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  1. @Rookie I run an affordable distillery consulting service. Distillery NOW. I would be able to help you out with all aspects of your distillery. Check out the website or send me an email and lets talk. https://distillerynow.wixsite.com/spirits Distillerynow@gmail.com Cheers, ---Kris
  2. whiskey systems calc is spot on. Ive checked it against traditional gauging calculations several times and it has always been perfect.
  3. captnKB

    Equipment List

    if you are producing whiskey do you plan to get a dedicated cooker or mash tun?
  4. Hi B-RAD, Send me a pm with your contact info and I can to tell you all about continuous stills, how they function and share some drawings of continuous designs with you of stills ive installed.
  5. High pressure boilers are fantastic pieces of equipment but the additional costs that come with them, make them unecessary in most distilling operations. Add in the costs of pressure reducing stations, licensing, annual inspections on a high pressure system, and you now have a more complex piece of equipment that typically costs more than a low pressure boiler, that does the same job. Low pressure is the way to go. Sized properly a low pressure boiler should be able to maintain a full head of steam at all times.
  6. I agree with the other posters. Sounds like you have a boiler set up issue. Your boiler should be able to maintain a near constant steam pressure if sized and set up proper. With that a steam rated globe valve is ideal for management of steam flow rate. If you need some help on any of this shoot me a PM.
  7. you do not have to remove them. good can can be made with or with out bubble plates. With that said the oils from your botanicals will contaminate every last corner and spot of your still. Contamination of gin oils will appear in other spirits distilled in the same still. if you intend to distill anything else than gin with the same still you will want to remove any internals that can not be easily cleaned.
  8. I finish all my malt whisky in used 53 gal casks for about 6 months to give the spirit time to round out. With that said the 6 months in the used cask does not go towards the published age of the spirit.
  9. Ferment temp and process is going to depend highly on size of ferment, yeast type, ambient temp, beer gallon ratio. With that said we pitch our 500gal wheated bourbon ferments at 68 and let them free rise to 88. Little to no temp control needed if done right.
  10. a 20% increase in yield is a significant increase in alcohol in your wash. if your finishing ABV is high say over 14% the increase in heads production could be a result of over stressed or under pitched yeast, that did not occur before due to low sugar thus lower abv of the wash
  11. Slow reduction of proof with often help prevent hazing or sediment issues as the spirit settles into the bottle. Have you tried slowly reducing the proof over one month before bottling?
  12. great flavor (funk) aka congeners can be developed through fermentation profile, fermentable selection and the design of the still itself. Ive done multiple award winning caribbean style pot distilled rums that have no heads and minimal tails in them.
  13. Looks like you may need another fire exit door in the production area
  14. captnKB

    DIY defoamers

    putting to much heat to your still will cause an excess of foaming with many types of wash. Old school still men were well known for the their ability to put just the right amount of heat to the still (direct fire) to not have it foam, but still have a decent run time. Have you tried reducing your heat input?
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