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Found 34 results

  1. Hey Gang, I've been doing a lot of reading on the sales forums and I noticed that one of the most critical pieces of developing your brand, was not being covered - POS So I've taken it upon myself to start chipping away at some fundamental and easy things that can help build your brands without breaking the bank. who the heck are you, and what makes you the 'expert?' Glad you asked. I have almost a decade of industry experience ranging from bar and restaurant purchasing, distilling, brand development, market management and new market arrival - all the way to distribution and portfolio management in Illinois. I have quite literally seen brands develop from the field to the bartop, with every ugly little step in between. Trust me. So, with that out of the way, let's move on to the sell sheet: You have now made the greatest distilled product since (insert your role model here). You need to now find and choose a distributor (this is a WHOLE different thread) and get out into your first market. Usually the first market is your home market, so lets pretend we're looking at a second market, perhaps a large rural state, with a bustling city-suburb center and some sports teams... HEY! How about IL! (mind you the sell sheet is crucial for control states as well, I am using tier for now) For visual aid, I have attached an example of a sell sheet that I find to be a very good example of a successful sell sheet **YES I KNOW IT'S AN LDI/MGP THING! THIS ISN'T WHAT THIS IS ABOUT, SAVE IT FOR ANOTHER THREAD** This is simply, from an organizational and visual perspective a good example. The 5 most important pieces of a good sell sheet: 1. A PICTURE OF THE BOTTLE I, I cannot tell you how many sell sheets I've seen, without a picture of the bottle. I think suppliers (you guys) think that the sales staff will always carry a bottle of your product in their car or bag, and the customer then, will see it and hold it and taste it. WRONG. I know some places where the sales staff are limited to 2% of the previous months sales allotted in samples. These guys cant pull a bottle whenever. They cannot have a rolling liquor depot in their car and they dont always have time to taste with a customer. The bottle image is KEY to sparking the interest in the brand that will have the buyer ask to taste it on a follow up visit, if at all! The sell sheet is also a "FIRE AND FORGET" type of POS, you cant be leaving bottles at every account, on every call. Most of the time, you just leave a sell sheet after the pitch as a constant visual reminder that they want to buy this brand. 2. BULLET POINTS/BUZZWORDS This part ends up being more for the sales person, who is overloaded with quotas, deadlines, information and stress, than for the buyer; It does have relevance beyond that though. These are words/points/one-liner's/pillars that the brand identity is based on. This is the MUST-SAY list when pitching the brands. When we present our own brands, we do it with the type of confidence and pride that only we can exude. Your sales rep, in your absence, will not be you...but he can at least say the type of this you would say! Reps dont know what a dephlegmator is, or why spelt is trending on twitter (it's not by the way) - Good news! Neither does the buyer! Just a few keywords and practice is all the average rep needs. 3. A HOOK! Now I encourage you to look at the example. Notice that the brand/company name isn't the header. If you have high quality bottle shots, the brand name is clearly legible already... no...the header in this case is the hook. INDIANA BOURBON **WHAT DID I TELL YOU EARLIER... SAVE IT FOR ANOTHER FORUM** This, historically, has had two distinct effects on almost everyone who has read it "i thought bourbon only came from Kentucky!" and "what is Indiana bourbon?" CONGRATULATIONS, YOUR HOOK WORKED! The purpose of the hook isn't just to catch the eye visually (if your brand is based off of a visual hook, you are already in trouble) it forces the buyer, consumer, sales rep or other reader to ask a question. It gives you or your rep the window of opportunity to dive into those buzzwords or key points that you worked so hard on! Its the foot wedged in the door of conversation. In this case, you've affronted a widely held public belief and now you have the opportunity to prove it, while developing a conversation about the product. Pushing the conversation into a dialogue instead of a monologue is like... sales 101 folks; Let your Sell Sheet help. 4. SUPPORT/FURTHER INFO In the wild world of social media, I cannot stress how important it is for an emerging brand to have a solid, well managed presence in social media and the web. A bad website, to me, as a portfolio manager is the end of the discussion for me. It is officially 2013, if you arent at least on facebook and ACTIVE (cant stress that enough) you are doomed. If your website looks like a geocities relic. I will not even bother to taste the product for consideration, and neither will the world. I will get to that more in a different post, but for the sake of your sheet, I think my example sheet could have done it more simply, but