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  1. Joint Venture with local Brewery

    This approach can definitely work. A big challenge many breweries face is adequate space for enough fermentation, so make sure this brewery you are planning to work with will be able to feed you enough wash/beer to keep you distilling regularly. Also check with your state authority on this approach. Ive seen a few states where it was not allowed to distill wash/beer from a brewery
  2. Yeast recommendation for honey

    ec-1118 +DAP +fermaid K will make a pretty nice mead. Ive not ever distilled it as the mead was so tasty on its own. Let us know how it goes for you.
  3. Got Our DSP

    congrats to ya! now the real fun begins
  4. Fermenters

    spokane is great to work with as is custom Metal craft
  5. Square Bottle Labeler

    I believe the folks at TCW make one but dont know the model number
  6. Sudden Drop in Vodka Proof/Slight Cloudiness

    are you correcting your proof measurement for temperature? Changes in the temp of the distillate by a few degrees may be skewing your reading at the paarot
  7. Subbing out production

    to answer the question through. yes you could start small but, if you cant built a business plan that accounts for enough capital outlay to produce enough product to be profitable, then you may not have a very good plan.
  8. Subbing out production

    seen quite a few folks fail as they started small and were unable to grow quickly enough to keep up with growing demand.
  9. Anti-Foam

    I use fermcap but have never had that issue in a steam jacketed still. What kind of ferment are you distilling? Some malt wash will foam a ton if to much heat is put to it, causing it to foam all the way to your condensor Have you cleaned your condensor recently? If you got any foam into your condensor, the next distillation you do will pick up some of that foam and carry it with the distillate
  10. T top corks

    Not sure if paulson has that size or not but give em a call, they make great corks and are fast and responsive
  11. Bulk Juniper

    Mountain rose is great and usually has large quantities on hand
  12. Chiller sizing

    I'm sure @MG Thermal Consulting Can chime in with a good answer for you
  13. How do you market your product?

    laws regarding what the 1st tier (you the distiller) and 2nd tier (distributor) are allowed to do vary from state to state. In Texas i could not enter a bar or liquor store to sell my spirits without the presence of one of my distribution reps. Check your local laws. Onsite tastings are huge to growing your business beyond the tasting room
  14. special bulk orders with special sizes/volume

    Been there done that. I worked with a high end liquor store for them to select a specific barrel from our rickhouse. We agreed to an approximate price per case with the retailer. The whiskey was then bottled and put in a different bottle than our normal whiskey with a specific sku for that single barrel batch. We then sold all the cases to our distributor (Southern Wine) and the distributor in turn sold all the cases to the retailer. This occurred in california and it took several weeks of discussion and planning to bring it to life.
  15. Corson Distilling

    Yeah I really want to help any folks new to the industry avoid from falling into the the corson trap. There are so many good still/ equipment manufactures ive worked with over the years and corson is not one of them