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Found 8 results

  1. SOLD TO A VERY NICE HOME Hey everyone! We're almost ready to receive our new still so it's time to re-post this beauty This still was awesome for me. It enabled me to grow my business for 3 years before investing in a huge system. I was able to stay fully electric for years, significantly cutting down my initial investment costs. I was able to run everything on one still, stripping ferments, spirit runs, gin runs and rum all in one place. In year 2 I added an electric continuous stripping still and that kept me going all the way to the end of year 3. Now its time to go big, and pass this starter system on. (I'm not selling the continuous stripper yet, but we can talk if you're interested) We will run this still 6 days a week right up to when we turn it off. If the buyer wants to come down and see it in action, we'd be happy to provide on-site training for a few days. Perfect for a startup Now the deets: Artisan Still Design (ASD) Delivered Nov 2014 60 Gallon Series 1 Modular Still Computer Controlled with integrated electric heat and Dephlegmator controll (can be run full-manual) 304 Stainless steel boiler, electric Baine Marie Heat (3 x 4500W Elements) - easily run on steam if you want 16 plate fully versatile stainless column with copper caps French Brandy style copper helmet Custom designed in-line Gin Basket 2hp CIP system Fully Versatile from stripping to gin/rum/whiskey/brandy and vodka on 1 still! Located on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada V9N7S7 Ready for pickup in Feb $25K USD We'll take it apart for you, but buyer is responsible for costs associated with crating and shipping Shoot me an email for questions (delete the spaces ) Dave @ WaywardOrder . com
  2. Greetings from Saskatchewan, CANADA. For two years now, I have been collaborating with a Distillery in Kelowna, BC to provide 5-Day, hands-on, Distillery Workshops. We have put over 250 people through our Workshops over the past 2 years. Many people who take the Workshops are simply interested in having a truly unique experience of spending 5 days in a working distillery. Some, however, have gone on to start their own craft distilleries in Canada and the USA. We make sure our course content addresses both the Canada Excise and TTB regulations. To ensure a proper learning environment, all participants are provided with my two books ( Field to Flask and The Recipe) along with copious amounts of supplemental info, much of which I used when prepping for my Distilling Examination through the Institute for Brewing & Distilling in 2014. I am looking forward to these ADI forums and to meeting new people.
  3. We have the following equipment for sale (the rest is sold): Apollo Econo Mill with 2hp (230-460v) explosion proof motor 18" extension legs Flex auger boot $2,200 250L Artisan Still Design electric bain-marie pot still with 3 electric input ports Copper gin basket 8" diameter 2" tri clamp drain 2" tri clamp side input (for temp probe to get digital readout of pot temp, useful for mashing in still) Pressure relief valve Analogue temperature read Controller 10" Manway Agitator 2hp 220v/3 phase/ 154 rpm shotgun condenser 8"x24" $7,000 Link to pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7a8tjx57opuuohk/AADBGD1p7hBmN0oL1iBxdVc4a?dl=0
  4. Artisan Still Design now American Made

    There have been rumors of this circulating for a while, I would like to confirm that ASD is opening a production facility in Mobile Alabama our new 5 acre property, with over 5000 sqft of shop and production space, will be our Company headquarters, Show room, Training Center, and Home to Unconquered Spirits Distillery. We have already moved our Continuous Distillation production and development, soon to begin Batch still procuction, followed by stainless tank and ancillaries. we have quite a few mew products and technologies that will be coming on line soon
  5. Artisan Still Design 250L still for sale

    We have a stock unit Landing in Alabama in about a Months Time, up for grabs at an incredible deal. 60 gallon Charge (250L) 4 plate column steam or Electric Bain Marie Heat Full CIP Accessory Port for Agitator $25,000
  6. UPDATED: 2 Parcels. Land with water and special use permit for distillery on Big Island of Hawaii for sale. For photos, video and more information on the listing please see: http://www.sothebysr...-keaau-hi-96749 http://www.sothebysr...-keaau-hi-96797 Please call Rebecca Keliihoomalu at 808-895-1156 (Hawaii Standard Time) Additional questions, call 808-783-7845 (Hawaii Standard Time) Email: bigislanddistillery@gmail.com (“Big Island Property” in subject line please) October 4, 2013 news release: http://hawaiitribune-herald.com/sections/news/local-news/commission-oks-keaau-distillery.html
  7. Associate Distiller: Vermont Spirits Distilling Co. has an opportunity for a distillation/manufacturing professional interested in working as an Associate Distiller in our new facility in Quechee, VT. We are seeking a highly motivated, mechanically-minded team player to help with the production of our award winning spirits. This position is responsible for the continuation of the distilling schedule put forth by the lead Distiller. Responsibilities also include ensuring and maintaining the quality of the distilling process and end product, manage equipment, including steam boiler, schedule and manage bottlings and be able to handle multiple tasks. The candidate will provide feedback and implement changes/improvements to support the continuous improvement effort. With this position there is the opportunity for advancement and also additional compensation based on the employee’s contribution to new product development and cost-savings recommendations. Qualifications: Bachelors Degree Preferred or equivalent experience in distilling/manufacturing Strong technical, analytical, communication and leadership skills 3 years prior experience in a distilling or brewing environment Experience working with copper stills and fruit distillates is a plus Ability to work with computers, create and maintain accurate records Aptitude for building and maintaining solid relationships with team members Occasional travel for trade events and presentations References required. Please email resume and cover letter to info@vermontspirits.com
  8. Vodka: Character or Neutral?

    Had an elaborate post prepared, but rereading it was boring, so lets keep it simple, cause this is a simple topic. According to the TTB's Standard's of Identity; 27 CFR, Part 5, Section 22 (google 27 CFR 5.22), the definition of vodka is provided as part of "Class 1: Neutral Spirits or Alcohol", and comprises the following: Therefore, to the artisans out there who make vodka too. What do you call vodka? Is some character permissible, or "no way Jose"? Personally, I'm in the "no way, Jose" camp. Any distillate with noticeable odor and/or flavor should not be permitted (by the TTB) to put "vodka" on their label. Q: What's noticeable? A: If you make a martini with it, and before it's to your mouth you are thinking "What in the hell is that odor?", that would be noticeable to me, and I can name 5 brands quickly that fit into that category... Q: What would it be called then? A: I dunno, brandy? Schnapps? Anything but vodka... Q: How does one enforce such a rule? A: Don't know either...I guess with their (the consumer's) wallets.... ? Anyway, what do you think?