the idea is there. This is also useful if you are making a .PDF version which can be sent ahead or as follow up to your pitch. It shows that your brand has a reach beyond just paper and ink. 5. EMPTY SPACE! This is my lame attempt at an M. Night Shyamalan twist - Empty space on a sheet is a tenant of good design; No one likes an overcrowded and visually assaulting page. Empty space can offer two important advantages: A place to take notes, write down the pricing (since it may differ slightly state to state) record flavor notes, or follow up questions during the presentation. The other aspect is it keeps the readers focus on the important parts of your brand. I think my example sheet could actually do a slightly better version of this as well, but there is still a place for notes on the sides. Whew... okay that was a lot. I know, but feel free and encouraged to ask questions, discuss this post and hell, post your own sell sheets here to talk about them. I may be on the distribution and sales side but I always have time to chat or lend a hand to this community when I can. This is your most vital, simple and cost effective option in augmenting your marketing attempts. I'd love to help you work them out. -H
  2. You are a total spirits sales badass. You're a strategist, with experience moving selling at a national level in closed and open states. You're comfortable managing a team and want to help a brand go from moderate sales to over the moon sales, without sacrificing values. You've had some great learning opportunities in the past but perhaps haven't found the company that allows you to spread your wings the way you want to. You also like floating rivers, making time for shenanigans and know that the best way to live a life is to create that balance between working hard and playing hard. We're a distillery with great products, a great production team, an excellent team of sales personnel and an ability to produce our own distilled products on a high volume basis. We're the largest distillery in the great State of Montana and we're looking to grow the success we've seen here and in other markets. We're looking for someone who wants to live in Montana, manage the sales and marketing objectives and grow our sales with strong attention to strategy development as well as execution. Someone who understands the balance between quality relationships and quantity of cases moved. This isn't a seat of the pants kind of operation. This is a darn fine business with a history of success. If we align on values: community, passion for Montana and the belief that a rising tide lifts all ships, then you should reach out to us about the opportunity to align forces. The position will be open until it's filled. Compensation will be part salary, part commission, DOE. Medical Insurance, PTO, 401(k) and more. Please submit a resume and references to work@headframespirits.com 2017 Job Description Sales & Marketing Manager For Publication.pdf
  3. Sales software

    Hello, We have our own sales team and currently we're writing out invoices by hand. We have Quickbooks Desktop currently that we use to make our invoices after the fact. It's way too messy and inefficient, especially since we're trying to get sales people throughout the state. Does anyone know of a good sales software that can be used on an ipad that will sync with QB desktop? Thanks! Mike
  4. We are a growing distillery equipment manufacturer that is currently looking for additional sales representatives in the United States. We are looking for experienced operating distilleries that would be willing to use their distilleries as showrooms for our equipment and provide before and after sales assistance to customers in the US. We manufacture Fermenters, Mash Tuns, Stills and other distillery related equipment. Compensation will be commission based and will include equipment for use in the showroom/distillery setting. Any interested parties please DM us with your distillery name and why you are interested in this opportunity. We will provide additional contact details through DM. Thank you.
  5. Hi all. We are gathering interest for a seminar this Summer. Please have a look and let us know if you're interested: http://cardinalspirits.com/business-of-distilling We've been in business for 2 years, after 3 years of planning. During an intensive 3-day seminar we will open our financial records to you. We will skip theory and dive into actual numbers. We will cover startup costs, fundraising failures and successes, tasting room financials, distribution financials, equipment costs, build-out costs, marketing costs, labor costs, and actual revenue. We firmly believe that if we had access to this information before we began building and purchasing equipment, we could have saved a hundred thousand dollars or more. Please, come learn from our mistakes, and our successes! Where: Cardinal Spirits, Bloomington, Indiana When: June 2017 (dates TBD) Cost: $2,000 person + $1,500 each additional team member. Price subject to change. No deposit required at this time. We are in the planning stage of this seminar and as such will not require a deposit or commitment until date and cost are official.
