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Found 31 results

  1. High quality equipment for budget prices MANUAL BOTTLE RINSER OFFER : 9121-17 The manual rinser/blower with N.4 nozzles is built entirely in steel AISI 304 and it’s suitable to rinse the new bottles and jars inside by pre-filtered air or water before the filling operation. Way of functioning Container has to be positioned into the spray nozzle by hand and then push the bottle in the nozzle; after rinsing there is the dropping time to reduce the residual water inside the bottle. The machine is equipped with water filter or air filter. Production: 300/400 b/h Dimensions: 500mm X 500mm X H 700 - Weight: Kg. 20 PRICES: - SIMPLE WATER VERSION: $1,386.00.- - RECIRCULATION VERSION WITH PUMP: $2,142.00.- Optional explosion proof PUMP: $1,978.00.- AVAILABLE: SEMIAUTOMATIC BOTTLE RINSER WITH 10 HOLES: $5,355.00.- SEMIAUTOMATIC RINSER WITH 20 HOLES: $7,056.00.- Uks, Inc 1712 Pioneer Ave, Suite 1409, Cheyenne, WY 82001 Phone: 1-307-316-7277 www.uksinc.com, info@uksinc.com, uksinc@aol.com 011.bmp 002.bmp
  2. I have 3 pallets of the 375ml BORD S 25 375 ALLEGE F15 bottle I am trying to get rid of. Reduced price to $0.72/bottle down from our cost of $0.91/bottle. Picture and technical drawing attached. Email andrew@tetondistillery.com for details. 10175P2.pdf
  3. Led bottle or labels

    I want a bottle that has led and lights up or has led label that lights. I will purchase several thousand if we can come up with fair price point and bottle I like.
  4. Choosing a bottle

    Just wondering if anyone else has had any interesting experiences when choosing a bottle for their brand? Has anyone gone through with a custom bottle design? We've been looking into a bottle shape that isn't often used in alcohol, but just got word from the bottle supplier that their cap isn't rated for anything above 10% ABV. I'm trying to learn more about Plastisol seals since they seem to be in a lot of caps. Does anyone know if they'll hold up to 80 proof well?
  5. Greetings, all I am a refugee from the law firm world, having put in 20+ years as a law firm COO. I quit my job on 6/30/2016 and have been working full-time trying to get my business out of the regulatory process and off the ground. I have learned so much in the past year and this forum has been immeasurably helpful. We are blessed with a beautiful and historic family farm location in Oregon's wine country for our tasting room and distillery. Check out our brand back story and photo gallery at www.americanpioneerspirits.com. In Oregon, putting anything on exclusive farm use property takes an act of congress--feels like it, anyway--and I have spent so much time and money just getting land use permits and negotiating with local officials over building requirements etc. Hoping to start my tasting room construction soon, but contractors are hugely busy here so that part is slow as well. I applied for both a DSP and a wholesaler's permit and now have the wholesaler permit in hand. I am establishing a restaurant and bar line of basic spirits (using co-packaging) to get some funds flowing in, and am thinking about 1 liter bottles rather than 750 ml . Any horror stories around that idea? Also, my dream was to do this all on my own money, but I am going to need either investor or SBA loan money to do this right. Any advice you have to share on those two options is appreciated. Lastly, you are all invited to visit our tasting room after we open. It's a beautiful place and you might not want to leave!
  6. I have 663 clear and 442 frosted 375mL Futura bottles. Technical drawing attached. 220 6-pack custom Blank White Futura cardboard boxes. Looking to sell in one pallet to save money for shipping, and selling below cost at $5/case, $.83 per bottle. 1350 wood grain synthetic light brown corks, $.215 each, or $290. $1,200 plus shipping takes it all. Shipping from 92118. Please Contact: Ed Weisbrod 619-392-5557 or ed.weisbrod@gmail.com Futura specs.pdf Futura-bottle_EN.pdf
  7. Brand Development

    I'm an experienced brand designer of 27 years with expert knowledge of what makes a brand work holistically with a total concept. I can create custom bottles, labels, logo, brand names- everything! I have worked with major (fortune 100) brands in many aspects of branding and design. Send me a Private Message and I'd be happy to discuss your project and brand Chad
  8. We could use some help! We're in need of one or two pallets of Piramal's 'Liberty' 750ml bottles with bartop closure. We're running short and won't have enough until the next production run. If anyone has some they can spare it would be much appreciated! Please message me or shoot me an email: jbrenneman<at>deacongiles.com Thanks, Jesse
  9. Bottle Labeling Machine

