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Found 88 results

  1. I have a large amount of once-used 15 gallon whiskey barrels for sale. All barrels come from the Barrel Mill with a level 3 char. $125 per barrel but quantity discounts are possible. Please email thomas.balich@gmail.com if interested.
  2. I have two brand new 25 gallon barrels from Kelvin Cooperage for sale. They are a #4 Char level. One is still wrapped in plastic. The other one should also be, but I didn't realize it was a char 4 until after I took the plastic off. We ordered char 3. They sell for $270 each, but I will sell them for $230/ea. plus shipping. Or if you are near Northwest PA you can come pick them up. You can email me at info@cjspirits.com.
  3. I have 10, 15 gallon oak barrels with #3 char. I also have 10, 30 gallon oak barrels with #2 char. They are brand new, never been use. The 15 gallon barrels are $275 each, and $300 for each 30 gallon or best offer. Email me with any questions.
  4. Hello and happy to make an introduction here. I'm Chris Hansen and I'm the GM for Seguin Moreau Napa Cooperage here in Napa, CA. We have made a few barrels for some craft and mid-sized distillers and wanted to join the forum as will become more involved with ADI as a member and be part of the 2016 conference in San Diego. Thanks, Chris
  5. 10- 15 gallon, FOB, 24354, SW Virginia, right ff I-81 if your passing thru. $180 each. Buy all 10 $1600. Credit cards accepted, 3% add on for fees. All the barrels were sealed with barrel sealer.
  6. Dehner Distillery

    small used barrels

    We are looking for some small used barrels. About 5 gallons or smaller. Looking to move quickly. thanks. 515-559-4879
  7. Dehner Distillery

    Sea Salt Barrels! WTF!!!!

    It would be a tough sell because I can or anyone can buy sea salt buy the pound and mix it in to the spirit. Why Would I want to buy a special barrel with it in it. And on the cellular level??? Really, here is how I look at it... Wood, just like many other plants is made of cells or pockets. Not like human cells. Anyway, mix up salt and water and pour it on the wood. The cells absorb the liquid, water dies out, salt left in cells. Or Look at it this way.... When we where all little kids we put the potato in the bowl full of food coloring and in the potato turned that particular color. Same thing with sea salt..... Two big problems I see is 1. formula required 2. it would throw the specific gravity of your alcohol off. You would never be able to tell true proof unless you had special equipment. This is the biggest joke I have ever heard of. If you have ever bought one of these barrels you need to get your head checked! P.S. If you did..... well your a moron.
  8. I have 2 Napa Demptos Cooperage once used Red Wine Barrels. They were used to make Honig Vineyards Cab. Was going to use these to finish Whiskey for a client but the project fell through. Asking $300 each. Please email Dave for pictures or questions at dave@watersheddistillery.com Thanks
  9. RiverDriveLumber

    Pumpkin Whiskey & Sea salt Barrels

    We have some used Pumpkin whiskey barrels, and some sea salt infused barrels for sale. http://www.barrelsdirect.com/collections/whiskey/products/pumpkin-whiskey http://www.barrelsdirect.com/collections/exotic/products/salted-american-oak
  10. jamie@tamworthgarden.com

    New 53 Gallon Barrels Available

    I have 40 Kelvin 53 gallon barrels for sale. These are #3 char and come in the original wrap. Send me an email jamie @ Tamworthgarden.com
  11. Hello Everyone East Coast Wood Barrels is a cooperage in NY crafting American Oak Whiskey Barrels and European oak Brandy and Wine Barrels. We make 5 gal / 10 gal / 15 gal / 25 gal/ 30 gal / 53 gal / and 59 gal barrels. If you are in the market for barrels please feel free to reach out to me, we do currently have barrel avalibality. Thank you Michael Georgacopoulos Vice President and Cooper michael@eastcoastwoodbarrels.com Cell: 516-582-1065
  12. Can we help you out? We have: 1. excess distilling capacity 2. access to new oak barrels in a variety of sizes 3. ability to produce fantastic whiskey, in custom mash bills or standard recipes We are looking for distilleries or brand owners that are wanting to either catch up or get ahead on their whiskey stocks by contracting with us to produce their bulk whiskey here in Middleton, Wisconsin. Our ideal customers are looking for anywhere from four to twelve barrels of whiskey a month on a standing "subscription" basis. We can produce on a regular schedule and either hold for truckload quantities or ship individual barrels when completed. Each batch will have mashing notes, grain tracking data, and arrive in a brand new, white oak barrels, charred or toasted to your specifications. Some of our customers have aged their whiskey from us in the past couple of years and are now winning awards for its taste and quality. Break the habit of working with the "you'll take what we make for you" bulk whiskey distilleries and enjoy being actively involved in the process of making a unique and high-quality spirit that will have much stronger marketing value. Organic certified bulk whiskey coming in 2016! We are anticipating that our capacity will be filled quickly with this announcement- please don't hesitate to contact us. We select customers based on many factors, not just the size of the order. Please contact Shane at shane@deathsdoorspirits.com for details and pricing. Please hold off on phone calls, we will answer emails promptly- promise. :-)
  13. We have 10- used one time -15 gallon #3 char fresh dump bourbon barrels for sale. They were made by The Barrel Mill and are in excellent shape. We try to sell as an entire pallet of 10. We are asking $165 each if you take all-- shipping from 29403. The barrels typically weigh about 14-18 lbs more after dumping. Thanks for looking. For additional questions email me at scott@highwiredistilling.com Scott
  14. CDAyr