  6. HELP WANTED! Sales Rep for Kentucky & Tennessee

    APHOLOS Brand Identity is a premium packaging identity supplier. At Apholos we design and manufacture premium metal labels, metal closures and accessories to enhance wines & spirits packages.As we expand our distribution in the USA, we are looking for experienced and enthusiastic sales representatives with strong and established customer relationships to represent our company in KENTUCKY & TENNESSEE states. Also with experience in building and growing new accounts.Qualifications:- At least 2 years packaging supplies sales experience.- Knowledge of the Kentucky / Tennessee spirits market.- Interpersonal and customer service skills.- Non competing high-end packaging supplies on his/her representations portfolio.Responsibilities:- Ability to meet sales objectives.- Performance in building, maintaining and growing new accounts.Applicants should contact Diego Gneri (Country Manager USA) via email to dgneri@apholos.com
  7. APHOLOS Brand Identity is a premium packaging identity supplier. At Apholos we design and manufacture premium metal labels, metal closures and accessories to enhance wines & spirits packages.As we expand our distribution in the USA, we are looking for experienced and enthusiastic sales representatives with strong and established customer relationships to represent our company in KENTUCKY & TENNESSEE states. Also with experience in building and growing new accounts.Qualifications:- At least 2 years packaging supplies sales experience.- Knowledge of the Kentucky / Tennessee spirits market.- Interpersonal and customer service skills.- Non competing high-end packaging supplies on his/her representations portfolio.Responsibilities:- Ability to meet sales objectives.- Performance in building, maintaining and growing new accounts.Applicants should contact Diego Gneri (Country Manager USA) via email to dgneri@apholos.com
  8. Job Description: Craft Spirits Sales & Delivery Assistant Experience: Several years of sales experience, liquor/beverage sales preferred Pay: $15.00/hr. Tasks: Sales to local retail (NJ only) establishments (liquor stores, bars, restaurants, etc.), work with company founder to help sell and deliver our craft spirits. Summary: Sourland Mountain Spirits is looking for a candidate with some experience to help with our sales and delivery. We are a start-up craft distillery located in Hopewell, NJ. We are committed to local ingredients and we are proud to say that we are “New Jersey’s First Farm Distillery Since Prohibition.” Several years of sales experience is required. We would prefer if you have had experience in liquor/beverage sales. Your tasks will include selling our spirits to local liquor stores, bars, restaurants, etc. We will also need you to work on state-wide sales. We need a sales personality, who has knowledge of the product, makes great first impression and follows up to ensure customer satisfaction. Computer and internet savvy, a big plus. If interested, please send your resume to Kristen, kristen@sourlandspirits.com
  9. Tapi is looking for a Sales Manager for the west coast region. Experience in a distillery or selling product to distilleries is important. Tapi produces and sells bottle closures, specializing in synthetic and natural cork bartop stoppers. For more information or to apply click below APPLY
  10. Hi All, I'm in the process of building a business plan. I'm struggling to find hard numbers on industry overview specifics. Key items that would be useful: - Annual sales growth trends. - Craft spirit segment growth for Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, etc. - Craft spirit market pricing. - Overall craft spirit sales. - Regional growths. - Any other industry overview information that may be useful in a business plan. Is there a resource on ADI or else where that would can provide this data? Thanks for the help! ~Freshie
  11. Sales Manager

    JOB DESCRIPTION Spirit Works Distillery is seeking a full-time Sales Manager, based in Northern CA. Based out of Sebastopol, CA, we are a grain to glass facility run by a small, dedicated, and passionate team. SUMMARY: The Sales Manager will be part of a highly creative team, focused on the growth of Spirit Works Distillery (SWD) products across all markets including Northern CA, Southern CA, Distillery Tasting Room, Arizona, Illinois, Colorado, and new markets. The Sales Manager will work closely with distributor partners, sales force, key on and off-premise accounts, as well as providing support as needed at the distillery. The position is focused largely on sales and overall growth of the SWD brand. Applications will only be reviewed through the following link where you will find further information. (please do not email or call the distillery directly): http://bevforce.com/jobs/sales-manager-109
  12. Excited

    good evening all, I just got on to this forum! Thanks to all for being here. Good day! I am in sales for a new craft spirit company and I an out here trying to learn what I can from the experts. I am new to the industry so I get to be the guy who knows absolutely nothing around a bunch of people who know everything! Ha. Well.....I'm used to this. See you around the boards!
