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Found 18 results

  1. These tanks have NEVER been used. They were purchased back in 2014. Manufacture- Kothe Items for sale individually or as a package. Please email me for pictures- lorenzo@foxtraildistillery.com 3xFermentation tanks -Size-2450 Liters (647 gallons) -Beautiful Stainless steel w/ jackets for cooling -Top and side opening -Analog thermometer -Four standing feet -Diameter-4.69 ' Height- 6.59' Weight - 363lbs * Also included are 3x valves for fermenters (on/off) + 3x vent caps Asking $4000 each fermenter x3 = $12,000 or OBO 1x Mash Tun Tank -Size 1500 Liters (396 gallons) -Steam heated -Jacketed for cooling -Agitator -Sight glass + manhole on top -CIP options Asking $14,000 or OBO If willing to purchase as a package, there is a package deal for that. ***These prices DO NOT include freight shipping. This can also be negotiated into the buying price. Items are located in Rogers, Arkansas 1500L mashtun info - Kothe.pdf IMG_3478.HEIC IMG_3477.HEIC IMG_3476.HEIC IMG_3475.HEIC IMG_3474.HEIC IMG_3473.HEIC IMG_3472.HEIC IMG_3471.HEIC IMG_3470.HEIC IMG_3469.HEIC IMG_3468.HEIC IMG_3467.HEIC IMG_3466.HEIC IMG_3465.HEIC IMG_3464.HEIC IMG_3463.HEIC IMG_3451.HEIC IMG_3450.HEIC IMG_3449.HEIC IMG_3447.HEIC IMG_3444.HEIC IMG_3443.HEIC IMG_3442.HEIC IMG_3441.HEIC IMG_3440.HEIC IMG_3439.HEIC IMG_3438.HEIC IMG_3437.HEIC IMG_3436.HEIC
  2. Hi all, Does anyone have any manufacturing company recommendations for fermenters? We are looking for: round 400+ gallons, agitator, manways, thermowells, jacketed for cooling? Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated!
  3. New Distillery Tanks for 2018! We have our order in for the next batch of European crafted Distillery tanks from Letina. All tanks are manufactured in their state of the art factory and are projected to be arriving at our Portland, Oregon showroom in March of 2018. All orders placed by Dec 31st with deposit will receive the 2017 pricing. Ager Tank will be exhibiting at the ADI Craft Distillery conference this year as well as the Oregon Wine Symposium and we are projecting these tanks will sell fast. Once the tanks are sold out, we won’t have any more till later in 2018. All tanks listed below can be viewed on our website www.agertank.com using the corresponding item numbers. We can provide competitive shipping quotes to any part of the United States as well as Canada and Mexico. We are located in Portland, Oregon where there is NO SALES TAX!!!!!!! Variable Capacity Tanks 500 Gallon (1900L)Floating lid Jacketed tank- Item #6507-$4495.00 660 Gallon (2500L)Floating Lid Jacketed tank- Item #6788- $5895.00 1050 Gallon (4000L) Floating lid Jacketed Tank- Item #7204- $7595.00 SOLD OUT 1930 Gallon (7300L) Floating Lid Jacketed Tank-Item#7076- $10750.00 620 Gallon (2350L)Floating Lid Jacketed Tank (forkliftable)-Item # 6845- $5295.00 1070 Gallon (4050L) Floating Lid Jacketed Tank (Forkliftable)- Item #7001-$6895.00 330 Gallon (1250L) Floating Lid Jacketed Tank (forkliftable)- Item#7008- $4350 Closed top Tanks 265 Gallon(1000L) Closed top Jacketed Tank- Item# 7212- $3495.00 530 Gallon (2000L) Closed Top Jacketed Tank- Item# 6511- $4500.00 650 Gallon (2450L) Closed Top Jacketed Tank- Item# 6865- $5250.00 1100 Gallon (4150L) Closed Top Jacketed Tank-Item #6512- $6595.00 1320 Gallon (5000L) Closed Top Jacketed Tank- Item # 6585- $7250.00 1635 Gallon (6200L) Closed Top Jacketed Tank- Item # 6707- $9395.00 2310 Gallon (8750L) Closed Top Jacketed Tank- Item # 6708- $10850.00 3220 Gallon (12200L) Closed Top Jacketed Tank- Item# 6858- $12,350.00 290 Gallon (1100L) SINGLE WALLED Closed Top Tank- Item #6883- $2195.00 Please feel free to call or email with any questions, or if you would like to place an order. Sean Ager Ager Tank and Equipment Co. 503-222-7079 sean@agertank.com
  4. vodkaman

