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Found 32 results

  1. Closing up shop, selling my distilling kit. 300 gallon Hybrid still from Trident Stills, with gin basket. 500 gallon mash tank with bottom mixer, both are hooked upS to Peerless 380k btu propane boiler. Can sell the whole setup as a kit for $65K. quick and easy want to get started. Will include piping and controls. Will separate if I have too. Also have Fermentation Tanks, Storage tanks, a Three bottle vacuum filler, and other items. Email me at Ken@Spiritsofoldbennington.com
  2. Stainless steel electric distillation system, w/ gin basket insert, complete setup. Used ~30 times. Won numerous awards with this system. All hardware, fittings, valves and gaskets included. (Agitator in photo excluded.) $5,200, plus shipping. Kettle: 200 L (53 G): Twin immersion elements (5500 W each), 6" main port (top) with 6" cleanout (all tri clamp), domed 6" to 4" reducer fitting Tower: 4 section tower, ea. w/ 3" sight glass; 4 perforated copper plates w/ down comers; dephlagmator; 2" head pipe; 2" shotgun condenser; parrot. Condenser has an adhesive strip of thermochromic indicator plastic applied for visually monitoring and optimizing cooling water efficiency during long runs. Controllers: Two-burner electric (240 V) controller box; plus temperature gauge microcontroller w/ proprietary temp alarm (wiring and electrical fittings included -- used to indicate boil up, or any target head temps) Additional: 12" riser section, 8" sight glass section, stainless gin basket insert. 40 feet of cooling water lines (supply and return), plus quick disconnect fittings (will need some cleaning), connecting hardware. Support: I'll also throw in 2+ hrs of consultation time to guide set up and operation as needed.
  3. We have a brand new (Unpackaged - still on palette) 399K BTU low pressure Peerless Gas Feed Steam boiler (Series 64). Information link: https://www.peerlessboilers.com/products/series-64/ Selling because the footprint is just a little larger than we can accommodate in our weeee little mechanical room. Location: Kelowna, BC Canada Price: $ 9,500.00 CAD o.b.o + shipping
  4. I have a full almost turn key distilling equipment package that has never been run brand new out of the box for sale that includes the following items: -150 Gallon Artisan Still with 4 plate column -300 Gallon Artisan Mash Tun -(4) 300 Gallon custom made cypress open top fermentors -(1) 75 Gallon custom made cypress yeast tank - 20HP Columbia boiler with blow down tank as well as feed water tank -(4) stainless steel collection tanks -5HP Columbia boiler Why wait for months to have your still built when you can get what you need now our plans changed so if your going into or expanding your distilling business here is a great opportunity to get what you need for a great price and no waiting. I prefer to sell this as a package but will consider breaking it up for the right price. Its not often that an opportunity like this comes around to be able to have the equipment you need without waiting months to have it built, so if your in the market act fast so you don't miss out. Once the deal is signed ill send all the serial numbers so you can get right on having the equipment permitted so not to have any delays and you can be in production ASAP. The buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges that is not included in the price of the equipment. The equipment in located in Kinston, NC and invite anyone interested to come by our facility if your in the area to check it out with your own eyes. Whole Package $150,000 obo!! Pictures available upon request please feel free to contact me with serious questions or offers Lee@sugarhillgrain.com CHEERS Y'ALL
  5. jeffw

    Boiler Chemicals

    What are people using for boiler chemicals? Our original chemical company is not longer around and just ran out of chemicals a little while ago. Got a quote from a new company but seemed crazy high that a 5 gallon pail is quote for $800. I see Chem World listing boiler chemicals for $140 for 5 gallons. Anyone have a go to source and recommendation on what to use? I figure I can build a flow meter linked to a raspberry pi board that will auto-dose on water usage, but not sure precisely what chemical to use. All help is appreciated. I don't want to neglect one of my most expensive pieces of equipment, but don't feel like getting ripped off either. Cheers, Jeff
  6. Hello all, We are looking for a 150g cooker steam piped or jacketed, four 150g open top jacketed fermenters (conical bottom preferred), and a boiler that will be able to run a 132g still, 30g hillbilly still, cooker, and steam a fermenter all at the same time. We are located in central Kentucky so the closer the better. If you can point me into the direction of suppliers that would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Simple question for those of you with low pressure steam boilers: How do you control how much heat is going to the still if the boiler has only on/off operation? Can someone please describe their setup and how it works? I've only been exposed to direct heating with electric elements and steam is a different animal. Cheers, VB
