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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, I am an experienced consultant and former head distiller available for work on a variety of projects. I have experience building new distilleries and helping existing ones. I can assist with equipment selection, buildout, recipe development, operations, troubleshooting, cost forecasting, staff selection and training. I also provide writing and education services for the beverage, aroma, flavor and cannabis industries, including copy, blogs, articles and proposals. Additionally, I have an experienced graphic designer that I work very closely with who can create great labels, logos and merchandise (she also did the suit in my profile pic). I am based between New York and Baltimore, but am happy to travel domestically and internationally. I just returned from Italy, where I taught a workshop on The Favor Science of Distilled Beverages to students at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo and will be presenting on similar material at the ADI conference in Denver next week. For more information, please see my attached resume. References and writing samples available upon request. Cheers, Matt Matthew Seán Spinozzi The Spirited Consultant +1 917.693.8684 spinozzi9@gmail.com Matthew_S_Spinozzi_CV.docx
  2. Hey, everyone! Just thought I would chime in and say hello. I founded Eastside Distilling here in Portland in 2008. Was the CEO and created all the brands and marketing until October 2014 when I sold the company. I stayed active and on the board until October 2016 and now work as a private consultant, writer, and spirits educator. Just posted some insight in the tasting room section and hope to share whatever I can to help the craft industry succeed. The 2018 ADI conference is here in Portland, so I hope to meet some of you in person!
  3. Hi All, I am an Australian Distillery and Beverage Alcohol Consultant, with over 20 years in the Beverage Alcohol Industry, spanning every conceivable spirit across Europe, UK, Africa and SEA. I am a Professional Chemical Engineer, and Master Distiller, I lead the Consulting and Design Practise for OzDistilling. I have particular interest in Distillery Automation and Process Automation. OzDistilling (www.ozdistilling.com.au) are Australasia's leading beverage alcohol, spirits and distillation consultancy, spanning 20 years and dozens of projects throughout Asia Pacific. They provide a complete grain to bottle service, from product concept and prototyping through distillery design, production management and product distribution and marketing. They design and formulate products for some of the leading boutique and artisan distilleries in the region. Projects range from sub 1000 bottles to over 100,000 bottles per month.
  4. Esteemed Forum Members, I am pleased to announce that I, along with several others, have formed a core group of industry experts in order to better assist those in the craft beverage industry. This team is comprised of a body of experts that have a tried and true historical record assisting those in the craft beverage industry that has proven these members to be the best of the best. We have formed this group in order to positively promote the industry as a whole through best practices, best services, advanced education and unparalleled expertise. Given the incredible rate of growth that the craft distillery industry has experienced and continues to experience, there are a lot of people “jumping in” and trying to take advantage of the rapid expansion in order to make a fast buck. My opinion is that many of these people are diluting the industry as a whole via their lack of knowledge, lack of true understanding, and lack of experience and expertise. Becoming involved only to try and take advantage of a situation and capitalize on it only for personal gain is short sighted and I feel it is also intrinsically wrong. Many seem to be in it only for themselves and in the end only prove to be roadblocks that are a drag on the industry. They are not here to promote the craft distillery industry for the greater good; they are involved only for their own personal wellbeing. Our group of industry experts brings years of dedicated service, specialized products, and a true commitment to the craft beverage industry directly to you. One of the many benefits of this group is that we save you one of your most precious and valuable resources, time! Instead of having to spend countless hours of research trying to figure out who is reputable and who you should chose to work with, you now have a “one-stop-shop” of resources and we offer our services on a national level. While we all remain independent from one another, we work closely together as a group to best assist our clients and service their needs. You as the client though are free however to pick and chose which services you are in need of and can select to use any of us that you like. We are an expert resource group with a working knowledge of one another’s expertise and have an excellent rapport with one another. What this means to you is that if you have questions, we have answers. Our expert group is currently comprised of the following industries: Commercial Insurance / TTB Bonding / State Bonding: Aaron Linden – CIC, www.hublinden.com Product Design / Branding / Marketing: Leif Miltenberger, Hired Guns Creative www.hiredgunscreative.com CPA / Planning: Nick Shepherd & Kevin O’Brien, Irvine & Company, LLC www.irvinecpas.com Legal / Alcohol Compliance: Chris Hermann & Bernard Kipp, Stoel Rives, LLP www.stoel.com TTB Consultant / TTB Compliance: Charles Schumacher Architecture / Design / IFC: Mark Ward, Urbanadd www.urbanadd.com Distillery Operations / Product Development / Consultant: Daniel Feldman, Dodo Distilleries In closing, we are all very excited for this opportunity and the ability to bring our years of expertise and dedicated service to the craft beverage industry to all of you. I would encourage anyone reading this, from the start-ups to those of you who are well established, to reach out to any of us with any questions or comments you may have. The beautiful thing about learning is that no matter if you are new to the industry or if you have been in it for a while, things are always changing and there is always something new to learn. Let us be your resource for learning and let’s positively grow this industry together for a sustainable and successful future.
  5. Hello everyone, Happy Holidays from MA. My name is Evan, head distiller at Turkey Shore Distilleries in Ipswich MA. Over the past few years I have been contacted by several startup distillers from around the country. Many have just walked in the distillery doors looking for a tour and to see the operation in action. At Turkey Shore, there is always an open door policy. The reason why I started consulting was based upon a few guys wanting to open up a distillery here in MA. They had recieved a very vague quote from another consultant and they were not to impressed. These guys asked if I would give them a true and honest detailed quote. They accepted my bid and now have their DSP as of the begining of December, very exciting. The reason why I was hired by TSD other that being a I trustworthy friend, I hold a Bachelors in Science degree and was also a General Contractor for 10 years doing plumbing, electrical and finish carpentry work. Starting up a distillery involves all of those things. Anyone can sketch out plans on piece of paper but to be able to do sketch the plan and completing it is invaluable. These are some of the qualities and skills that lead me to become head distiller and operations manager at TSD. After dozens of future distillers contacting me, I was convinced I could truely help companies open up their business the correct way. Starting up a Craft Distillery is complicated and expensive if not set up correctly. I have read many posting on this website and can relate to most of the comments. This distilling world is exciting but the hype of being a distiller/ business owner takes one thing that most people do not have much of which is Patience. If you have that quality, your business will have a fighting chance. A good and realistic business plan and a honest budget are very important. Expect delays and plan on them happening , expect more money being spent than thought, but patience is the number one expense. With this great quality, many unnessary mistakes and wasting money will be avoided. This is where a Consultant is very valuable. A good Distillery Consultant will help your distillery avoid many mistakes from being made and help you make the correct decisions. If interested in recieving a true, honest consulting quote for your distillery, please don't be shy and contact me. I will respond to all inquries. Thank you for reading this and good luck. . 1A Distillery Consulting Evan Parker evan@1adistilling.com 978-500-2286 www.1adistilling.com
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