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Found 13 results

  1. I'm trying to sell the following distillery equipment located on the Tennessee/North Carolina border. I inherited it and want to sell it for cash. Buyer responsible for shipping. Set up assistance available: The kettle here is an 800 gallon; all stainless, jacketed steamer, feeding a 6''x14' plate and Pall ring column. The column is cooled by 3/8''x10' copper dephlegmator. The condenser is a combination Leighbig and copper coil. The distillery is heated buy a Hurst boiler retro fitted to a Vestal wood stove. All pressure and temperature gauges are analog, "dial". The condenser and dephlegmator can run either chilled water or glycol. There is 5000 gal. fermentation capacity, all stainless, "dairy", and 1000 gal. catch capacity. Again, all stainless, "dairy". Stainless pumps and filters handle finished product. It has been used to produce moonshine. The distillery is capable of producing 80 to 120 gallons of finished product per day, all at a fraction of the cost of a similarly capable operation. Asking price is $25,000 or best offer for EVERYTHING- Kettle, 4 cylinder tanks, 4 open top tanks. Set up and limited transportation available for additional fee. Link to photos & video: Pictures: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AiUXXkVHtUnmgP9uhFnq29i_5-TDCQ Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQucGIDe06g
  2. 600 Gallon Pot Still & Automated Control System /w Mashing Program and column controls and has temperature controls for 10 fermenters 4 Plate Copper Whiskey Column 16 Plate Vodka Column Gin Basket Condenser Column 650 Steam Jacketed Mash Cooker /w agitator 3.25MBTU Steam Boiler and water supply tank 2 - 10K gallon cooling tanks (Working as heat sinks essentially) 1 - 1k gallon Spirit Holding Tank Cooling Circulation Pump Velo DE Filter Piping, Hosts, etc. The system was setup to run 2 cooks and 2 strips per day or do a spirit run of stripped spirits. $250,000.00 We also have some finished spirits and can discuss prices if interested. I can also sell some of the fermenters but am going to be keeping some of them for other purposes. Please PM me here with your contact information and I'll send photo's and am happy to discuss the equipment. Thanks, WTB
  3. In the past, I've helped customers, who asked, to lay out their distilleries. Unfortunately, because of my current work load, it is not possible for me to do the drawings anymore because they can be very time consuming. So I thought that I could put some basic info on here, that may help people do their layouts. The layout suggestions below certainly do not fit all spaces and scenarios, but they can be used as a rough reference to lay out a distillery so as to have good production flow through. These basic layouts work best in completely open spaces and so they do not account for storage and stock rooms. Also, I am just an equipment designer, builder and vendor. People on this forum who distill everyday have a great deal more insight about some of this than I do because they have more experience dealing with the actual production situation than I do, so I'm sure that a great deal more information will be given here on this subject as time moves forward.. If you have a single garage door entrance then you should set things up in sort of a horse shoe. Inputs, such as grain etc., can go on the right side of the door, then your mash tun, then the fermenters then the still, then the proofing area and then the bottling area and then cases ready to go out on the left side of the door. It would be a good idea to have a trench drain in front of the mash tun fermenters and still. So depending on your space, with one door you may have the inputs near the right side of the door along the right wall then the mash tun next along the right will then a couple of fermenters along the right wall and then some more fermenters at the back of the horse shoe or along the back wall, then the still at the back on the left wall to form the left side of the horseshoe, then the proofing and bottling area, then the cases ready to ship out on the left side of the door. If barreling is to be done, then that should be done on the output side. Of course you can reverse the left and right sides as far as input and output. If you have an indoor and an outdoor that are in line with one another that is a much better scenario. You would have the inputs such as grain etc. on the input side near to the input door and then the mash tun, then fermenters then still and then proofing and possibly barreling and then bottling and then outputs stored near the door. You would have a trench drain running from the mash tun to the bottling area, 3 or 4 ft in front of the equipment.