    New equipment

    I have a budget 70-150k I want a copper still is a must. Fermenters stainless steel. And want to be able to produce large amounts if needed with this budget please recomend all products you suggest and company's that you would stay away from.
  5. vodkaman

    Vodka startup

    I am getting close to pull trigger to open a vodka brand. Right now it's just an idea that I am going to pursue very quickly. Instead of starting on small side plan is to start bigger right away so if demand requires I'm not short on product as have a pretty good marketing plan. I have a budget of $150,000 for equipment (would like to keep around 100k) or less If possible. I want a copper still for sure other than than that other options for equipment are open and would love recommendations. We are going have a decent budget for this and also are looking for master distillers who are willing to relocate and work hard for will make sure you have a place to stay and food to eat in exchange for that. You would get equity in the business only looking for indivuals who are ready to work ass off for next to nothing pay with potential being very large as you would own a small part of company. Please recomend equipment you you would purchase. Any tips you have and anyon interested up in relocating and working dm me.
  6. Anyone have any feedback on using IBC totes as fermenters. We are a start up on a show string budget. 1) we can get used food grade for $100 and we get totes of molasses for our rum. Just seems common sense to use them in place of fermenters that cost thousands each. Thoughts?
  7. The pub system is finished, complete set of equipment~
  8. Hello, Had a lot of success looking for a used still, so thought I would give it a try for the other essentials. Looking for a smallish mash tun (<200 gallons), some simple fermenters, and a filtration unit. Also open to suggestions on cheap alternatives (i.e., is anyone actually using Brute food grade plastic containers for fermentation?). We are definitely bootstrapping this process, so open to all ideas or items you might have. Thanks for your creativity and your comments/items if you have them. Cheers,
  9. 19 Dec 2017: We have just completed a production run of 16 of the 825 Gal / 3120 L sizes, ready to ship. Contact us for more info. Spokane Industries has several in-stock, READY TO SHIP portable stainless steel tanks. We have 2 sizes available. These tanks are manufactured by us in Spokane, Washington, USA. NOTE: If we are out-of-stock when you contact us, the tanks are something that we can produce with minimal wait time. Please inquire! 2 Standard sizes: 550 Gallons / 2080 Liters - Starting at $3061.00 825 Gallons / 3120 Liters - Starting at $3819.00 Dimensions: 550 Gal - 53" Dia x 66" H 825 Gal - 65" Dia x 66" H Standard Features: Open Top Dimpled Cooling Jackets Tri-Clover Drain Port and Racking Port Threaded Thermowell Ice Shield Fork Pockets Optional Features (We can add to standard tank before shipping): Vertical 18" Tall Grain Screen Over Drain, Removable - Add $946.00 13" x 17" (ID) Bottom Cleanout Manway - Add $1096.00 Lid w/ Bulb Edge Seal and Vent Ferrule - Add $750.00 Useful for Fermenting, Barrel Work, Bottling, Other Fork-Pockets are Pallet Jack Compatible, and are Strong Enough to Invert the Tank With a Fork Lift for Solids Dumping (After Draining) Stackable When Not In Use Shipping to your destination is extra - Please inquire At Your Service: Ken Ovnicek 509-921-8868 ken@spokaneindustries.com CLICK ABOVE FOR BROCHURE
  10. Available for immediate pick-up in Northern New Jersey we have an unused 6 plate vodka turn key 26 gallon still from Hillbilly Stills with special made 14" gin basket, 3" taylor dial thermometer, thermometer boiler adapter, clamps, gaskets, controller, original paperwork with DVD. $3,000 if picked up. Add shipping if needing delivery. Additionally, we have two 27 gallon heated/cooling conical fermenters with insulation. $5000 for both. Add shipping if needing delivery.
  11. We are asking $7500 each for these fermenters. We purchased both of these new from Practical Fusion in 2014. We are purchasing new bigger equipment from Practical Fusion that is due to arrive in late February. These two fermenters will be available March 15th. I would like to secure a buyer before then. We will require a 25% deposit to hold and the additional 75% before shipment in March. Buyer is responsible for lining up shipping. I can be reached on my cell or email. Thanks Dave 614-357-1896 or dave@watersheddistillery.com open top fermenter tank diagram.pdf