  8. Hello all, We are purchasing some equipment to run our 300L Hoga still. We are also bootstrapping so a full setup of a 10-15hp boiler is going to kill our budget (unless we go back out for funding). I have seen in previous forum discussions that a 12kW Steam Generator would work to heat our still in a pretty standard and fairly decent time frame - this obviously isn't a long term solution but I wanted to get an opinion on feasibility, especially for that first year or so of running the still. (FYI - we are getting our mash from a local brewery so no HLT or Mash tun considerations here). Appreciate any input around this. Cheers! Alex
  9. We are purchasing some equipment to run our 300L Hoga still. We are also bootstrapping so a full setup of a 10-15hp boiler is going to kill our budget (unless we go back out for funding). I have seen in previous forum discussions that a 12kW Steam Generator would work to heat our still in a pretty standard and fairly decent time frame - this obviously isn't a long term solution but I wanted to get an opinion on feasibility, especially for that first year or so of running the still. (FYI - we are getting our mash from a local brewery so no HLT or Mash tun considerations here). Appreciate any input around this. Cheers! Alex
  10. We have a gas fired boiler formerly used by Sweetwater and Terrapin breweries in Georgia. Asking $2500 or make us an offer. Email for pictures as I cant seem to load them, Thanks
  11. Door County, Wisconsin, offers the following items for sale: § One (1) Copper Still § One (1) Boiler § Nineteen (19) Fermenting Tanks; and § Bottles A List and photos can be viewed on the county website at the following link: http://www.co.door.wi.gov/docview.asp?docid=22311&locid=137 A viewing of these items may be arranged by contacting Sam Perlman, DCEDC, 920.743.3113 x204 or sam@doorcountybusiness.com. 2017 Notice of Sale of Commercial Distilling Equipment w-equipment descriptions.pdf2017 Notice of Sale of Commercial Distilling Equipment w-equipment descriptions.pdf Written bids must be submitted to the County Administrator’s Office, County Government Center, 421 Nebraska Street, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235 or lholtz@co.door.wi.us and received by 12:00 p.m. CST on Friday, February 17, 2017, Bids will be publicly opened at the Government Center, Meadows Room #B338 on February 17, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. CST. All items sell "AS IS - HOW IS - WHERE IS." Door County does not give any type of guarantee or warranty, implied or otherwise. Sale will be to the highest qualified bidder.
  12. Hi everyone, We are setting up a distillery and we need some advice about boiler/chiller. We talked with many still manufacturers and they have different instructions about the required boiler for our stills. We are on a tight budget, so we would like to have the community advice. Our setup will be as follow: One 1200 liters mash tun Two 1200 liters fermenters One 600 liters pot still with vodka column. We will run only one equipment at the time. Mash tun, or still, to reduce the required power required for our steam boiler. A manufacturer tells us we need 480 000 btu/h output. Another one says 300 000 btu/h output is fine. Another one talked about 150 000 btu/h output. Can someone please advice as the cost is quite changing from a 480 000 btu to a 150 000 btu. As I mentioned before, we are on a tight budget. About the chiller, a manufacturer told us we will need a 2500 liters glycol tank! Another one is talking about a 7.5HP glycol chiller. Some says we should use cold water. Could we do that? Our building as a well, no city water, so we are unsure of the quantity of available water. What is the best to cool down our mash, maintain our fermenters at the required temperature, and to use with our still condenser? What is the required power? Thanks to all!
  13. Can anyone recommend a boiler installer in Colorado? This is going into our distillery in Steamboat Springs. I am having a bear of a time finding anyone closer to us then Denver to sell us and install a boiler. That said, if anyone has a good person in Denver, I would happily accept that too. Getting a little desperate here. I need to find a reasonable priced installer to help source a unit and pipe it in to code.
  14. We've been looking at suitable sites, and found some sites which are perfect (sprinklered, heavy power, zoned industrial) but don't have a big enough gas line. The existing line to the meter would only support about 400,000 BTU/hr, not enough for a proposed 1.5 M BTU boiler. When I called PG&E, to check on the property, they told me it could cost $60,000 to upgrade the existing 1/4" 0.25 psi (7" Water) line to the meter. I am just reeling in shock. Any body else had to upgrade a line ? What did you pay ?
  15. I'm curious if anyone has a recommendation for an affordable (cheap) small Blowdown Tank in the 21 gallon range to match up to our Crown 18.9 horsepower boiler. These are required in New Jersey and what I'm finding is really going to eat up budget. Thanks in advance!
  16. I have 4 Spirax Sarco steam pumps, one of which is pictured below. These were pulled out of a plant in the KC area and were working perfectly when removed. I no longer need them for the project I was working on. Asking $250 each.
