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  1. Took 2.5 years on my last project but the city was difficult to deal with and created costly delays that added up to several months. A smaller project I did before that took 18 months from inception to build out to finished product in bottles. The big challenge that is often unexpected for people starting a distillery is that it takes a long time to build accounts and sales to really start generating substantial revenue, after you have spirits in bottles.
  2. Distributors marketing contribution$$

    Bluestar hit it right. When the time comes to push the sales of your spirits expect your distributor to come to you looking for money, to "help" make it happen
  3. At what point is a pot still too big?

    id disagree with the notion that a continuous column still can not make a good heads cut. I run a forsyth continuous column that takes 6 gpm of 8% abv wash and produces some fantastic whiskey with a complete heads cut in a single pass. We have even done a GC analysis on the spirit produced to ensure that there are no heads in the finished spirit. To answer ricks question, in my opinion anything over 500 gallons is too big
  4. Fermentation stops @ 50%

    Thats look bad. What kind of yeast are you using? Pitch temp? Amount of yeast used? Ferment temp? Water profile? I use Gusmer microessentials nutrient at pitch and during ferment to help keep it moving along.
  5. Anti-Foam Alternatives

    olive oil works in a pinch. Not as good as fermcap but will still help
  6. Fermentation stops @ 50%

    Are you adding any nutrient during the ferment? May be a bad batch of yeast, this kind of result can happen if not started with enough healthy yeast
  7. Storage of low wines

    275 poly ibcs work well. Cheap, stackable, easy to move and pump.
  8. Biggest surprise

    Silk has got it. Budget for mistakes and delays on buildout. some of your contractors will not get the job done on time. Some of your contractors will end up hitting you with additional costs. There will invariably be hidden costs you did not account for in planning. @Paul Tomaszewski summed it up well "A very realistic rule of thumb is to take your budget and cut it in half. Use half for your facility and equipment, then the other half for your initial production costs and unappropriated costs."
  9. Wheat whiskey

    Talk with @Mead he may be able to help ya out.
  10. Cheers from Salt Lake City, UT

    Hi Hammer, Welcome to the forum. Best of luck with getting up and running, the next time im in Salt Lake snowboarding ill shoot to drop in for a drink
  11. Display Bottles with No Alcohol

    When ive used iced tea it was for product photos in house only. @Silk City Distillers is absolutely right, to let a bottle with liquid in it leave your facility that is anything other than what the label says is asking for trouble.
  12. Boll Weevil problem

    if you had bugs when it arrived, then you were likely given either old grain or poorly managed grain. Most grain should be good for a few months before pests set in.
  13. Display Bottles with No Alcohol

    ive used iced tea as a sub for bourbon. Its only good for a few months in bottles but it sure looks like fine aged whiskey in a bottle
  14. Hello from MN

    Hi Volstead, welcome to the forum. Hope you find some good knowledge and inspiration to bring your dream to life. Cheers, ---KB
  15. passivating stainless

    Nitric is my preferred method to passivate stainless. @Hudson bay distillers im curious any reason for the aversion on using nitric to passivate?