  12. Repost -We have the 6 remaining- Kothe Distilling - 1000 liter conipack fermenters that we are selling. All in excellent condition come with lids, airlocks and bottom spout for easy emptying. Selling for 600 each or 3200 for all 6. Great for tight spaces as they stack and move easily. These are ambient unjacketed fermenters from Europe originally paid 1000 each- In excellent condition-barely used. For shipping; Will fit on 2 pallets-FOB 29403 weight is about 100 lbs each. pics attached Questions? Please send an email to scott@highwiredistilling.com. Thanks
  13. Just wondering, What type of experiences have people had with the chinese producers from Alibaba? Any manufactures to avoid? Any whom you've had an excellent experience with? I'm looking specifically for some smaller scale ( <500L ) stainless tanks for blending, holding and transferring. I started looking at basic tanks but there is so much available and like many of you out there, I dont have huge amounts of money. So every dollar I can save on the startup is golden. -Dave
  14. Hello, I’m working to build a list of equipment for a business plan. My approach is to start with the still capacity, and then estimating the optimal capacity of the mashing tank, fermenters and low-wine receivers. The following numbers are based on my theoretical understanding of the whole process and observations in other small distilleries, I want to be challenged by people who own distilling equipment. Assuming I’m working with a 400 litres pot still, I’m figuring a 1200 litres mash tank would be convenient since it’s a 3-for-1 ratio. A full batch of mash with this equipment would require approx. 1000 lbs of grain. I’m estimating that this mash tank of 1200 litres would yield approximately 70% of its volume in strained mash ready for fermentation, therefore 1200 x .7 = 840 litres. Assuming that a fermenter can be loaded at 75% capacity (leaving room for bubbling), I would require 3 fermenters of 400 litres each for instance (or 2 of 600 litres, but I hear that a smaller fermenters are best). After the fermentation has been done, I would have 840 litres @ 8.5% abv for instance. The beer-stripping run would yield 25% of the original volume (840 litres x 0.25 = 210 litres @ 40-50% abv). If my low-wine receiver has a capacity of 450-500 litres, I could do 2 beer-stripping run (for a total of 400-420 litres) ready for the spirits run. Do these numbers make sense ? Thanks.
  15. We are rolling SS sheets into cylinders using a slip roll. We first put a 90 degree lip into the end of the sheet with our press brake, where we will eventually mount a copper dome. We designed and built the press brake and slip roll. Here are some pics.
  16. We have 6 -1000 liter conipack fermenters that we are selling. All in excellent condition come with lids and airlocks. Selling for 600 each or 3200 for all 6. Great for tight spaces as they stack and move easily. These are ambient unjacketed fermenters from Europe originally paid 1000 each- barely used. For shipping; Will fit on 2 pallets-FOB 29403 weight is about 100 lbs each. pics attached Questions? Please send an email to scott@highwiredistilling.com. Thanks
  17. I have several new 350 gallon stainless steel totes for sale for $1,945.00 each. If you by 3 or more I can make you a better deal. They make great storage tanks, Mash Tuns Fermenters and Stills. Please see the pictures at the links below. http://distillery-equipment.com/new350gallontotes2.jpg http://distillery-equipment.com/new350gallontotes.jpg I also have several used stainless steel totes for sale for even better prices. If you need equipment built from these totes we can do that as well. Email me at paul@distillery-equipment.com or call 417-778-6908 and ask for Paul
  18. Good Morning…I would like to discuss fermenters. We are in the process of buying equipment, doing research etc. I have visited a number of distilleries and noted all different types of tanks used. Square totes, Cheese processing tanks, plastic, etc for fermenters…I called White labs and they suggested conical bottom fermenters makes re-pitching yeast a he…of a log easier so…..I know that breweries use conical fermenters and therefore I assume they are best in the ideal world??? There fermenters are also temp controlled. I anyone using sloped bottom fermenters? (Metal-craft) Are they as effective in drawing off the dead yeast after fermentation and collecting the good stuff? Also, in the perfect world should they be temperature controlled? Maybe that is phase 2!!! If the room we are fermenting in is temp controlled is that as effective as temperature controlled, jacketed fermenter? THANKS!!!! This is a complex business. Don't want to make a mistake and buy the wrong equipment. Any recommendations of who to buy from?
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