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  1. captnKB

    New member, been lurking for over a year.

    HI Seth, Welcome to the forum. There is a wealth of knowledge to be learned here and with some digging you can gain a decent understanding of our industry. With that said, there is no better way to see what the industry is like than to work hands on in a distillery for a good while. Being an ADI member is definitely worth the money, but you will still want to write your own business plan. If a business plan is going to succeed you must know it in and out to successfully put it into action. Troll the forums for a while and write your self a business plan.
  2. captnKB

    confined space entry

    @Sorghumrunner we use a P-sense portable C02 meter for confined space entry. Its simple has a loud alarm and a lanyard for the worker to carry it easily when entering an empty vessel. They may not be the cheapest meter we paid like $300 for it but it is cheap insurance to keep your employees out of harms way
  3. You will want that liquid return line from you column to your pot to extend below the surface of the liquid level in the pot. Ive seen stills where the return was above the liquid level in the pot and the column would not function correctly. I modified the return to extend below the liquid level and this resolved the column problems the owner was having
  4. captnKB

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    @richard1 thanks for your input but I would disagree. When a company is producing equipment with flaws that have the potential to kill you, it needs to be known. When the same company producing dangerous equipment is threatening to sue people if they speak out about the flawed equipment it needs to be known. Yes we have nearly beat this horse to death, but Corson is still making dangerous distilling equipment and taking on new customers. I am in no way a competitor of corson, Im merely a professional distiller and consultant who wants to see our industry be as safe as possible. Corson is well aware of this forum and has plenty of opportunity to defend their reputation.
  5. captnKB

    Grounded Fermenters?

    Our FD required us to ground all tanks holding spirits. We put a simple bolt in the concrete that hit rebar and attached to a ground wire from the tanks to the bolt.
  6. captnKB

    Forking Forklift Questions

    If you are going propane, play it safe and go with an LPS rated forklift. There are quite a few discussions on forklift selection on this forum is you use the search bar
  7. captnKB


    Hi Jeff, welcome to the forum, and why are you yelling? Also the folks at Amoretti are great and they make excellent flavors.
  8. captnKB

    Fermenter Cooling and Temperature Design

    @Lorenzo We are maintaining ferment temps as low as 70 and as high as 85. Using chilled water to crash your wash to temp and collecting the outgoing hotwater to be recycled for your next cook is the best use of your energy.
  9. captnKB

    Stripping still wanted

    hit up @Southernhighlander he can get you a good price and an excellent stripping still. I run a 500 gal stripping still from him and love it.
  10. captnKB

    Fermenter Cooling and Temperature Design

    There are a lot of different ways to achieve cooling. Chilled water is one way to approach it, my preference for fermentor cooling is glycol, as it requires less maintenance and treatment than water. Are you planning to use your outflowing water in process or just cool and recirc?
  11. captnKB

    Getting started, a building.

    doing a distillery on septic will be tough unless you are extremely conservative with you water use. Your water usage is going to heavily depend on how you build out and your process flow.
  12. solid can of worms you have opened @Deepak Panwar Im excited to watch the discussion unfold.
  13. captnKB

    Glass Costs

    Yeah ive seen glass prices shoot up this year from our vendor too.
  14. captnKB

    Introduction - Don Williams

    Hi Don, Welcome to the forum. If you ever find yourself in Arizona, let me know and id be happy to show you my distillery. In the mean time best of luck in getting into our amazing industry. Cheers, ---KB
  15. captnKB

    Hot vs Cold Water Barrel Prep

    the latest issue of artisan spirit mag has a great article on barrel care. Check it out. http://artisanspiritmag.com/summer-2018/ On a side note. We use barrels from Kelvin Cooperage and they are fantastic, their barrels always arrive water tight and ready to be filled immediately, no swelling needed.