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  1. rtshfd

    Capsule Supplier

    I'm having a hard time finding a capsule in the 41mm x 35mm size for our somewhat short necked and wide topped bottle. Does anyone have any suggestions on custom houses that could possibly work with me to produce custom sizes? The manual application of sleeves is getting tedious. -HFD
  2. rtshfd

    Barrel Grabber Thingy

    I'm looking for the name/vendor for an adapter used with forklifts/gentry cranes that has two pincers that grab barrels on either end and hold tight as weight is applied. When I google for "barrel grabber" and "barrel grabber thingy" I only get drum management tools for skid steers. I'm sure someone here knows what I'm talking about. I hope...
  3. Does anyone have a line on a vendor for used 53G barrel rack? I'm specifically looking for someone on the east coast/northeast because shipping costs are out of control atm. Thank you!
  4. rtshfd

    NY NGS and Vodka

    I'd be interested to hear you out.
  5. rtshfd

    Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    Stance on food grade vs non-food grade as it pertains to spirit storage?
  6. I wanted to make apparent to everyone the company we've worked with for 3 years now on label design, among other projects. AW Marketing, headed by Jason Adlowitz, has talented graphic design capabilities that complements their focus on brand and spirit portfolio strategies to create exceptional spirit labels. They've designed a family of spirits for us that achieved, spectacularly, the goals we laid out. They have a talented network of printers, photographers, copywriters, etc. to help you with every need to develop and market your products effectively. This reference was unsolicited. I'm putting them out there because they deserve much more recognition as I'm overwhelmed with the quality of work I received. Below is an image of our family of spirits, where each one was tailor made to our business goals and their placement within the portfolio. If you have spirit labels that need to be designed, contact Jason at jason.adlowitz@gmail.com. -Teal
  7. rtshfd

    Barrel logo engraving

    What methods does everyone perform to engrave the head of your barrels? Is anyone using spray paint/marking paint of some kind? Has it had a negative effect on product in barrels? I'm looking into this and weighing my options. Any feedback is appreciated.
  8. I'm trying to put some rhyme and reason to spot market price for barrels of various ages. Does anyone have any resources or insight on what the price of a newmake filled 53G barrel would yield vs multi-year aged barrel would yield?
  9. rtshfd

    Use of Thumper vs. 2nd pot still run.

    Mistake on my part. I meant distiller's beer. lol I hope no one put unfermented mash in their thumper! Quite the cleanup I would imagine.
  10. rtshfd

    Transfer in bond to Winery

    We have a local winery that wants to partner and collaborate on a product line. They're wanting to bring in bulk spirits from our DSP and fortify soda that they make and can it as a canned cocktail. The main question: is it even possible to transfer bulk spirits besides grape based brandy/neutral to a winery? Thank you in advanced!
  11. rtshfd

    Use of Thumper vs. 2nd pot still run.

    I believe a thumper equates to roughly about 1.5x distillation. It's really it's own animal though. You will produce a dramatically fuller flavor off a thumper compared to a spirit run from low-wines. If you use water in the thumper you'll get an extension of the hearts run, and if you use distiller's beer you will bump proof up a bit with less of an extension.
  12. rtshfd

    Wanted- Still r&d small batch

    Sankey Beer keg with internal low density heating elements and 2" copper pipe pot head with leibig/worm condenser. boom. 15G batch test still. Do grain in/hot maceration with caution. Scorching galore.
  13. rtshfd

    Still size and output

    A few constants I've used, and confirmed: You yield 11% of your kettle volume in finished whiskey. This is double pot stilling with minimal reflux. A column with proper deph control will yield you about 16-17% kettle volume in finished whiskey in one run. Assuming 9-10% distillers beer. variability to the above comes from your actual ferment ABV. For every 100 G of still volume you can expect (roughly) around 500 bottles of white dog/unaged at 80 proof per week (5 days). This is assuming you're running a single run through column. I've found this to be spot on. To predict finished whiskey bottles at 80 proof take the above bottles-per-run and account for 10% loss the first year then 3% annually beyond that. This varies depending on climate. Those 500 bottles per 100 G kettle volume look like 410 bottles in 4 years. To change any of those numbers (like bottle proof) use the equation [concentration 1][volume 1] = [concentration 2][volume 2]. So those 410 aged bottles at 100 proof would be: [80p][410btls] = [100p][x] which is: 328btls of 4 year old whiskey at 100 proof per 100 G of still volume. If you have a 450G still, divide by 100 and multiply by the 328 btls we figured out above and you can produce 1476 bottles of 4 year old whiskey per week...which you can sell in 4 years. The equation i used does NOT account for volume loss when you blend water with ethanol. It is significant, and it will cause these numbers to be lower. Tons of variables to account for. ROUGH numbers we're working with here. As your example of a 450G still you're looking at ~72 proof gallons per run. You would produce around 2200 bottles at 80 proof per week on a 5 day single run schedule. We average about 58 proof gallons per 53G barrel so you're looking at 6.8 barrels per week if you batch 5 runs then barrel at 115. 120 puts you at 5.7 barrels per week (roughly). In terms of stripping runs, 20% of kettle volume is about what we yield pretty consistently. We kill it at a TP of below 15 at the parrot. Not worth my time beyond that.