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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I built this beautiful counter flow heat exchanger last year. It consists of 4, 10' lengths that all mount on a nice low profile cart. Each tube consists of 1.5" inner tube, withe 2" outer tube. Each section is connected with 1.5" sanitary connections. Outer shell has 3/4" FNPT connections for cooling water or glycol. Please DM if interested, looking to get $3000 CDN +freight for it. The exchanger is located in Ayr, Ontario. Canada I do not use it anymore because I have been able to get sufficient cooling times on my tank jacket with agitation. Thanks,
  2. indyspirits

    Mash Tun Cooling: Part Deux

    Backstory: On site we have a 2500 liter steam-jacketed mash cooker with wedge-wire bottom. Two drains -- one is a manifold style (a series of twelve 3/4" drains in a circular pattern to prevent wort from channeling through the grainbed) and the other a centrally positioned 3" triclamp drain for grain-in cooks. Agitator is top mounted to facilitate removal of WW false bottom. Facility has 2,500 gallon water/glycol reservoir chilled to 7° C ( 45° F). Our challenge is cooling. Currently we have a home-rolled "fold-back liebig" -- basically a tube in tube -- 2" copper over 1" copper. Total cost about $350 for just shy of 6 sq ft of cooling surface. It's neither fast nor the least bit convenient. My idea: TIG weld vertically oriented sections of 13/16" x 1-5/8" 304 stainless strut channels spaced approx 18" on the inside wall of the mash tun. Use stainless strut pipe clamps to hold 1 1/4" CSST gas pipe (plastic jacket removed). Terminate CSST with a MIP adapter for connected to glycol loop. Pump glycol through CSST to cool contents of mash cooker. The ID of the mashtun is about 5' 4" so circumference of 16.5 ft. I can pickup a 300' CSST roll for $1,050 which will get me 18 (ish) loops in the tun. If the tubing was smooth-walled that would be just shy of 100 sq ft of cooling surface area. Perhaps an increase of 25% due to corrugation?? Total cost will be around $2,000. What haven't I considered?? Backpressure? Cleaning issues? Interested in everyone's thought on this.
  3. SleazyWolf

    Ethanol recovery w/o running water

    I won't always have access to cold running water. So I need to be self contained. I don't mind pumping fluids around. Distillation of ethanol is occurring under vacuum. This is a falling film setup. Getting vapor at 65-70c. I need to chill a 4"x36 and 4"x24 shotgun condensers hooked in series. Both have 7x (3/4") tubes. For evaporation we have a jacketed 4"x48" column we need to heat. What are some affordable options for self contained heating and chilling? Steam generator and air to water exchanger with wort chiller? I'm hoping to reach 20-26L/hr recovery. We currently have a 5L/-40c chiller for a small condenser on another rig, but we know it's no where large enough for the upgrade.
  4. No13Distilling

    Spirit Still Cooling System

    Couldn't find a good thread about this topic, so I figured I'd start one. What are people using to cool their condenser/dephleg on their spirit still? city water? recirculation? glycol? I'm weighing my options and would love to see what people have found to work best!
  5. Hi, My first post here, so if it is in the wrong forum, moderator please feel free to move it to correct forum. I was wondering if folks here use jackets (like used in breweries) to control their fermenters' temperature. We are looking to set up a distillery to make single malt whisky and one of the options I am looking at is square stainless steel totes as fermenters. These come with a dimpled jacket on one side, and I am wondering if that'd be enough. This will be located in Northern California, and the summer can get quite warm. Cheers, Virag
  6. Anyone out there have experience building a distillery utilizing green techniques? We are constructing a small, downtown facility in a town that has adopted the new IGBC, which we want to meet or exceed. Our engineers are working on a system w/heat pumps / exchangers for heating and cooling equipment and are trying to find ways around a steam boiler and chiller, which they feel is inefficient. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak w/anyone who has tackled some of these issues.
  7. Thermaline Plate Heat Exchanger for sale $1,800 OBO, willing to ship if you set up shipper. Located in Knoxville, TN Only used a few times then converted to on-grain process. Designed to cool 300 gallons of wort in 60 minutes. 1-section model-T4 plate heat exchanger to include the following : - A total of 51 CH-style 316SS plates. - Standard (S) style carbon steel heads. - 2x 1-1/2 inch Tri-Clamp nozzles on the fixed head and 2x 1-1/2 inch Tri-Clamp nozzles on the movable head. - 52 NBR-style gaskets. - Mounting style: Tab-style feet
  8. For sale-Recently custom built by VENDOME: COOLING COILS for fermentation tanks (can be used in wood or stainless tanks). Specs below. We had these made but due to changes in other equipment, we do not require them. Never used, recently shipped to us from Vendome. All paperwork still in hand and Gordon Lung at Vendome can confirm. Original cost $2500. per coil. Two available at $2000.00 each. Can be shipped or picked up. (PA) Coils are 1 inch Sch. 10 304 Stainless Steel Pipe Removable or permanent placement in tanks Each coil has 4 Rounds @ 36" centerline (est 13 square ft surface area Coil stays (3 on each) constructed from 10gauge 304 stainless steel formed plate Coils attached to stays with stainless steel Ubolts CALL if interested please: 610.326.8151
  9. Hi Folks We're potentially in the great position whereby we can pump harvested rainwater from a single tank, run it through a worm tub condenser then return it back to the same collection tub. I'm aware that seasonally the temperature of water coming in will vary and therefore we might need to regulate with a chiller....and of course the returning water will heat up the supply tank. But by how much? 1) The supply tank is approx 8000 litres 2) Our worm tub will hold approx 150 litres 3) The gin still will be charged with a maximum of 200 litres wash @50% 4) The still will run for approx 4hr 30min If anyone out there is using a worm tub, whats the temperature of your water coming off and importantly how does this compare to the temperature of your new make spirit. Would we better just installing a second tank and simply transfer cooling water between the two (there would be a cool down period as we won't initially be distilling everyday. Cheers
  10. Hello Everyone, One option many distillers don't consider as an alternative to working through a middleman, why not purchase your chiller system directly from the manufacturer? Pro Refrigeration, Inc. is a US manufacturer of high quality chiller system solutions designed specifically to meet the requirements for distillery applications. Please visit our website at www.prochiller.com to see that we offer complete packaged skid mounted solutions and modular solutions that can be assembled onsite. Sizes range from 3/4 HP to 400 HP in all voltages (including single phase systems that are only limited to motors 5HP and smaller). We are working now on stocking many of our smaller HP systems and work hard to keep our system lead times in the 4-8 week range. Often times, if a unit is needed sooner, we can work something into our production schedule to accommodate your needs. Each packaged system is factory tested at YOUR design conditions; we perform a full inspection of the system prior to shipping to the distillery. We also offer authorized factory commissioning and arrange a technician from our factory to perform the startup of your chiller system as well as answering any questions your personnel may have. Although we don't offer installation, it is likely we have a Pro 5 Star Certified Contractor in your area to provide Installation and Service Support. Factory training is offered and recommended for anyone that is going to be responsible for maintaining the chiller systems. Please visit our website (www.prochiller.com) or contact me directly if you're interested in learning more about our chiller systems or training options. I'm happy to help. Damon