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  1. captnKB

    Checking Fill Level (27 CFR 19.356)

    Ill second @Silk City Distillers Mass is the way to go on volume fill test. It is definitive and accurate. With a good volumetric bottle filler like a Mori filler it is easier to be within 1% at all times as long as your glass is consistent and the filler is calibrated to the temp of your spirits.
  2. captnKB

    Canned Cocktails?

    I believe cutwater cans in house. Not sure of their process
  3. captnKB

    Warning-Atlas Barrel Fraud

    Sorry to hear you may have gotten ripped off. We use Kelvin Cooperage and they supply with excellent barrels at a reasonable cost
  4. We are running a 500 gal stripping still build for us by affordable distilling and are pleased with it
  5. captnKB

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    I completely agree with @Dehner Distillery above. There is a huge amount of complexity and details that go into a continuous column still install that is completely different, than a batch still. If you are going to jump into the continuous column game it is critical to have someone with experience to help guide you to ensure your still gets up and running quickly, safely and fully functional.
  6. captnKB

    Record keeping software help

    We use Distillery Solutions and it works great. With that said you should have someone on your team who understands TTB distilled spirits regs and knows how to do paperwork without the aid of software. Your data is only as good as the people who generate it. Best to hire a competent distiller or consultant to set you on the right track with record keeping.
  7. captnKB

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    id be happy to tell you all about Forsyth columns and get you connected with some folks from Forsyth. Give me a call. Ill PM you my number
  8. captnKB

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    @indyspiritscheck out Forsyth. I installed and ran a 16" continuous column from them and it produced some fantastic spirits.
  9. captnKB

    Barrel storage

    Anyone out there tried this setup?
  10. captnKB

    Bardstown 1792 Rickhouse Collapse

    No Idea who build it but the second half of the old rickhouse just fell down. http://www.wlky.com/article/second-half-of-barton-1792-liquor-aging-warehouse-collapses-no-injuries-reported/22050471
  11. captnKB

    Pre bottling filter recommendation.

    hit up TCW they will get you fixed up with everything you need to bottle
  12. captnKB

    Bourbon and Rye Whiskey in barrels

    Please email me. SPirits@grandcanyondistillery.com
  13. we use distillery solutions and are pleased with it. Have not used orchestrated spirits as I could not justify the price of it. We went with Distillery Solutions to partially integrate our brewery with our distillery. Integrating quick books with other programs can be tricky as it has the potential to cause double entries on your books. Not sure if orchestrated has a solution to this problem, but id check before i drop the cash and put in the many hours it takes to start up a new ERP.
  14. captnKB

    Distillery Controls

    Im old school, nearly everything on my stills are manually controlled, with all the valves and switches centrally located. Less stuff to go wrong or fail on you. With that said ive set up custom control panels can be built by electricans or HVAC guys that can control all your stuff. It can get complicated though as your valves are likely going to be installed by a separate tradesman, than the person who will be setting up the controls for the valves
  15. captnKB

    Continuous Stills out of IOWA

    thats a nice looking setup. Would love to see a video of it running