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  1. @SpeedGoat Distilling I know Arizona well as I designed and built Grand Canyon Distillery. If I can help answer some questions for you drop me a line at Distillerynow@gmail.com and we can set up a call.
  2. hit up the good folks at Spokane Industries. Ive had them build many tanks for me and have always been impressed by the quality and price of their work
  3. Hi Tim, Welcome to the forum. Arizona is a great state to work in and the folks ate San Tan are good people. Lots of good things to be learned here. If ya ever need some help do ask. Cheers, ---Kris
  4. captnKB

    Pilot production

    Ive done some pilot work on "milkcan" stills with heating elements as the source of heat. These stills work great for distilling clean wash with no solids in it, but if any of your distilling is grain on Id reccomend getting a still that has an adjitator and steam heated
  5. If the person who buys this needs a hand with setup or operation of the still let me know.
  6. Generally silicone hose should work, but there are better choices out there that are easier to clean and more durable. I like to use this distillery specific hose from TCW https://www.tcwequipment.com/products/3-4-distillery-tubing?taxon_id=6
  7. A refractometer for SG is super easy and accurate enough. FG is measured the same way as described by @Patio29Dadio
  8. Brand new, never used 125 gallon hybrid pot still for sale. Patriot Craft Still manufactured by American Beer Equipment for sale available immediately. Includes control panel and steam valve. Asking price is $46000. Please shoot me an email for details. Distillerynow@gmail.com
  9. @38° drop me a line at Distillerynow@gmail.com and we can get on a call to discuss. Cheers, ---KB
  10. @38° how large of a distillery are you planning to build? Ive helped a few folks set up small distilleries with 100 gallon stills (steam heated) on single phase and made it work. It will take some careful electrical planning but is doable
  11. Hi @Darren Bobby welcome to the forums. Lots of good stuff to be learned here
  12. the folks at Balcones are often selling barrels, not sure if they still do 5 gal barrels, but worth asking them
  13. take the medal and put it to use. Talk it up. Very few consumers of buyers are aware of how a competition works and that medal regardless of color to most people is a sign that the spirits are good.
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