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Found 7 results

  1. Industry Competitive Pricing for Contract Distilling of New Make Craft Bourbon, Rye, Single Malt Whiskeys & Rums. Custom Whiskey Mash Bills & Locally Grown Grains Available. Bourbon Whiskey-Wheated (70 corn, 16 wheat, 14 malted barley) $765/barrel Bourbon Whiskey-High Rye (60 corn, 36 rye, 4 malted barley) $795/barrel Bourbon Whiskey-High Rye (75 corn, 21 rye, 4 malted barley) $795/barrel Rye Whiskey (51 rye, 39 corn, 10 malted barley) $840/barrel Rye Whiskey (95 rye, 5 malted barley) $875/barrel Quantity Discounts Offered. High-Capacity, State-of-the-Art Craft Distillery with Expert Staff. Importing, Batching, Blending & Co-Packaging Services. Low Minimums & Long-Term Barrel Storage Options. Learn More about our Contract Distilling here!
  2. whiskeysam

    Bulk whiskey for sale

    How can Panther Distillery help your distillery/cocktail room? We're currently offering 2-4 year old Bourbon and American whiskey for bulk sale. Any quantity that you need, we can help. Our whiskey is made from the finest midwest grains and cold weather aged. How do we know? We've been growing the grains ourselves for generations right in Osakis, Minnesota. We can produce for you on a consistent basis that caters to your every need - whether that means purchasing by individual barrels, totes or tanker loads. Prices: 100% corn 3+ year old 53 gallon barrel $1400 70% corn 30% wheat 3+ year old 53 gallon barrel $1675 70% corn 30% rye 3+ year old 53 gallon barrel $1900 ----- 100% corn 2 year old 53 gallon barrel $1200 70% corn 30% wheat 2 year old 53 gallon barrel $1500 70% corn 30% rye 2 year old 53 gallon barrel $1650 Have any questions or would like to learn more? Please contact Sam with any questions at sambadmedicine@gmail.com
  3. 1911Spirits

    Contract Distilling

    Hello All, We now have added capacity in our Distillery and are looking for contract distilling business. All of our spirits are made from apples grown on our 100 year old orchard, based in central New York. We control the entire process from "tree to bottle". Apples are a high quality and unique base ingredient that provides the same qualities in the finished spirit. Right now our spirits line consists of apple based vodka and gin however, we would be happy to work with anyone regarding unique recipes and flavors. You can contact us at distillery@1911spirits.com 1911 Spirits
  4. Can we help you out? We have: 1. excess distilling capacity 2. access to new oak barrels in a variety of sizes 3. ability to produce fantastic whiskey, in custom mash bills or standard recipes We are looking for distilleries or brand owners that are wanting to either catch up or get ahead on their whiskey stocks by contracting with us to produce their bulk whiskey here in Middleton, Wisconsin. Our ideal customers are looking for anywhere from four to twelve barrels of whiskey a month on a standing "subscription" basis. We can produce on a regular schedule and either hold for truckload quantities or ship individual barrels when completed. Each batch will have mashing notes, grain tracking data, and arrive in a brand new, white oak barrels, charred or toasted to your specifications. Some of our customers have aged their whiskey from us in the past couple of years and are now winning awards for its taste and quality. Break the habit of working with the "you'll take what we make for you" bulk whiskey distilleries and enjoy being actively involved in the process of making a unique and high-quality spirit that will have much stronger marketing value. Organic certified bulk whiskey coming in 2016! We are anticipating that our capacity will be filled quickly with this announcement- please don't hesitate to contact us. We select customers based on many factors, not just the size of the order. Please contact Shane at shane@deathsdoorspirits.com for details and pricing. Please hold off on phone calls, we will answer emails promptly- promise. :-)
  5. Hey All, We are actively looking for a contract bottling solution. As a contract producer, we have at least 3 clients now who are at the growth stage of their efforts, and are now looking for a contract bottling solution for runs of 500-1000 cases at a time. Specifically we are looking for a high speed line that can push T-tops and has a shrink tunnel for PVC caps. Additionally, there would be some dilution/filtration that would need to happen for the vodka projects. We could handle that on our end if need be, but its usually simpler to do that just in time at the bottling facility. We've talked to blue egg in Colorado.. but that solution seemed a little pricey. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Dehner Distillery

    Contract Bottling 50ml

    I just wanted to let every one know we are adding a 50ml bottling line to are set up. We will be able to bottle at a rate of 3600-5600 50ml bottles per hour. We are still working out some of the pricing, but we will or can supply the bottle and cap. We can even supply the label if you would like. The customer would supply the liquid and label if they would like. We will do small runs (55 gallon drum) or big runs. If you ever wanted or though of putting your product in 50ml bottles, now you can. Questions, comments: Please let me know. Take Care: Joseph Dehner 515-559-4879 joseph@dehnerdistillery.com
  7. CivilAlpha

    Distilling/Contracting Hybrid

    I'm located in NC, recently graduated college, and eventually want to move towards opening my own distillery. I've developed one or two formulas for spirits through significant experimentation while developing a brand that I believe will serve a specific niche. However, I do lack significant capital and distilling experience. For this reason I'm aiming to begin by contracting with a local distillery and hope to be as hands on as possible to gain experience (I do have enough savings for this, including a limited marketing budget). I have created an LLC and submitted my application for a wholesaler's basic permit with the TTB. I'm familiar with most contracting agreements with distilleries where the DSP holds the formula and COLA for a firm, and a firm grants permission for a DSP to use it's name, logos, trademarks, etc. for production purposes, the wholesaler then buys the bottles from the DSP, then sells to . My specific questions: 1. Can my company hold the formula and COLA? The TTB asks for the basic permit # in the submissions for formula and COLA, and I understand that the DSP generally holds this. I'd like to hold formula/COLA as the formula does have something (I consider to be ) unique I'd rather not share, for ease in case I need to change which DSP I contract out to, and for ease when we eventually build our own DSP. As I understand a DSP almost always submits and holds formula/COLA, but I want to know if a wholesaler can do this. 2. How hands on can I be in producing the product? I have some familiarity with tied house laws and understand the three tier system. As a wholesaler contracting to a DSP, can I physically be in the DSP producing/bottling the product? I would buy the product from the DSP as a wholesaler (or brokerage in NC), which would then be sold to the NC ABC system. 3. What are the laws (or where can I be pointed) regarding a wholesaler storing product? I understand bonded warehouses for a DSP or even an importer, however, I can't seem to find much information about storing bottled spirits after they have left the DSP and all taxes have been paid. Just to bring this all together so everyone knows how everything will flow, this is what I would like to do: I will get my TTB wholesaler basic permit, after basic obtained apply for NC brokerage permit, after basic obtained submit and get formula approval, after formula obtained submit and get COLA, contract with local DSP and order supplies, assist DSP in production and bottling of first order, I buy bottles from the DSP, fed excise taxes are paid and bottles are removed from bond, bottles are stored at a different location not under bond, bottles are sold to the NC ABC system (go to central warehouse and then to retail locations). Of course there is a lot of hard work and marketing going on, but that's just what I'm envisioning as my legal procedure. I apologize for any of my ignorance regarding this topic, thank you for any and all help!