  4. 2 pot stills available for sale. All equipment can be seen here: http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment. Contact Me: Andrew Boczar andrew@tetondistillery.com • 250 (new) or 500 (used) Gallon Pot Still With Copper Column available for sale. • Copper Onion Top • Stainless Steel Dephlegmator Cap • 18 Inch Diameter Shotgun Style Condenser • 3-Phase AC Agitation Motor • 14 Foot Maximum Height • In-Stock Available For Immediate Shipping • $22,500 (250 Gal) - Sale Price $20,250 • $32,900 (500 Gal) - Sale Price $23,030
  5. Hello, I have a 5 gal. Copper Alembic Onion neck for sale. In gently used condition. Great starter item! Asking $300 I will cover Shipping cost.. Please email me @ patlaw82@gmail.com I will send you a photo.. It's too large to upload here..
  6. This 304 stainless heavy duty tank on wheels can be used as a receiving tank, ethanol storage tank, blending tank and or as a transfer tank to move spirits around your distillery. it can serve an almost endless number of uses. It comes with: (3) wheels with breaks (1) lid (1) handle (2) 1.5" Tri Clamps (2) 1.5" Silicone Gaskets (2) 1.5" End Caps (1) 1.5" Sanitary Drain Valve (not shown) This receiving tank has a 90 gallon capacity Price = $1,099.00 Plus Shipping Call 417-778-6100 Email: paul@distillery-equipment.com Check out our Web Sites http://distillery-equipment.comor http://moonshine-stills.co Check out our ebay items: http://www.ebay.com/sch/affordable-distilling/m.html?item=281952200125&hash=item41a5a925bd%3Ag%3Ai4gAAOSwUuFW10KC&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  7. Hi All Any suggestions of websites that list used commercial stills and relevant equipment? I know about the ADI peer to peer section on this forum , but wanted to know if there are any other websites that list similar items? Thanks
  8. Affordable Distillery Equipment 800 gallon Ultra Pro Still assembly video taken at Elevated Mountain Distilling Company in Maggie Valley NC: Elevated Mountain Distilling Company purchased their pumps, low pressure steam boiler, 800 Gallon Mash Cooker and Fermenters from ADE. In an environment were the demand for distillery equipment is huge, most equipment manufacturers are charging what the market will bear. We are charging what people can afford. Our prices are as much as 60% lower than many of our competitors and our quality is excellent. Check us out at http://distillery-equipment.com http://moonshine-still.co We have jacketed Baine Marie oil and steam stills from 5 gallon to 2,500 gallon capacity. We have equipment in over 170 successful distilleries in the US and Canada. Call or email Paul at: 417-778-6100 paul@distillery-equipment.com
  9. We finished a new distillery for customer 300gallon steam heating column still Make whisky,brandy,rum Welcome to contact with me Anna E-mail: daeyoo28@dayuwz.com Facebook: linpeipei625@gmail.com
  10. Never used, brand new CIP cleaning system for high pressure cleans on all your distillery equipment. Also provided is the heat exchanger to heat the solution and water. email for photos at patrick@ontherockscocktails.com
  11. We have some used 550 gallon 304 SS stainless totes. These totes have been cleaned with caustic soda and passivated on the inside. These are a great deal at $1,750.00 plus shipping. We only have 7 of these so they won't last long at this price. Our contact and web site info is below. paul@distillery-equipment.com 417-778-6100 http://distillery-equipment.com
  12. We have a new two stage plate chiller which has both a cold water and glycol chilled water cooling feeds. Specs as follows: About 25 m3/hour Max temperature 150 degrees C L: 308 mm D: 548 mm A1: 418 mm Asking: $1600 Buyer pays shipping; Will need to be paleted and shipped from 83616 weight is about 150 lbs. Pictures are attached. Have questions? Please send an email to sandee@8feathers.com.
  13. I have several new 350 gallon stainless steel totes for sale for $1,945.00 each. If you by 3 or more I can make you a better deal. They make great storage tanks, Mash Tuns Fermenters and Stills. Please see the pictures at the links below. http://distillery-equipment.com/new350gallontotes2.jpg http://distillery-equipment.com/new350gallontotes.jpg I also have several used stainless steel totes for sale for even better prices. If you need equipment built from these totes we can do that as well. Email me at paul@distillery-equipment.com or call 417-778-6908 and ask for Paul
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