  13. Recent article stating about very few of them making money. Ouch.. That is one of the differences of our workshop for the last 7 years. It is a business and planning for the bottom line is as important as that next recipe. Check out our facebook post on this here Still room in our March 14 - 18 workshop. Join Us!
  14. A lot has changed in the 7 years we have been doing training. One of the most interesting is how the market has changed. We used to have people attend that intended to make the spirit they like to drink and then sell it. That is not the case now. Even in other industries in the US; the make it and then go sell it has changed. Now more than ever targeting your customer base is important and recognizing those changes too. Take Millennials, They can order everything off the phone. They demand things Boomers never would think of. This includes the booze they drink. Take a look at our blog post Millennials Move Market Cheers, Deanna
  15. A lot has changed in the 7 years we have been doing training. One of the most interesting is how the market has changed. We used to have people attend that intended to make the spirit they like to drink and then sell it. That is not the case now. Even in other industries in the US; the make it and then go sell it has changed. Now more than ever targeting your customer base is important and recognizing those changes too. Take Millennials, They can order everything off the phone. They demand things Boomers never would think of. This includes the booze they drink. Take a look at our blog post Millennials Move Market Cheers, Deanna
  16. Sales forecasts - Verifying NC Quantity Reports

    Hi everyone. We're in the midst of finalizing some of the final preparations for our distillery prior to making purchases and moving forward with our business plans. We've got 12-month cash flows, production plans, limited debt, adequate financing and several years' worth of P&L projections along with conservative budgeting for Murphy's law. However, I just received a sales report from the NC ABC (the state where we will most likely initiate sales of our first product line), which I'm still trying to interpret. The report includes quantities of spirits sole over a 12-month period. The person at the ABC who provided it said the report is quantities of bottles, but I have a hard time believing it's bottles and not 9L cases, as some of the numbers for businesses I know sell only in NC are quite low (i.e., low single digits). If some businesses have only one product and they are selling only one bottle per month in the state, I don't see how they could remain in business. With that in mind, we're planning for first year sales of around 1,000 to 1,200 9L cases. Is this figure a reasonable expectation, particularly if we're focused on distribution to a control state with plans for rapidly expanding to other states? We have calls in to clarify this report, but are concerned about the reliability of the information. Does it seem feasible for big producers in the state to be selling only about 400 bottles (33 cases) of product on a monthly basis? We're not yet at the point of no return. I'm trying to verify our thesis before we get to that point. Thanks for your input.
  17. Mid-Atlantic Sales Representative, One Eight Distilling One Eight Distilling, LLC is seeking a full-time Mid-Atlantic Sales Representative to join our team. One Eight Distilling opened to the public in 2015 and currently produces District Made Vodka, Ivy City Gin, and our Rock Creek whiskeys, all from our distillery located right in the nation’s capital. We distribute our spirits to more than 80 on-premise and off-premise accounts throughout the city and are looking to partner with distributors and expand to neighboring states in the near future. Become a part of a vibrant small business poised to become a force in the craft distilling industry. Job Description: This is an entry-level sales position. The Mid-Atlantic Sales Representative will work with our CEO and Marketing and Events Manager on all aspects of the business but with a focus on opening new accounts and increasing sales. As part of a small start-up, the Sales Representative must be willing to work flexible hours and wear many hats, including attending promotional events, assisting during tasting room sales hours, giving distillery tours, and assisting other staff at marketing and promotional events. The position involves regular evening hours and half days on Saturday. It will involve regular travel throughout the mid-Atlantic area. Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities: Open new sales accounts, present One Eight Distilling’s products to on-premise and off-premise accounts Work with distributor sales teams to build and strengthen points of distribution Conduct bartender and waitstaff educational events Conduct product tastings and attend promotional events on a regular basis Communicate events and customer-tie ins on social media and to distributor relationships Support and communicate regularly with existing accounts Develop and maintain competitive information for regional marketplace Drive sales and brand awareness through cocktail and menu placements Provide bi-monthly reports on contacts and leads Applicant Qualifications: Experience in the mid-Atlantic restaurant/beverage industry strongly preferred Outgoing personality with a passion for craft spirits a must 2+ years previous experience in alcohol sales a plus Proven ability to work with little to no supervision and be able to follow directions is essential Be organized and detail oriented Willing to work some