    Hello, I am in the final process of ordering equipment and I am trying to decide on a good manual labeler, something that I could potentially but both labels (front and back) on at the same time. I had been looking at a Race labeler, but now I am not sure what I want. Any thoughts?
  10. "Tennessee" Bottles for sale

    I have purchased about 18 pallets of American made "Tennessee", 750ml glass bottles from a friend who purchased them in a shipping container sale. The container looks to have jostled around a bit but most everything seems intact minus the boxes being a little mashed. SEE PHOTOS. The pallet in the front took the brunt of the damage as you can see. I will not need all of these for my operation and would be willing to sell some pallets for a reasonable offer. I will be checking the pallets before I ship to you for any obvious damage and secure properly. Feel free to come and see them before you buy. 840 bottles per pallet, 6 per case. $700.per pallet or best offer. You pay shipping, or come get. I could possibly help with delivery depending on amount ordered and location. Let me know if your interested and we can talk. Greg
  11. Obsolete Glass Bottles for sale

    We have a few versions of glass bottles that are now obsolete and are looking to get rid of them. They are all considered spirits bottles and have at least 4 versions looking to unload in excess of 50,000 pieces. Some have embossing, some have screen printed design, and most are blank but nothing is brand specific that would render them unusable by another brand. Pictures of the bottles are available upon request and samples can be sent to serious buyers. We are looking to blow these bottles out so prices will start a $0.25 each.
  12. Vatting and Bottle Shock

    Many people and books talk about bottle shock, and how 3 months in the bottle greatly improve the spirit as it gets its initial oxidation, rest, and mingling of chemical components. The ADI book Distiller's Guide to Rum suggest the greater part of 3 months for storage after bottling before selling, and we have definitely noticed a marked improvement in our spirits from the day they went in the bottle till a few months later. With that being said, does anyone have experience in the time of vatting making a real improvement? Example. If we have to release a product in 3 months, will it be more beneficial to blend and vat the barrels for 3 months, then bottle and sell immediately; blend and vat for 1 month then bottle and allow rest; or allow equal vat and bottle times? Eg. Does the best mellowing happen from blending in the steel vat or resting in a bottle? Thanks for the help!
  13. Reuse Glass Bottles?

    I've been asked this several times and I keep shutting it down because I don't want to deal with removing the labels and I feel like there will be a lot of paperwork involved but... Is anybody reusing their packaging, i.e. glass bottles? This would only be for a few accounts that are concerned with it but I feel like the savings in packaging would be out-weighed by the cost in labor hours. Anyway, if anybody has information about this or can link me to a thread (searched but didn't find anything) I'd be grateful.
  14. Arkansas Glass can supply a 750ml bottle for very competitive prices. We have an over stock and would like to move some of these bottles. If you are interesetd contact Casey Turner at cturner@agcc.com.
  15. Seeking used label machines (semi or automatic) and bottle fillers (semi or automatic) in very good+ working condition. Message me or call (2O6 552 9166). Thank you.
  16. 750 mL Glass Bottles for Sale

    Hi Everyone! St. George Spirits has excess glass for sale after the completion of a bottling contract. The bottle is from Germany, specifications listed below. Please let me know if you are interested, I can have samples sent. Matura bottle dimensions: Volume: 750mL Height: 345mm Width: 74mm Weight: 750g Color: Flint Mouth: 18.3mm bartop Matura bulk pallet dimensions: Weight: 2016.5 lbs Height: 74.5” Width: 48" Depth: 40" Available: 60,000 units Price: $0.95 per bottle ($1.20 original) Minimum: Three (3) pallets FOB: Alameda, CA Terms: Advance Picture Attached
  17. 750 mL Glass Bottles for Sale