  17. Sussman Electric Boiler ES-180 with Condensate Return Brand new in original box, 15PSI Low Pressure All-Electric Steam Generator, ES180 180KW 480/3 15PSI / ES18015F3 Includes 33 gallon condensate return system - CRS 33 GAL 1/2HP 120V 15PSIG / ES38084V-15 Includes Multi-Stage Load Progressive Sequencer - SEQUENCER 15PSI ELECTRONC STEP 180KW, Generates 542 Lbs/Hr. Steam. Uses 3 Phase power at 480 volts. Dimensions: 30”w x 36”l x 61”h 790 lb. shipping weight. This versatile generator is perfect for aImost any application requiring steam from 0-15 PSIG. Each unit is complete with automatic features, including pressure and liquid level controllers, ASME Code pressure vessel and safety valve and are fully tested under power. Each one must pass Sussman’s rigid quality control inspection before it is shipped. Spec Sheet Manual Message me for price and with any questions.
  18. First, forgive me if I'm posting something that exists within these threads. I've done searching and found a lot of indirect information but nothing that rounds out what I'm looking for. We are designing our system and have the opportunity to go with either setup for our mash cooker. Right now our plan is to use direct steam injection but I've received a lot of criticism from other distillers who state that introducing steam that could have possible contamination from boiler treatment (even if it is food grade) is a big mistake. The other side of the argument is that we've (the royal we) been making whiskey in America for 60 years using live steam injection. It's efficient and works, so why change it. The alternative is to use internal coils running indirect steam in combination with a dimple jacket for cooling water. *We are using a low pressure Colombia boiler If you could set this up however you wanted, what would you do and why? Thanks in advance.
  19. For sale is a Sussman ES100 Electric Boiler. We bought this several months ago at the beginning of our planning stages. Since then, many things have changed and this unit no longer fits what we need. It was purchased from an individual that installed it for use in a restaurant application. The boiler was installed and never used. We have never installed it. It has been stored indoors at all times. Unit cabinet looks brand new. Can provide more photos upon request. Unit currently located in Central Maryland. Any questions, please ask. According to the "average" guide to sizing boilers (1,000 btu/hour per gal needing heated), this unit should service a 350 gallon steam jacketed kettle. Sussman ES100 KW - 108 360,000 btu/hour BHP - 11 208VAC - 3 Phase 120VAC Control Voltage Up to 100 psi - ASME Code "M" $5000 OBO - Boiler must be sold.. please make offer. SOLD AS IS. Free Local Pickup - but you'll need a lift gate or trailer. Unit currently bolted to a pallet. Can ship via freight. Buyer assumes actual cost of freight as well as arrangement to pick up at the current equipment location.
  20. We have moved on to larger equipment and have 2 pieces available for sale: LabelOne Connect Square Bottle Labeler - we paid $7,500 for this piece. It is a semi-automatic pneumatic labeler and we have the book and instructions. It's fully programable, but depending upon bottle you may need to modify the mold that holds the bottle. Willing to entertain all offers. Weil-Mclain 40k BTU boiler. Currently setup for propane, but can be easily changed to nat gas. We used this to heat up a small 40g still. Will entertain all offers. Please let us know if interseted and we can send you pictures of the equipment. It is located in Houston, Texas sales@yellowrosedistilling.com
  21. We're currently going through an expansion and i'm sure alot of you have gone through this so I thought it might be a good question to throw out there. Boiler will be heating: 300 gallon still, one 4 plate whiskey column, one 20 vodka column plate column hybrid still one 10bbl or about 310 gallon mash tun one 17.7 bbl or 550 gallon hot liquor tank We also wanted to have room for a future stripping still or a continuous to strip. We are getting quotes on 1.3 million btu input low pressure cast iron boiler thoughts? Should we look at bigger boilers to be safe or do you think we should be fine? Thanks
  22. So I am looking at my equipment and my current situtaiton is as follows. I have a direct heat still with thump keg and condenser and I have a steam jacketed mash tun. I am trying to decide if A. I should just find a direct heat Mash Tun and go the route of avoiding steam for now in order to keep cost down or go ahead and find a steam boiler and steam heat the mash tun and keep the still direct heat (saves alot in up front costs). The question I have is, Is a natural gas boiler safe? Can it be used in the context of a distillery? Is anyone currently using a nat. gas boiler for steam generation? Brian
  23. This is a still I delivered today to Du Nord craft spirits in Minneapolis, MN. Chris and Shanelle are a joy to work with! They will be up and running very soon. It is 13' tall, 156 gallon cap, 5 ele elements (controller) not shown, 8 " main port with several other for expansion, gin basket, 20 plate column, dephlegmator, batch pre-warmer, condenser, parrot, and work station. All hand made by my very own Red Boot Still company right here in Iowa. Before the end of December I will be delivering a continuous still that will process 2-3 gpm. So look for updates. Look for updates to the website very soon. Take care! www.redbootstills.com Joe Dehner
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