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Found 12 results

  1. Malted Wheat or Enzymes

    So i've been experimenting with malted wheat and enzymes when added to flaked wheat to make Vodka. Novozymes AMG glucoamylase and Fungamyl Q alpha amylase in particular. I am trying to maximum conversion efficiency and I feel like the malt used in conjunction with the enzymes achieves the best result. Just wondering if the intended use of the enzymes is to always use them in conjunction with the malts to maximize efficiency or are they intended to be used in the absence of malts?
  2. I have 1,000 bushel of 6 row spring barley for sale , I can have it malted or not. It is less than 1 ppm vom it is carry over from 2016 crop New York Crop
  3. Malt Varieties and Location

    Has anyone experimented with different malt varieties for whiskey? What flavor profiles are like using North American 2-row vs. English or German 2-row for example. Also, how does changing from a Pale Ale to Munich ...etc change a single malt? What is the most common used in Scotch and Japanese Single Malt?
  4. We recently completed our annual production run and were left with some surplus malt that we'd like to sell on. Malted barley is California grown 2 row Copeland Barley in a combination of 4x 50lb Bags and 1 Super Sack containing 653lbs. Malt is pre-ground. Prices are as follows: Malt - $0.25 per LB (853 lbs Available) 653lb in Super Sack, 200 lbs in 50 lb sacks All grain is FOB at the facility in Atwater, CA 95301 Email Indianhillwhiskey@gmail.com if interested.
  5. Grain Conveyor

    Just bought this reconditioned paddle conveyor last week and found out it is going to be a little to short for my needs.It can be used on any angle from 0-90 (horizontal to vertical) and has a 5" auger at the bottom that feeds it. The drive pulley is at the top (no motor included). Conveyor is made of rubber paddles attached to chain. That same chain also drives the feed auger at the bottom. 10' overall height with a 9'6" discharge. Everything turns free by hand. $250 OBO. Please feel free to email adam.stumpf@stumpysspirits (dot) com for more information.Thanks,Adam
  6. Overstocked/mis-ordered Malted White Wheat by Rahr Malt for sale. 2000 pallets of 50 pound bags. $15.00 per bag. Will accept partial orders. Located Clifton, New Jersey area. Contact Joey at 973-390-4016 (cell) for further information/questions.
  7. Vodka mash separation

    Hello guys and girls, I was wondering how you seperate your wheat grains after mashing from your wort? We tried a sieve plate but it kept cloging up and was dead slow. Tried replacing half the malted wheat with malted barley but that wasn't giving us the flavour profile we were looking for. Tried rice hulls but they are quiet expensive over here. Any good ideas exept a liquid solid seperator? Cheers!
  8. Malt and Grain for Sale

    Hello, we had been experimenting with a recipe on a small scale and bumped it to large for production and it did not turn out so we have an excess of grain here we are not using. I would say we have roughly 750 pounds of red wheat in a large super tote and we have 1600 pounds of malted barley, that is bagged in 50 pound sacks, which is 32 sacks. We would like to get rid of it, and would sell it off at .30 cents a pound. Serious inquiries only, for more information contact kbcdistillingcompany@gmail.com.
  9. Guys, i was looking for some guidance on bulk pricing of raw materials. i know location matters, but if you can give local pricing ranges that would be great again i thank you for your help what should i expect for the following - just trying to understand what i should pay so that i can negotiate the prices -Bulk Molasses (any type) -None GMO corn (dent corn) -sugar (any type) -2 row Malt -rye -wheat I thank you again for you help here
  10. Can we help you out? We have: 1. excess distilling capacity 2. access to new oak barrels in a variety of sizes 3. ability to produce fantastic whiskey, in custom mash bills or standard recipes We are looking for distilleries or brand owners that are wanting to either catch up or get ahead on their whiskey stocks by contracting with us to produce their bulk whiskey here in Middleton, Wisconsin. Our ideal customers are looking for anywhere from four to twelve barrels of whiskey a month on a standing "subscription" basis. We can produce on a regular schedule and either hold for truckload quantities or ship individual barrels when completed. Each batch will have mashing notes, grain tracking data, and arrive in a brand new, white oak barrels, charred or toasted to your specifications. Some of our customers have aged their whiskey from us in the past couple of years and are now winning awards for its taste and quality. Break the habit of working with the "you'll take what we make for you" bulk whiskey distilleries and enjoy being actively involved in the process of making a unique and high-quality spirit that will have much stronger marketing value. Organic certified bulk whiskey coming in 2016! We are anticipating that our capacity will be filled quickly with this announcement- please don't hesitate to contact us. We select customers based on many factors, not just the size of the order. Please contact Shane at shane@deathsdoorspirits.com for details and pricing. Please hold off on phone calls, we will answer emails promptly- promise. :-)
  11. Hi all, To date I have experimented with small batches but want to step up a notch and need recommendations on where to get grain and malt in the Nashville, TN area or as close as I can. Buying from craft beer stores has been fine up to now but far too expensive for large batches. Thanks in advance, Ray
  12. Hi, I like everyone else would like to start my own distillery. In am in the Oregon and Washington State area and I know WA requires a craft distillery to produce its product from at least 51% grain grown from within the state. Oregon doesn't have that requirement, but I would like to support local farmers, and the local economy, and purchase things like; corn, wheat, barley, rye, etc direct from local farmers in Oregon and/or Washington. What I can't find is an easy way to do this. Can anyone help? How do you buy things like corn or wheat from a local farmer? Where? Is there a co-op or certain place/website I can go to to do this? Thank you for your time! John