selecting the best yeast for the job, shoot me a message. Distillerynow@gmail.com Cheers, ---Kris
  4. adding water to the barrel does not change the proof gallons in storage so there is no effect or change needed on your TTB reporting
  5. ill 3rd that, keep the charcoal wet. Be sure to throughly was the charcoal before you filter vodka through. Tiny particles of charcoal dust will end up in your finished vodka if you dont rinse the charcoal well
  6. @adamOVDI prefer to reduce proof in the barrel as the change in proof in the barrel will extract flavors out of the barrel that will not come out at a higher proof. Overall reduction of proof slowly in the barrel yields a softer more rounded spirit. Brandy makers in europe have known this for many years but the approach has not really been given much atttention in america
  7. one full book of stamps should be plenty to mail a barrel
  8. for any barrel aged spirits I am a huge advocate of gradual proof reduction. I try not to reduce proof more than 1 degree per day. The application of elevage to barrel aged spirits makes a big difference in the profile and flavor of the spirits and is worth the extra time and work
  9. Hi Cats Welcome to the forum. Two books id reccomend are the alcohol textbook and Whisky Technology production and marketing. Both great detailed books. If you need help on any specific SOPs feel free to drop me a line Distillerynow@gmail.com and I can help you out and provide feedback. Cheers, ---Kris
  10. we have swamp cooler for our production space. It helps a bit but the space still gets warm. A/C just seems like it would be insanely expensive to run in a production area.
  11. French barrel thiefs are called a purvett. Thanks @DrDistillationfor telling us how to make something. I look forward to seeing the pictures of what you built. Till then there is no need to knock down a reputable vendor for promoting their products
  12. that does not sound very swell at all
  13. id stay away from new barrels. New barrels regardless of different toast or char, will overwhelm the delicate flavors of brandy. older used used bourbon barrels will result in a much better well rounded brandy. Third use barrels are even better, but third use barrels in good shape are hard to come by.
  14. @SpeedGoat Distilling I know Arizona well as I designed and built Grand Canyon Distillery. If I can help answer some questions for you drop me a line at Distillerynow@gmail.com and we can set up a call.
  15. hit up the good folks at Spokane Industries. Ive had them build many tanks for me and have always been impressed by the quality and price of their work
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