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  1. I do mixed ferment ferment for all of my bourbon as there are some ale yeasts that bring amazing complexity to bourbon, that does not seem to come from strictly distillers yeast
  2. an average ear of corn has 800 kernels......oh wait this isnt corn trivia? I cant even begin to imagine the mess that would be trying to use fresh corn. Most folks use some variety of dent corn as it is simple, has high yield, and is scalable
  3. Welcome back @Mash Are you starting up a new distillery?
  4. good to hear. Ive found most citrus herbs (peel, rinds, leaves, lemongrass and verbena) are all much better extracted through vapor infusion versus maceration. Maceration tends to over cook the botanicals and produce a earthy cooked vegetable type character. Vapor infusion tends to extract the more desirable flavors
  5. I use dry verbena from Mt Rose herbs and have excellent success with it in our gin. @Foreshot let me know if you can get if from them. If not I can at least send you a few ounces of it.
  6. did you happen to try http://www.washingtondistillersguild.org/ ?
  7. Maturation is going to depend heavily on your environment / climate. Ive seen some bourbon in 53g barrels take 6 years to reach full maturation in colder climates. On the opposite side ive seen great 3 year bourbon in hot humid climates (central texas) Some lighter single malt whiskies seem to mature a bit faster than bourbon in 53g virgin barrels Id plan for at least 4 years for those 53g barrels if its bourbon
  8. @LucasPerks not trying to be rude here, but most of the corson equipment I have seen or worked on is non functional and dangerous. Why are you selling a brand new distilling system? Is this equipment you are selling operational or safe?
  9. @Winnie the Pooh . Great to see you vetting all options before deciding. Id highly NG powered recommend steam as your heat source. Steam is a excellent safe fast heat source. Yes there is some additional initial cost, but those costs are recouped quick with fuel and time cost savings that steam provides
  10. Heck no. That still homemade still looks downright dangerous. I would not pay 1500 for that thing let alone 15K.
  11. Thanks ! That forsyth is a magnificent still and I had a good time installing, piping it and getting it up and running. @Dehner Distillery Ive seen a few pictures of your continuous stills but have not gotten to see one in person yet. Do you have anybody running them in Cali, or Colorado?
  12. Grand Canyon is looking for a full time Territory manager / sales rep in Northern Arizona.The territory Manager is responsible for sales of Grand Canyon Brewing +Distillery products in Northern AZ for on/off premise accounts.To take on this challenge, one must be motivated and self-driven, a creativeproblem solver, and extremely detail-oriented. Essential Duties and Responsibilities- Exceed annual sales and distribution goals- Demonstrate sales abilities through successful presentation of productsand market events- Launch creative sales and marketing programs across territory- Serve as the Grand Canyon Brewing + Distillery Northern Arizona BrandAmbassador within the market to promote and reinforce the company's visionand dedication to producing high quality, craft beer and spirits- Build and maintain close working relationships with top on and off premiseaccounts, both chain and independent in the territory- Work independently and with top distributor representatives and Managers- Provide weekly and monthly reports and document accomplishments throughour CRM application- Serve as key contact for account/ customer questions regarding products,prices, availability, and visitor programs- Provide post-sales and on-going customer support to resolve issues- Taking weekly orders for beer in local and regional accounts- Effectively navigate the liquor laws in Arizona- Coordinate and execute tailored market events (tastings, beer dinners,promotions and festivals) to drive sales in the territory and to solidifyand grow our account and customer base- Participate in sales meetings, on-site training, and trade events tomaintain a high level of product knowledge and market visibility- Intermittently assisting in ancillary production tasks (i.e. filling kegsas needed)- Running deliveries of beer to accounts as a backup to our delivery driverQualifications- College degree with a minimum of 1-2 years of relevant, industry sales orfood and beverage experience- Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook- Well organized, self-motivated, with the ability to work independently- High level of integrity, confidence, and the ability to forge strongprofessional relationships quicklyAdditional Requirements- Must be willing to work evening and weekend events- Travel required- Current, valid driver's license with a clean driving record and currentinsurance- Must live within territory (preferably Flagstaff, AZ)Job Types: Full-time plus CommissionExperience:. Sales of 3 years or at least 2 years of spirits or beer salesThe Ideal Candidate Would Have. Previous Sales experience in the alcohol industry. Knowledge of the Arizona Statutes pertaining to sales of alcohol(Tittle 4). A passion for Craft Beer and spirits.Benefits offered:. Paid time off. Ongoing training and development. Full Time Company Phone. Retirement benefits or accounts. Commuting/travel assistance. Employee discounts + flexible schedule. Workplace perks such as food/coffee If you are interested and qualified in this position and would like to apply please submit your resume and cover letter to Kris at Spirits@grandcanyondistillery.com
  13. Do not rinse with soap. Best way to rinse, clean and sanitize your bottles it to rinse with ethanol. The flojet pumps from TCW are fantastic for this
  14. Closed for everything except for the acceptance of your tax payments
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