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Found 11 results

  1. Judging of Craft Spirits International spirits without a Certificate of Label Approval from the US Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau must complete ADI's free online COLA Waiver Application.
  2. Aux Arc

    Neck tags

    Anyone who is using Neck tags or booklets attached to your bottle necks by elastic cord or string--did you have to get a COLA approval before release to retail? I have seen old posts where some were putting them on with cocktail recipes and the like, but I was thinking about more of a consumer education tag to explain , for example, why American Single Malt can't be called Scotch, or why a bottle is labeled Agave Spirits rather than tequila, etc. Thought it would be a great way to educate newer consumers as to what certain craft spirits are, how they are made, and identify how they are different. ( All true information, not puffing)But does it require a COLA?
  3. We're working on our spiced rum and it will contain less than 2.5% total flavorings and caramel coloring. Will this product need a formula to be approved by the TTB? Also what is required on the label? Is "Spiced Rum" sufficient, or does it need to contain a statement "Rum Flavored with vanilla, almond, and other spices"? I've read through a lot of the TTB documents but still haven't been able to pinpoint a conclusive answer. Another question, does the addition of flavorings change the class & type designation to a "Flavored Rum"? It seems like it should, but maybe not?
  4. ADI has been invited by TTB to speak to Label specialists about issues distillers face during the label approval. Please provide us feedback on your experience of applying for label approval. We will aggregate and anonymize the information provided and before it is shared with TTB. It is our hope that opening dialog will lead to reduced rejections and change requests which will save distillers and TTB time and money. I will be traveling to DC July 23, 2018 so please submit your responses before then. Google Forum: https://goo.gl/forms/X306I2pyUURz7BBQ2
  5. Just curious if I understand this correctly. Previously I had submitted COLA for all bottle sizes that we make (50, 375, 750 and liter). Does all the information changed between the two meet "allowable changes"? Or do I need a separate cola for each? Just trying to streamline things. Thanks!
  6. We have a COLA application ford our label submitted as of May 5. Looks like review times are hovering between 19 and 22 days for spirits. I'm scratching my head about what the processing times mean. The description reads that it is the number of days from when the application was received until it is rejected or approved and includes time spent going back and forth with corrections. Is that still the case? Further, if TTB rejects a label application and you choose to correct it, does your application go to the bottom of the pile again? thanks for any insights into how this process unfolds. We are itching to get going, but are stuck waiting on labels (of all things).
  7. The TTB is proposing several changes to the regulations. The goals seem to be simplifying paperwork, reducing mostly reporting, streamlining the COLA process and many other things. There will now be a period of public comment regarding many of these changes. The link leads to an article in the National Law Review that summarizes TTBs proposals: http://www.natlawreview.com/article/alcohol-and-tobacco-tax-and-trade-bureau-ttb-publishes-projected-regulatory-agenda
  8. Looking for some insight and resolutions from anyone that has experienced the same situation... Currently working (more like forcing!) a whiskey COLA approval through. I teamed up with a local brewery to make the beer and I distilled it to produce a whiskey. To reflect this I stated "Distilled from full flavored craft beer" and TTB is not having it because the word "beer" shows up on a "distilled spirit" product. So they are requesting a formula approval. I explained that it is merely distilled from a beer mash just like any whiskey albeit a particular kind of beer mash (chocolate oatmeal stout beer mash and doppelbock beer mash). They want the formula approval (which I don't want to wait around for, of course) to decide whether it should be classified as a whiskey or a distilled spirit specialty product. Seems absurd since it is "Spirits distilled from a fermented mash of grain at less than 95% alcohol by volume, etc etc" just as defined by regulation. The mash of grain is called a distiller's beer so I'm not sure why they're looking at it as if I've done something ridiculous and added beer to a whiskey. Anyways, I see Corsair has their Oatmeal Stout Whiskey with a statement "Distilled from an Oatmeal Stout Distiller's Beer" so I'm going to try and reword it like that. It seems Great Lakes Distillery did something similar by teaming up with a brewery nearby using their pumpkin lager and they've got a statement of "Spirits distilled from grain and pumpkin with spices and natural flavors" which seems they had to go the distilled spirits specialty route. However, a distilled spirit specialty product is stated in the BAM as "Generally, any class and/or type of distilled spirits that contain or are treated with flavoring and/or coloring materials and/or nonstandard blending or treating materials or processes" which doesn't apply to a simple distiller's beer mash as I did none of the listed items. So, that is my rant. Curious how anyone else may have listed the Class/Type for a similar situation, if any. I imagine it'll eventually get approved as a whiskey since the formula will show 50%+ of the ingredients are malt and barley...so perhaps I should just suck it up and wait for the formula...but then again it always rubs me the wrong way on how self-righteous TTB can be... Thanks for any and all help, suggestions and comments!
  9. North Star were you approved?
  10. I'm interested in selling a bottle of spirits that is offered in a box, and bundled with a pint glass. However this is not a specialty pack for the holidays, but a permanent sku I intended to offer throughout the year. I have already obtained a COLA for the label that is physically on the bottle of spirits. Is a new COLA required for the "box" the bottle and pint glass will be packed in? The bottle's label will/should be entirely visible through the window in the box, including the government warning and the bar code.... Since each state's system is different, I'm only curious about the Federal COLA regs. many thanks for your shared experience. -Scott
  11. I just got my DSP at the end of August, and so now we're underway in the Forumlas / COLAs online business. I'm just curious how long this has taken for anyone else who's recently gone through the process? Here's the timeline so far: August 7th: TTB Agent requests a bond correction, says there are no other issues. Mad scramble to take care of that. August 31st: DSP approved! We used permits online, took about 10 weeks. Put in for the username / password for TTB online. Sept 7th: Username and password approved. Formula is submitted right away, but I discover that COLAs have to wait for that to be approved first (someone please tell me if I have this wrong!). Today Sept 14th: So far nothing, although I am probably being impatient. Also, it seems like this stuff always happens late on a Friday so perhaps there will be a nice surprise this afternoon.
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