    Hello All, St. George Spirits has excess glass for sale after the completion of a bottling contract. The bottle is from Germany, specifications listed below. Please let me know if you are interested, I can have samples sent. Matura bottle dimensions: Volume: 750mL Height: 345mm Width: 74mm Weight: 750g Color: Flint Mouth: 18.3mm bartop Matura bulk pallet dimensions: Weight: 2016.5 lbs Height: 74.5” Width: 48" Depth: 40" Available: 60,000 units Price: $0.95 per bottle ($1.20 original) Minimum: Three (3) pallets FOB: Alameda, CA Terms: Advance Picture Attached
  18. For Sale:

    750ml Moonea bartop bottles I am selling 19 pallets (19,019 btls) of 750ml Moonea bartop bottles. These are extremely high quality French glass, the bottle type is Moonea, they are the 'bartop' type so they are made for corks or toppers. The bottles are still in sealed pallets, completely new, with no labeling. 19 pallets of these Moonea bottles at 1,001 bottles per pallet. I am asking $26,000 for all the bottles. I will also include a partial box of wooden toppers, in which there are a over one thousand... which are perfect to start you off. Also included are a partial pallet of Moonea bottles, there are around 500 in it. So you get more than just the 19 pallets, there will be 20 pallets in the shipment... a full truck load (FTL), which also is cheaper to ship. Note: all bottles are intact, never dropped, they have been stored and high quality. I am selling them, because we decided to use different packaging. Please note, I only prefer to sell all of the bottles and within the US. I also expect the buyer to pay shipping. We are located in Denver, CO. With inquiries, please respond to reply, thank you!
  19. Screen printing services

    I'm in the process of designing our first screen printed bottle design for a whiskey line that'll release later this year. So, I'm looking for any suppliers you'd recommend (or not recommend). Since I'm located in the Midwest I'm leaning towards working with Loggerhead Deco outside of Chicago. Anyone work with them before? Good or bad experience? Was the printing good quality with no defects? Did they stay under the 3% loss? Did you receive the finished product in the desired/agreed timeframe? Truly appreciate any responses, suggestions, and referrals--can't reprint screen printing so looking to ensure we get it right the first time by working with reputable businesses! Thanks ahead of time everyone!
  20. New stock 750ml bottle in Xtra flint with Stelvin finish http://unitedbottles.com/en/cartier-bvs-750ml.aspx Clear out 750ml Amber bottle with Stelvin finish http://unitedbottles.com/en/crema-750-ml.aspx We have the Stelvin closures that can be applied by hand.They are called WAK closures, manufactured by GUALA. Have a look at the clear out section. If interested, make an offer. http://unitedbottles.com/en/great-deals-to-clear-out.aspx Cheers!
  21. New Bottle: 750ml St Genevieve (Brandy)

    We have a new bottle called the 750ml St Genevieve. It is a Cognac style bottle that could be used for Brandies. This bottle will be producing at Piramal Glass at the end of February for those who are interested. Happy New Year! Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  22. Hello, We are trying to determine if anyone makes a bottle that look antique or is imperfect (small bubbles in the glass, uneven surface, varying thickness, etc.) and are having minimal success. Does anyone know a manufacturer that does this? If so, can you please share?? Thanks!
  23. Bottle Fillers

    Hello Everyone, I have an easy enough time finding 4 spout bottle fillers, however...I'm trying to track down an American made 4 spout bottle filler. Can someone help point me in the correct direction...if not (I still refuse to believe it) does anyone have a particular filler they would like to swear by for under 2k as a starter filler. Regards, Tyler
  24. Hi Folks, we have a few clear out to offer this month; DORADO 175,000 bottles $4.99/case METROPOLE 80,000 bottles $0.39/bottle in bulk CREMA 30,000 bottles $0.39/bottle in bulk RECTANGULAR 111,000 bottles $0.59/bottle in bulk Minimum order is one pallet of any of the above. We have plastic CT closures for all except the CREMA. CREMA requires a Stelvin 30 x 60mm Roll On closure which we can also offer in a hand applied version if we have enough demand. We can also offer the cartons & partitions for the bottles offered in bulk. Call me for more details. Don't hesitate to request samples if you thing that you could use any of these for a special potion. Cheers!
  25. Hi Folks, anybody interested in samples of 200mL with a 28mm screw cap finish? Minimum order is one pallet of 2304 bottles @ $0.29 per flask. We have 100,000 in stock. Let me know, I'll be more than happy to send you samples. It might give you ideas for future project. Have a great week-end,