long hours, including Saturdays and occasional evenings Valid driver’s license, registered and insured vehicle, and ability to regularly drive throughout the area Ability to lift and move cases of spirits frequently Ability to climb, kneel, and stoop to arrange and display point of sale materials frequently Must live in or near Washington, DC. Relocation expenses will not be covered This position offers the possibility of additional responsibilities in the future. The applicant will be subject to a criminal background check and must have a clean driver’s license. We are accepting applications until May 15, 2015, or until the position is filled. If interested, please submit a cover letter, your résumé, 3 references, and salary requirements to: info@oneeightdistilling.com. One Eight Distilling will not discriminate and will take "affirmative action" measures to ensure against discrimination in employment, recruitment, advertisements for employment, compensation, termination, upgrading, promotions, and other conditions of employment against any employee or job applicant on the bases of race, creed, color, national origin, or sex.
  18. Terms

    Spoke to a few distributors out of state and getting some surprising responses. 60 day terms? really, in our home state we are Net 30 and very happy with our partner. Is this normal for sales outside of your home state?
  19. Sagamore Spirit is a startup distillery located in Baltimore, Maryland. By joining the Sagamore Spirit team, you will have the opportunity to pioneer the rebirth of the distilled spirits tradition in Maryland and make Sagamore Spirit a national and international brand. With a world-class team of industry experts, experienced entrepreneurs, and brand builders, Sagamore Spirit is poised to be recognized as the distilled spirits leader, starting with our first innovative and ultra-premium product, Sagamore Rye. Scope of Position: Create and implement go-to-market strategies Identify market opportunities and consumer needs. Position will require active involvement in the field, working with ambassadors and distributors to optimize go-to-market strategies Establish trade-marketing plans, including, market objectives, pricing strategies, account action plans, schedules, and assignments. Develop and direct a dynamic brand ambassador program to educate the trade, consumers and press Lead field initiatives with sales and wholesaler partners Build brand awareness by planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating trade marketing programs Develop relationships with key accounts, both on-premise & off-premise: Develop relationships with key influencers in key accounts Drive distribution through cocktail and menu listings in targeted universe Improve visibility and merchandising through tactical POS Create trade pull through customized programming Raise the profile of the brand within the trade Build new distribution and generate incremental sales volume Responsibilities Build the brand – Tell a Great Story, and build a great team Develop and maintain strong relationships with bartenders, account managers, and account owners. Educate the retail and wholesale trade to drive distribution, improve visibility and increase sales Increase in-account visibility with merchandising materials and menu / drink list placements Work with key accounts to develop customized programs that drive consumer trial Use networking ability to target influencers and increase brand loyalty and consumption Provide feedback concerning brand positioning, competitive activities and market trends and report key insights with recommendations for solutions Provide input regarding future marketing / sales plan development Coordinate with Trade Marketing agencies to ensure proper implementation and execution programming Skills & Requirements 5+ Years beverage marketing/sales experience Preferred experience in managing a distribution network in the spirits industry Preferred experience in building and managing team of local ambassadors / key account managers Candidate must be able to operate in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment Candidate must be able to foster a culture of accountability and a drive for success Must be creative with experience in grass root sales marketing initiatives, inspiring both internal teams and external agencies. Experience in promotional / guerrilla marketing and event execution Experience with traditional and new media consumer marketing Demonstrated public-speaking, presentation and writing skills Ability to sell, influence and partner with customers and co-workers Ability to manage budgets and provide timely, concise reporting Excellent execution and time management skills; strong attention to detail with ability to take initiative, prioritize and meet deadlines Passion and knowledge of food and drinks as well as cocktail culture
  20. Hello, My business partner and I are finishing up the financials for our business plan for opening up a small batch distillery. Our location and marketing plan call for a tasting room, distillery tours and merchandise available for sale at our facility. We have had great success modeling product sales and expenses from contacts within the ADI, but have not run into any examples of projections of revenue for merchandise and other non-product related sales. I was hoping someone would be able to share their experiences or recommend a good resource to indicate merchandise/tour sales. Any amount of information from the annual number of visitors to sales numbers or even items that you found to be very popular. Thank you all for your help!
