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Found 74 results

  1. Bottles + corks for sale

    Saverglass Bamboo 750ml bartop: 9,360 available https://www.saverglass.com/en/bamboo-75-cl 9,360 bottles / 9 pallets 1040 bottles/pallet. Pallet weighs 1460lbs, L*W*H = 48*40*74 Matching Tapi Enbloc bartop stoppers: 8,000 4 x 2,000 count bags https://www.webpackaging.com/en/portals/tapigroup/assets/11117524/-tapì-spa-enbloc-/ Bottles only: $0.42/each Stoppers only: $0.11/each Bottles + stoppers: $0.50/set Bruni Aspect 750ml bartop: 3,520 available http://www.bruniglass.com/en_GB/prodotti/tutti/showproduct/asp6/bot-aspect-750-f-13 3,520 bottles / 5 pallets Made in Germany (not Asian version) 704 bottles/pallet. Pallet weighs 1,000lbs, L*W*H = 48*40*46 Bottles: $0.43/each
  2. Bottle Labels

    Recommendations for companies that will do bottle labels with no minimum orders. Asking because they all seem to be good and I wanted to hear what companies others have used and who they like. Thanks.
  3. Screw top bottles and cap available 750 ml clear flint glass 680 grams 11 pallets 105 cases on each pallet 12 bottle per case in un marked carton boxes $650 per pallet give away located in Finger Lakes region of NY text 3153148077
  4. Good day all, We have 10 pallets of clear flint glass bottles 750 ml (680 grams) screw top and matching black caps each pallet has 105 cases (1260 bottles) packed in unmarked carton cases. They are located in Finger Lakes region of NY. We are asking for $750 per pallet which makes bottles and cap @ $0.60 the price is negotiable.
  5. Bottle Embossing

    Hi all, Does anyone have a good, affordable recommendation for a bottle supplier who does custom embossing? I want to have a small logo embossed on the upper part of my bottle similar to where Reyka has its embossing (pictured below). Thanks!
  6. We have half a pallet of the bar top, Dojo, bottles and 5 pallets of the screw top, Tropic, bottle available for sale. $1.10/bottle down from $1.38/bottle purchased price, plus we will throw in corks for bar top and metal tops for screw tops. Email andrew@tetondistillery.com for details
  7. I have 3 pallets of the 375ml BORD S 25 375 ALLEGE F15 bottle I am trying to get rid of. Reduced price to $0.72/bottle down from our cost of $0.91/bottle. Picture and technical drawing attached. Email andrew@tetondistillery.com for details. 10175P2.pdf
  8. 750ml Futura ~ Now in 6 Packs

    Hey everyone We now have the 750ml Futura, Bar Top bottles available in a 6 pack carton. If anyone is interested, please let me know as we have plenty of stock in our warehouse in Richmond, VA. Cheers, Shawn 910-399-1846
  9. Supply Chain

    Are you being hit by freight surcharges, pallet charges, or unusual fees when ordering raw materials/supplies for your distillery or brewery?
  10. I have 663 clear and 442 frosted 375mL Futura bottles. Technical drawing attached. 220 6-pack custom Blank White Futura cardboard boxes. Looking to sell in one pallet to save money for shipping, and selling below cost at $5/case, $.83 per bottle. 1350 wood grain synthetic light brown corks, $.215 each, or $290. $1,200 plus shipping takes it all. Shipping from 92118. Please Contact: Ed Weisbrod 619-392-5557 or ed.weisbrod@gmail.com Futura specs.pdf Futura-bottle_EN.pdf
  11. Who has the answers?

