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Found 12 results

  1. Have for sale: Borelli Euro System bottling line for spirits Automatic monoblock rinsing/filling/capping Built 2016 Model XP12C12AP-PK Up to 2,000 bottles per hour and 2,000 liters per hour 12-gripper rinser 12 valve filler; gravity/low depression (3) formats for bottles (750ml cylindrical and square, 1.75l) (3) formats for caps (threaded cap, Guala pressure cap, threaded cap with insert) with Recycle Kit for bottle rinser that includes recycle tank, pump and filter descrambling table available Enos Compata Automatic Inline labeler; built 2016; 600-2500 BPH; front/back label $100,000 as-is, where-is
  2. Our distillery is getting a new automated bottling line and we are selling our used Great Engineering BenchMAX Semi Automatic Labeler with Orientation. Comes with foot operation pedal. Good condition. Purchased for about $8,000 but will consider all reasonable offers. Please message me for more information if interested.
  4. Automatic labeler with two stations (1000 bph) MACHINE TYPE - IN-LINE LABELLER FOR SELF-ADHESIVE LABELS OUTPUT - 1000 bph (fixed speed) LABELS - Front + Back label BOTTLES - 0,75 lt. Glass bottles – samples to be provided for confirmation MACHINE SUPPLIED COMPLETE WITH : - Complete safety covers with plexiglass panel - Infeed separating cylinder – no need of change parts for different bottles sizes - In-line machine with 2 parallel labelling units - Labelling units motion by stepping motors - Labelling units supplied with a loading plate for a roll Ø.280mm max. - Labelling units adjustable in height, for the easiest adjustment to the different types of labels and bottles - Start signal for label release by precision sensor - Speed of labelling units synchronized with the speed of the machine - Machine base-frame completely covered with stainless steel plate - Aluminium parts covered with anti-rust painting Price: $9,420
  5. Equipment list for sale

    Item Price US$ Manual Crown Capping machine 730 Semi-automatic Crown Capping machine 978 Automatic Crown Capping machine 26,760 Semi-automatic ROPP Capping machine 4,770 Automatic ROPP Capping machine Ask for price Manual Corker for big bottles – up to 6L bottles Ask for price Semi-automatic corker 7,750 Corker/wire hooder/capsular/crown capper 18,726 Semi-automatic Counter pressure filler (two valves) 6,379 Semi-automatic Counter pressure filler (four valves) 13,800 Semi-automatic Filler (4 valves) 1,980 Manual Gravity Filler (6 valves) 2,130 Vacuum Filler (2 valves) for spirits 2,086.00 Vacuum Filler (4 valves) for spirits 2,489.00 Mono block filler/corker, still wine, 1000 bph Ask for price Mono block filler/corker, still wine, 2000 bph Ask for price Manual bottle rinser 1,320 Semi-automatic rinser (20 holes) 6,720 Semi-automatic rinser (10 holes) 5,100 Machine for Chellac Application 11,280 Bottle de-labeler, sanitizer, washing machine for recycle (300 bph) 28,620 Semi-automatic labeler (500 bph) 3,456 Semi-automatic labeler (700 bph) 4,380 Semi-automatic labeler for round and square bottles 5,344 Roll Mill, grinder, up to 0.9 t/hour 4,560 For Distilleries: Bottling system for any bottle size/shape Ask for price Equipment for Sparkling wine: Stainless Tanks from 1,000 gallons to 7,000 gallons Ask for price Riddling machine (504 bottles ) 11,800 Riddling machine (160 bottles) 7,700 Semi-automatic mono-block Disgorger-Doser 8,028 Automatic mono-block Disgorger-Doser Ask for price Semi-automatic Champagne corker 6,950 Semi-automatic bench Wire-Hooder 4,150 Semi-automatic Corker/Wire-Hooder 9,700 Corker/wire hooder/crown capper in one unit 18,726 Semi-automatic bench Capsuler for Champagne Capsules 1,181 Automatic Corker/Wire Hooder (800-1200 bph) Ask for price Automatic mono-block Disgorger-Doser-Corker-Wire Hooder Ask for price Carbonator (for Sparkling drinks production) 14,950 Neck Freezers, various capacities From 2,295 Plastic Trays for Bottles ` Ask for price Also available: Complete Bottling lines for sparkling wine, still wine, beer, cider, and soft drinks with various speed production up to 12000 bph Let us know if you have questions or need the pic/specs. Thank you, uksinc@aol.com
  6. Looking for a manual labeler.

