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Found 6 results

  1. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I am currently the Global Key Account Manager for White Labs but founded the Colorado Distillers Guild. Feel free to outreach about any fermentation and yeast questions for your distillery. We have a diverse product line for distillers including liquid and dried yeast and enzymes. Cheers! JoAnne Carilli-Stevenson
  2. hi, I am Steve Pariso, I am a distiller, setting up a whiskey distillery in New York. In the past, I worked on projects like Netscape, AOL, CompuServe and many others. I was disappointed that there was no place where we can auction or sell our used equipment or find new equipment or supplies. So, I put together a small team, and put one together. This one is for US. It is _less than eBay_ with more focus on our industry. I hope it can become self sufficient. The small seller fees will go toward support, servers, maintenance, moderation, and promotion. I hope you enjoy: http://barrelbid.comAmerican Barrel Exchange Artisan just posted some great stills (they were the very first!): http://www.americanbarrelexchange.com/Listing/Details/169694/16-x-20-plate-continuous-stripping-still http://www.americanbarrelexchange.com/Listing/Details/169765/120-Gallon-Gin-potstill Others will follow. I am also sending out t-shirts to get everyone involved. The site is live, feel free to sell or buy. Back to distillery planning! If you ever have any questions, always just shout anytime. I really hope that this resource helps all of us. I can't wait for another ADI conference already. All my best wishes, Steve
  3. Good Morning Everyone, Wanted to introduce myself as the new distiller for La Colombe (meaning the dove) Torrefaction/Distillery. We currently have one product which has undergone formulation, refinement and launch over the past 2-3 years. As of May 17th, we have recently been accepted by the Philadelphia Liquor Control Board into 100 stores across the Philadelphia area. Different Drum Rum is, as the bottle notes, a "rum for the bourbon drinker". We take cane sugar and supreme molasses to begin our mash fermentation. Going through both a simple and then fractional distillation, the mash is brought to 89% ABV which is used as our base. This is then diluted to either 60% for barrel aging or 40% for our coffee infusion. The aged rum sits for a minimum 6-9 month period before making a final blend that is mixed with the coffee infused portion. As La Colombe is first and foremost a coffee roasting company, this rum wasn't going to satisfy for false flavorings. Using a Panama varietal of coffee, termed "Geisha", which is sourced from Hacienda La Esmerelda. Having one many coffee competitions, we selected it as the ideal coffee through several organoleptic evaluations in our rum. After roasting the green beans, we immediately grind the coffee and put it under pressure with our 40% rum. What we get is a profusely aromatic liquor with caramel, floral, nutty tones that round out the oak characteristics from the barrel aged rum. Enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or my favorite - an old fashioned with crushed ice - this is indeed a drink to sit and appreciate slowly. In addition to this staple product, we're looking to expand into several different avenues moving forward. Several projects are ongoing in R&D, but we hope to have some new products within the year to continue our lineup. Warmly, -Ted Green Food Scientist / Head Distiller La Colombe Torrefaction 1335 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125 Website: lacolombe.com
  4. Good morning folks. Having become an avid fan of the ADI, I've been watching this forum for several months. We are in process to develop our distillery in Aaronsburg PA. We hope to find kindred spirits here that will offer advise and services as we thread the many hurdles and obstacles we anticipate. We will be seeking services from consultants, engineers, attorneys, and product suppliers for at least the next several months, and probably years. Thanks to the ADI community for centralizing the access to so many of these people through this forum. Respectfully, Dick Griffin Griffin Whiskey, CEO PS, the pun wasn't intentional, but I liked it so much, I left it.
  5. Hello All, Looking forward to getting the best information possible on distilling from this site! We are at the stage of finding a location. We have 3 in mind. Also done with business plan and proforma. Talking to a couple potential investors in 2 weeks. Have taken 2 classes. Looking to take 1 more possibly. Thanks for having me! Jerry
  6. Hi Steve A from Ohio. I've been luring here for a while and thought it appropriate to introduce myself before asking questions. Like most here I have a dream of starting a craft distillery her in Ohio, with a partner. We're progressing with a business plan. I have a pretty substantial background in home-brewing, but nothing on a production scale. I have a considerable background in a number of technical areas, including chemistry, flavor chemistry and yeast metabolism; degrees in physics & engineering. I have some reading knowledge of the distilling process from text's like "The Science and Technology of Whiskies" - by Piggott, Sharp & Duncan; but sadly that's a very Scotch-oriented book, Also a few historical texts like "Complete Practical Distiller", and "Practical Distiller". The rest are just tidbits extracted from the Whisky Advocate, and various taster's books like Jim Murray's. I've also reviewed a lot of (sometimes illegal operations) on youtube vids and websites where amateurs who believe that fermenting sugar and corn grits mixed together form a mash. It's clear that there is a huge lack of practical detailed information on the distilling process on a commercial scale. I'm sure the big players prefer this. That's why this forum is so valuable. I sincerely appreciate the open sharing discussions that appear here. Please forgive this noob if I have too many questions; my intention is to share what I know as well.
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