    I am finally ready to file with the TTB for permits. My state (Alaska) has said I can not do anything on the local level to be ready until I get the final approval with the TTB. Is this correct? I have ready a very good post where someone states that you should get everything done at the local/state level FIRST. Has anyone had to go to their state after? I have also been researching companies for bottling and equipment. I have seen tons of compliments on US companies and have settled on Paul at Distillery-Equipment.com should I go US. I have also been looking into several Chinese manufacturers. However, the Chinese companies seem to take forever to get back to me and that worries me a bit. Have anyone had any good experiences with a Chinese manufacturer for their equipment? The company I found for bottling is Rockwood Glass - does anyone here have any experience with them? I tried to do a search in the forum to see if I could view any discussion with their name but did not see a feature to do this. I have no problem putting in the time reading the forums (I cant count the hours in so far). Thought I would see if I got lucky with a response. Software - I have read several posts on the software and I initially thought I would go with Stillhouse, but after reading people that had used Stillhouse AND Whiskey Systems; I got the overall feeling that Whiskey Systems was just as good but less money - if this is incorrect, can someone correct me? Marketing - Where have you found your best ROI has been when trying to tell your town you exist. What local marketing worked best? Where do you think you lost the most money? Has anyone tried Groupon as a way of getting people in; if so which catch worked best ($5 tasting, $10 tour + free tasting, etc?). What sells the best besides the booze? Cups, shot glasses, sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, etc.? Not sure what to be pre-pared for here. In my state, I can only be open from 9a till 8p; what are the best operating hours in your town? I was thinking a short day 4p-8p for the tasting room (except weekends 11a-8p). We will always have our master distiller there, so if someone walked in - he could technically still help them. Are we cutting ourselves short on the hours? I am just thinking if they REALLY want to check it out, they would come later......I also don't want to kill myself from sitting around all day, when I could be out visiting bars, restaurants, and stores. I was recommended by another distiller to pay for a lawyer to help with the TTB, but when speaking to another distiller a week ago he said he felt that his process was much faster because he was able to get back to the TTB immediately. He thought having a lawyer handle everything could actually delay some things. Overall thoughts? A big thanks to everyone that has posted on here; the community is amazing. I love that everyone shares and they have built such a strong group of educated people. I thoroughly enjoy learning from everyone here. I cant wait to one day be posting and sharing my success for the future.
  12. TIB Bottles?

    Is it legal to do a TIB on bottled products? Distillery A receives a barrel, via a TIB, from Distillery B and bottles the contents of the barrel. Distillery A now wants to send bottled products back to Distiller B. Who is responsible for paying the tax? Can "A" TIB it back to "B?" Thanks.
  13. Hello from China

    Hello I'm Zack, from Techno-Decor. We are a a glass containers decoration factory located in Tianjin China, proficient in physical frosting and screen printing (known as ACL – Applied Ceramic Label). It is a joint venture cooperation between China and French Innov-décor, owns various specializing production equipment which are imported from France and Japan. We have Japanese production management. Our decorative glass enamels are produced in Germany and Netherlands. We believe our superior quality & lower price will be good supplement to your supply chain. Should you have any interest, please do not hesitate to contact me, or check our website www.techno-decor.com.cn to know us well.
  14. Bruni 1 liter bottles from Italy. These bottles are available for only 1.00 each. There are 1232 available in Palm Coast, FL 32137. This is less than half the normal price and available in the USA. Also available are Spirited Shipper boxes. These boxes are very heavy duty great for shipping. Check out the normal price http://spiritedshipper.com/product/3/three-bottle-wine-shipper I have 650 available for 1.00 each. Email Bill@gunnarspirits.com for more information.
  15. We have a pallet of bottle we no longer need. These are 750ml with cork finish (12ct case). We also have 1.75 glass bottles with handle (screw top finish/6ct case) and 750ml round bottles (screw top finish/ 12ct case). Asking $15 per case for the cork finish and $3 a case for the screw tops
  16. New 750ml Mason Jar With Handle

    Hey distillers - here is another new Mason style jar which is 4-5 months out from production, but for those distilleries that are still in the planning process this would make a great package to get your moonshine product noticed. Please get in touch with me if you would like more information. Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  17. New 750ml Beer Barrel Bottle

    Hey distillers - we will have a new 750ml bottle in the next 3-4 months called the "Beer Barrel" which we were going to market to craft breweries; however I've also noticed a trend with several distilleries making root beer flavored whiskey. If anyone is interested in this unique bottle, please let me know and I will send you some more information. Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  18. "Tennessee" Bottles for sale