    New/Used Oak Barrels

    Looking to purchase some new or used oak barrels for aging spirits. Must be in fillable condition. Interested in a variety of sizes and previous fills if used (i.e., wine, whisky, gin, etc.). Email me at cam@7thconcession.com if available. Cheers, Cam
  15. Brand new, still in shrink wrap. 25 gallon AO and 53 gallon AO casks. #3 char. Email for more info Sky sky@rmbc.us 720-220-5184
  16. agporte

    Sulfur Dioxide Treated Barrels

    I just placed an order for 25 gallon wine barrels from a cooperage. The cooperage says they can do any level of char I need (going with #3). When I received the invoice it says "each barrel treated w/ sulfur dioxide". I assume this is some standard verbiage for wine barrels and will not be applied to my barrels. Does anybody have any experience with barrels treated with sulfur dioxide? Is this okay for whiskey or do I need to tell them not to treat the barrels?
  17. Sudzie


    Well I thought that we would be getting barrels this month that were ordered last spring. Surprise, Surprise, we're only going to get 3. We usually use 30 gallon barrels and could use 12 more to get us by until the barrel faucet is turned back on. I hope. Any ideas? Any leads?
  18. Hello All We had a customer that had to back out of an order for 240 new 5 gallon whiskey barrels, due to not being able to get financing. This is 4 pallets of 60/ea MOQ 1 pallet Call in for pricing 800-201-7125 Richard or Nicky Thanks
  19. amw3319@gmail.com

    Oloroso Sherry Casks

    I have just received a shipment from Spain of Oloroso Sherry casks of three different sizes, 64 liter, 125 liter and 225, supply is limited and sales will be on a first come first serve basis. These casks are of excellent quality, finished and sanded by the manufacture, and are a once used Oloroso. Please contact us at Speyside Cooperage Kentucky Inc. for priceing http://speysidecooperageky.com/, speysidecooperage@windstream.net
  20. Our distillery has grown and with our newest still we have some extra capacity. We are currently offering the following new make barrels for sale, with these grain bills: 70% Corn, 23% Rye, 7% Malted Barley 70% Corn, 23% Wheat, 7% Malted Barley *** Custom Grain Bills are available for quantities of 10 or more.*** We are offering the standard grain bills at the following prices and quantities for purchase. Minimum order is 4 barrels. 4-10 barrels = $1200 10+ barrels = $1100 Custom Grain Bills = Price will be determined after discussing grain bill and quantity All Bourbon arrives to you in 53 gallon Char 4 ISC oak barrels. All orders require 50% deposit up front and 50% before shipment. Transfer in Bond paperwork and a valid DSP must be presented before we can ship barrels. If you do not have a DSP but are working on it we do have storage available. Stored barrels require 100% payment in full and will have a minimal storage fee each month. White Whiskey samples are available for the two standard grain bills listed above. All sample bottles are subject to a $10 freight fee (limit 1 per customer). Lead times are currently 8 weeks. Larger orders may require extra time. All pricing is FOB our distillery. Please contact Dave at the following email address with additional questions dave@bourbonmaker.com .
  21. Michaelangelo

    New 30 Gallon Barrels for Sale

    First I didn't have enough, now too many. I have a pallet of 8 brand new Barrel Mill 30 gallon barrels for sale that i just received. Still shrink wrapped and ready to go. First come first served. PM me for pricing and information. Located in Illinois, you pay freight or pick-up.
  22. Up for grabs! Insanely hard to find BRAND new custom toasted 53 gallon AO 24 month air dried/seasoned barrels. The cooperage utilized a 1 hour "toasting" cycle to bring the barrel as close to a char as possible. The whole interior is burned black as night. 200 barrels available. These will be ready by early December. Would like to sell them all to one customer. Minimum order 24. $417 a barrel. Skyler Weekes President, Rocky Mountain Barrel Company sky@rockymountainbarrelcompany.com (Office) 720-484-6685 (Cell) 720-220-5184
  23. jeffw

    Barrels for Sale

    I have some new/unused Black Swan barrels for sale. I have 13 Standard 30 gallon barrels and 11 Honey Comb 30 gallon barrels. If you are interested, email me at jeff@windycitydistilling.com or PM me. Happy to put them on a skid or if you are nearby you can pick them up. I am willing to sell all or just a partial order. Cheers, Jeff
  24. We just emptied 13 7-gallon whiskey barrels. They were previously used once for either Rye or Bourbon, and we just finished a whiskey in them for the last four months. We are selling them for $150 each. Please email me if you're interested, they are located in San Francisco.
  25. Wilderness Trail Dist.

    New ISC Barrels

    Anyone interested in obtaining new ISC produced, white oak barrels, 53g RC, 4 month air dried wood, heavy toast & # 3 char? Barrels will be available August 22-24th, currently 90 barrels left Inbox me if interested