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  1. captnKB

    DIY defoamers

    putting to much heat to your still will cause an excess of foaming with many types of wash. Old school still men were well known for the their ability to put just the right amount of heat to the still (direct fire) to not have it foam, but still have a decent run time. Have you tried reducing your heat input?
  2. cool setup. What kind of yield are you getting per bushel from this?
  3. @Rickdiculous if you need a hand converting it over to steam, shoot me a message id love to help ya out as ive done this on a few bain maries
  4. Hi Abeja, Welcome to the forum, its a long fun and challenging road to getting a distillery started and going. If you need any specific help feel free to reach out to me anytime
  5. All of the questions raised by @Thatch will help us guide you as to why you are being asked to do this. Has your fire mashall brought up MAQ?
  6. The seagrams plant ran a set up like this for a few years, where they were doing continuous inline cooking and a continuous fermentation. Efficiency and infection issues were a regular problem with this continuous system so they eventually went back to doing pressure cooked batches and batch fermentation
  7. Distillery inventory, process, reporting management the hard way pen, paper spreadsheets. Pros, the only cost is your time and you gain an intimate knowledge of every last nuance of your business.. Cons, How much time do you have to spare? We currently use X5 and love it. Pros: cloud based data is always at your fingertips with complete information at a touch plus the ability to mine data easily. Easy monthly and quarterly reporting. HUGE time saver. Cons: It costs money. (although it is well spent in my opinion ) The question you have to ask is how much is your time worth to you?
  8. Ive set up steam injection rails on cereal cookers and direct port steam injection on continuous stills, but I have never seen direct injection on a batch or pot still. I imagine direct injection of steam into a still would greatly reduce the proof of spirits being collected, as the steam would add water to the wash.
  9. First do a hydrostatic test to make sure everything is water / vapor tight. Do a water distillation to make sure everything is safe and functional. If you have the ability to CIP do so. Upon completion of a water test, run your first distillation of spirits and discard the product as it will likely be tainted with heavy metals from break in of the still. This is a rather generic set of instructions. If your not sure how to do so, it would be best to bring in a distiller or consultant to assist with start up.
  10. The presentation I put together on continuous column distillation is focused on a comparison of the efficiency of batch distillation versus continuous distillation. The discussion on the science of single pass continuous distillation (finished spirits) including the separation of heads / hearts / tails is a much deeper discussion that my ppt only briefly touches on. The file is to big to upload here if any one would like to see it send me an email Distillerynow@gmail.com and Ill send you the presentation
  11. @navenjohnson I recently spoke at the ADI Conference on continuous distillation. Id be happy to teach you all about it. Shoot me a PM and we'll connect. Cheers, ---Kris
  12. @Rum @Southernhighlander guys thank you for speaking up. . @SpiritProf please do not take this the wrong way. We are not trying to attack you. Corson stills are dangerous and alot of people in this industry are young to the game. With inexperience many folks do not know the difference between a safe still and a ticking time bomb (corson). Feel free to continue to try to sell your still but lets be honest here about the quality of the built.
  13. Ive built 2 corson stills for clients. Both were poorly fabricated. Had pin hole leaks in welds. Dangerous non functioning PRV's, Thin jacket walls that buckled and cracked. Faulty agitators that quickly failed. There are several other folks who have been the victims of corson who experienced the same problems I did.
  14. ive cut apart and rebuilt corson stills to make them safe and functional. (no one likes a leaky still) If anyone does buy this thing and it does not work, let me know and I can fix it.
  15. Corson manufacturing is notorious for dangerous equipment that is poorly made is in most instances does not function. Why are you selling such a beautiful brand new piece of equipment?
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