    Any good used manual or semi manual labelers out there taking up space? Ill buy it.
  7. I'm looking for a solid, very reliable and easy to use labeling machine that will produce quality results time and again no matter who is running it. My research has brought me to Great Engineering's Bench series of semi-automatic labelers. Is anyone using one of these machines? They have a good range of machines from the very simple manual MATE up to the foot activated MAX. They speak of limiting errors while being able to reproduce exacting applications over and over. Given the number of bottles we need to label, I think spending a little more on a high-quality labeler is a smart choice for us. I'm specifically interested in which Bench model you're using, why you chose that model over the others and if you're happy with it or have had issues. How has customer service been? Also, if you're not using Bench, which labelers are you using and would you recommend them? Thank you in advance! http://greatengineering.com/benchmax/
  8. SOLD We are currently in the process of switching our distillation equipment to focus more on our farm and micro-malting facility instead of contract distilling. This equipment would be an incredible package for contract distilling, a distillery looking to expand, or a winery/distillery. Individual equipment prices are listed below. The entire package is listed at. We will consider any and all offers. Please feel free to PM, reply, or email adam.stumpf (at) stumpysspirits.com with any questions or for pics. - Continuous Column Still - 40 plate continuous column still that includes boiler with steam heat exchanger, wash pre-heater, 2 columns, condenser, and piping. The still is broken up into 2 15' columns that are 12" in diameter to save on ceiling height. Still has ability to fractionate. Still is currently being used to strip low wines. Stripping 8% wash at 25+ gallons per hour of distillate at ~110 proof. Still was previously used to run apple brand and produced 15 gallons per hour of 160 proof hearts. Pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, and thermos included. - 650 Gallon Pot Still w/ 5 Plate Column - Heated via steam coil. Pneumatic agitator. 4" bottom drain and 2" side drain. Copper dephlegmator at top of column. All stainless construction. Column has structured copper mesh. Also have copper sheet to place behind steam coils for spirit runs. Will include ~75 lb of copper sheet with the still. Comes with 3 condensers. Currently running small 316 stainless condenser that does just fine. Also have 2 larger 304 condensers. Capable of hitting vodka proof in 3 runs.Still outfitted with pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, and thermos. - 1,000 Gallon Mash Tun - 1,000 Gallon Pfaudler tank with 2hp 220 3 phase agitator. 6" drain reduced to 4" reduced to 1.5". Steam jacket. Cooling jacket. Hinged lid. Ladder. CIP ball. As bottom supports for false bottom (false bottom not included). On mild steel stand. - 950 Gallon Variable Capacity Fermenter - Spokane Industries tank. Variable capacity lid w/ good gasket. Air lock, 2" bottom drain, 2" fill port, thermowell w/ thermometer, aeration port, sample port, sloped bottom, dimpled cooling jacket. Stainless construction and sits on mild steel stand. - 800 Gallon Fermenter - Stainless construction with stainless legs. Hinged lid, CIP ball, dished bottom, 1.5" drain, side mounted prop agitator (no motor included), single wall. - Mash Cooling System - Kiesel SP 12 Eccentric Screw Pump, 16' 4" high temp hose, 2 8' sections 4" high temp hose, 2 5' 4" shell in tube heat exchangers - 1,500 Gallon Pasco Poly Tanks - I have 2 of these. Have top and bottom stainless manways as well as 3" and 1.5" tri clamp ports. - GAI 500 Rotary Filler - SOLD - OMB ET 1500 Pressure Sensitive Labeler - SOLD
  9. FOR SALE: benchMATE manual bottle labeler. $800 + Shipping from Texas (OBO). Brand new, still in the box. These go for $1100-$1200 brand new. We can't use it because we have a tapered bottle which it doesn't do so well with. email me: troy@kooperfamily.com Precision front and back labeling: BenchMATE allows you to easily set gaps on the labeler so that the front and back labels are applied consistently every time. It can be used on many bottle diameters and can be applied to each unique bottle in a distillery's assortment. Manual Lableler System labels approximately 600 containers per hour Easy to set up and use with accurate label placement Light and portable but strong and robust Compatible with single, front & back and wrap-around labels Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction ensures accuracy Check out the specs and info here: http://www.beveragefactory.com/home_brew/bottle-labeling-equipment/BenchMATE.shtml Save yourself $300-$400 hundred bucks on a brand new labeler.
  10. Seeking used label machines (semi or automatic) and bottle fillers (semi or automatic) in very good+ working condition. Message me or call (2O6 552 9166). Thank you.
  11. We have moved on to larger equipment and have 2 pieces available for sale: LabelOne Connect Square Bottle Labeler - we paid $7,500 for this piece. It is a semi-automatic pneumatic labeler and we have the book and instructions. It's fully programable, but depending upon bottle you may need to modify the mold that holds the bottle. Willing to entertain all offers. Weil-Mclain 40k BTU boiler. Currently setup for propane, but can be easily changed to nat gas. We used this to heat up a small 40g still. Will entertain all offers. Please let us know if interseted and we can send you pictures of the equipment. It is located in Houston, Texas sales@yellowrosedistilling.com
  12. New to ADI - E-PAK Machinery

    We Just joined the ADI and are so excited to be a part of such a growing industry! E-PAK Machinery Specializes in a wide variety of quality packaging systems for use in the distilled products, craft distilling and micro distilling industries. E-PAK Machinery understands the specialized needs of artisanal distillers and can scale to grow with your changing production needs. From Entry-level table top systems to fully automated end to end spirit packaging systems, our experts oversee every step of design, manufacturing and installation of your equipment. We look forward to getting to meet all the members ,learning about your business and the opportunity to help with your packaging needs.Give us a call today to find out how we can help you accomplish your business goals !!! (800) 328-0466 ask for Michelle or Tony.