    I have purchased about 18 pallets of American made "Tennessee", 750ml glass bottles from a friend who purchased them in a shipping container sale. The container looks to have jostled around a bit but most everything seems intact minus the boxes being a little mashed. SEE PHOTOS. The pallet in the front took the brunt of the damage as you can see. I will not need all of these for my operation and would be willing to sell some pallets for a reasonable offer. I will be checking the pallets before I ship to you for any obvious damage and secure properly. Feel free to come and see them before you buy. 840 bottles per pallet, 6 per case. $700.per pallet or best offer. You pay shipping, or come get. I could possibly help with delivery depending on amount ordered and location. Let me know if your interested and we can talk. Greg
  19. New 750ml "Morgantown" Moonshine Jug

    New Launch Proudly Made in U.S.A 750 ml Morgantown This Premium Eco Base Moonshine Jug is reminiscent in design of a classic American Moonshine still. The bottle has a round base and large 360 degree decoration or label area. The bottle has been named after Morgantown, West Virginia. Located at the base of the Appalachia Mountains (the home of Moonshine), Morgantown is the stomping grounds of the famous West Virginia Mountaineers and the fastest growing city in the state of West Virginia. Put your White Lightning in this bottle! NOW STOCK AVAILABLE For packaging specifications and shipping information, please contact Wm. R. Hill & Co. Wm. R. Hill & Co. 4500 E. Main Street Richmond, VA 23231 shawn@wmrhill.com P 910-399-1846 I C 910-620-9921
  20. Editted- SOLD One of the distilleries I work for in Portland has some very nice bottles for sale. We originally got them for a specialty release which never came together, and now we need the space back. We've got 924 750ml Bruni Modular (http://www.bruniglass.com/…/sh…/mod9/bot-modulor-750-bets-fp), they are unboxed on a single pallet but I can throw in 750ml 12 pack cases if you need them. $2/bottle or best offer. If you're in OR or WA we might be able to deliver them, PM me for details if you're interested.
  21. Custom Bottle

    Has anyone had any experience with off shore bottle suppliers? I am currently debating going to a custom bottle with an off shore manufacturer but I am unsure of the suppliers and was wondering if anyone had any experiences and/or advice to share good or bad. Specifically, I am looking at a chinese company for production of my bottles that would cut my costs but almost half delivered... Thanks! Mike
  22. 750mL clear round glass bottles for sale

    1,170 bottles per pallet. $1 per bottle = $1,170 per pallet. No caps/corks/boxes (just the glass bottles in cardboard trays - ocean faring pallets are heavily wrapped - see photos) Minimum order is 1x pallet (6x total pallets available) Bottles are FoB. You can either pick them up at the warehouse or arrange a truck. I have a forklift on this side to load. Bottle Dimensions: Capacity: 750 ML Finish: Bartop (18.5mm closure) Height: 12.972 IN Width at Shoulder: 3 IN Width at Base: 3 IN Height of Pushup: 0.177 IN Label Panel: 8.153 Weight: 27.53 OZ (780gram) Shape: Round Feature: Thick Bottom Pallet Dimensions: 40"x48"x84" (7' tall) 1170 bottles per pallet 1,900lbs
  23. New 750ml "Preakness" Bar Top Bottle

    Hey Distillers, Say hello to the new 750ml "Preakness" bottle. This bottle is now in stock so if you need to see a sample or need any further information please contact me. Technical Specifications: Weight: 30.865 oz Height: 13.268 in. Diameter: 2.815 in. Finish: 032-3120 * Also available with a 28-405 continuous thread finish Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  24. Your time is money! Let us do the tedious work, while you continue to make your award winning spirits. We have expanded our bottling capabilities, and now have extra capacity. We are available to co-pack and bottle bulk spirits to free up extra time for you. Right now, we have the abilitiy to do 1.75L, 1L and 750ml bottles. Our new line consists of a bottle rinser, filler, corker (with screw top capability), labeler and shrink tunnel. We also have ROPP capabilities if needed. Note: All components are not pictured here. Awesome artwork by Patch Whisky. For more information, please call: Jim Craig Striped Pig Distilllery 843-345-2010
  25. Obsolete Glass Bottles for sale

    We have a few versions of glass bottles that are now obsolete and are looking to get rid of them. They are all considered spirits bottles and have at least 4 versions looking to unload in excess of 50,000 pieces. Some have embossing, some have screen printed design, and most are blank but nothing is brand specific that would render them unusable by another brand. Pictures of the bottles are available upon request and samples can be sent to serious buyers. We are looking to blow these bottles out so prices will start a $0.25 each.