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  1. Bulk Juniper

    Mountain rose is great and usually has large quantities on hand
  2. Chiller sizing

    I'm sure @MG Thermal Consulting Can chime in with a good answer for you
  3. How do you market your product?

    laws regarding what the 1st tier (you the distiller) and 2nd tier (distributor) are allowed to do vary from state to state. In Texas i could not enter a bar or liquor store to sell my spirits without the presence of one of my distribution reps. Check your local laws. Onsite tastings are huge to growing your business beyond the tasting room
  4. special bulk orders with special sizes/volume

    Been there done that. I worked with a high end liquor store for them to select a specific barrel from our rickhouse. We agreed to an approximate price per case with the retailer. The whiskey was then bottled and put in a different bottle than our normal whiskey with a specific sku for that single barrel batch. We then sold all the cases to our distributor (Southern Wine) and the distributor in turn sold all the cases to the retailer. This occurred in california and it took several weeks of discussion and planning to bring it to life.
  5. Corson Distilling

    Yeah I really want to help any folks new to the industry avoid from falling into the the corson trap. There are so many good still/ equipment manufactures ive worked with over the years and corson is not one of them
  6. Barrel Costs

    I like Kelvin barrels myself
  7. Hello from SW Louisiana

    Hi JWB, Welcome to the forum. There is a wealth of knowledge to be learned here and many folks who are happy to help. Best of luck on your journey
  8. Screen printing bottles

    Monvera in california is a great screen company I worked with a while back
  9. Corson Distilling

    @HedgeBirdyep that is the link. @Southernhighlander yes that is complete deadpan sarcasm from me. Corson equipment is CRAP with a capital P. A distillery I worked with bought a 100 gal corson system about 1 year ago and it was leaky, filmsy and so poorly built that it was unsafe to operate.
  10. Corson Distilling

    http://www.idahostatesman.com/news/business/article187521163.html Corson stills work great!
  11. Wheat Grain Seperation

    Separation is a huge pain with anything but malted barley. We do grain in and give our whole stillage to a local farmer. Using a steam jacketed still with a strong agitator
  12. Self distribution?

    I know there are a few states out there that do allow self distribution. Anyone who has self distributed care to share their experiences lessons learned from doing self distribution?
  13. My experience with Corson Distilling

    Adam, Sorry to hear about your dealing with corson. The system that I worked with from them was poorly fabricated to the point of being downright dangerous to operate. @fotoskiis correct about the pressure relief valve, except in the case of a still that might come furnished with a unsized valve that does not do what it is supposed to do
  14. Pulsing Still

    On the last continuous I ran we fed bourbon mash beer to the column at 130F. The purpose of heating the feed is mainly to ensure all alcohol is flashed out before the mash reaches the base of the column
  15. Took 2.5 years on my last project but the city was difficult to deal with and created costly delays that added up to several months. A smaller project I did before that took 18 months from inception to build out to finished product in bottles. The big challenge that is often unexpected for people starting a distillery is that it takes a long time to build accounts and sales to really start generating substantial revenue, after you have spirits in bottles.