  21. First year numbers - help!

    Hi Everyone, We've been working hard to develop our business plan to show investors or the bank (we'll need money very soon), but we're having trouble nailing down a realistic number for bottle sales in the first year. I know there's a lot of variation depending on what you sell and where you are, so I'm not looking for that as an answer. I'm just wondering if anyone is willing to share their actual numbers of how they did and what their situation was. Below are our details. Located in Lake George, NY. A very popular tourist destination and only 30 minutes from Saratoga. We will launch with Vodka, Flavored Vodkas, Moonshine and Gin. We will be releasing young whiskey later in the year We have a tasting room on site We have a distributor lined up with a signed commitment letter in western NY. My questions are: What did you do for first yr sales out of the tasting room? Through a distributor? Through self distribution (selling yourself to local bars, liquor stores and restaurants)? How were sales of t-shirts, hats, glasses, etc? I realize your situation may be different from mine, I'm just looking for some real numbers from real distilleries. Feel free to personal message me if you don't want to post it to the public. Thank you all!
  22. Hello Again, ADI! Your members gave us an AMAZING amount of responses to our "Craft Spirits Super Survey." In the coming weeks, we'll be blogging about the results from over 300 Craft Spirits drinkers nationwide. For now, we're putting together another survey! This one will be aimed solely at the people who sell Craft Spirits at retail -- bartenders, bar owners, managers, spirits buyers, etc. We aim to find out what motivates them to buy, recommend, and sell. We're also asking what they don't like in craft spirits as well as what kind of support or tools they want from distilleries... What do YOU want to know? We're happy to include some questions that impact YOUR business! We'll be distributing the survey nationwide and hope to get some great feedback to steer this great industry. As usual, we will blog about the results as soon as we get a decent number of responses. Feel free to respond to this post or email us directly at happyhour@fuelevents.net. If you want to check out our current survey, you can link to it from our home page (fuelevents.net) or here: https://www.surveyplanet.com/survey/eee37548bdb386a3bb221241a194936c Thanks again for your ongoing help and feedback! Jen & Erika Fuel NW Portland, OR
  23. Greetings, ADI! It's Monday, so the Marketing Myth Countdown continues! This week's Marketing Myth: #3 "I Got 99 Problems But Marketing Ain't One" Check it out and let us know what you think! At the end of this week's blog, we ask for your thoughts and comments ... and we would really love to hear from you! You can reply right from our webpage or post something here! Also, this week's Featured Distilleries are: New England Distilling out of Portland, Maine and Sound Spirits from Seattle, Washington. If you want us to feature your distillery in future blogs, just let us know! It's free and we get darned good web traffic! Thanks for your continued readership! Check out this week's blog here: http://www.fuelevents.net/#!fuel-blog/c22sz Cheers, Jen & Erika Fuel NW happyhour@fuelevents.net www.fuelevents.net
  24. So, it's safe to say that wholesale mark up in open states is generally 30%, correct? In control states in which the state acts as a wholesalers, how do brokers (operating as a wholesaler sales force) make money? What is a typical broker fee per case sold? Percentage or flat fee? Example: RNDC, Southern, Glazers, Heidelberg all (or most) act as brokers in Ohio, PA, WVA, VA, MI, Iowa. They don't physically deliver, but have a sales force representing brand portfolio's from multiple suppliers. What kind of margins are they working on?
  25. It's Monday! The Marketing Myth Countdown continues with Myth #4: Marketing is Easy. Also, please take a moment to read about this week's Featured Distilleries: Striped Pig Distillery out of Charleston, South Carolina and Vinn Distillery from Wilsonville, Oregon. Read all about it here: http://www.fuelevents.net/#!fuel-blog/c22sz Thanks, as always, for your support, ADI!