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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, due to some crazed township engineers I will be unable to build out my facility. As such I need to sell a brand new never used Specific Mechanical distillation system. I'm looking for $175,000 from the manufacturer you are looking at around $300,00. I have attached the spec sheets. I would also be more then willing to sell a trademark, websites, Facebook pages, HLT, and portable pump as a package deal or separate (I should have other listings for those items in the near future). I'm also willing to do owner financing if you are in the tri-state area PA, NJ, DE. Buyer will be responsible for shipping. The still itself is a 240 gallon system with multiple heads. The system includes a built in crane for changing the heads and lynn arms. The system also includes a mashton/fermentor that is mounted to the skid. as well as a spirit and stripping tank. 240 Gal_Plumbing_Schematic.pdf240G Still Drawings.PDF 240 Gal_Plumbing_Schematic.pdf240G Still Drawings.PDF The system is pre plumbed and wired for 3 phase power. It is double jacketed so you will need a steam boiler and while it can run on just water for cooling I would suggest a chiller unit. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
  2. These tanks have NEVER been used. They were purchased back in 2014. Manufacture- Kothe Items for sale individually or as a package. Please email me for pictures- lorenzo@foxtraildistillery.com 3xFermentation tanks -Size-2450 Liters (647 gallons) -Beautiful Stainless steel w/ jackets for cooling -Top and side opening -Analog thermometer -Four standing feet -Diameter-4.69 ' Height- 6.59' Weight - 363lbs * Also included are 3x valves for fermenters (on/off) + 3x vent caps Asking $4000 each fermenter x3 = $12,000 or OBO 1x Mash Tun Tank -Size 1500 Liters (396 gallons) -Steam heated -Jacketed for cooling -Agitator -Sight glass + manhole on top -CIP options Asking $14,000 or OBO If willing to purchase as a package, there is a package deal for that. ***These prices DO NOT include freight shipping. This can also be negotiated into the buying price. Items are located in Rogers, Arkansas 1500L mashtun info - Kothe.pdf IMG_3478.HEIC IMG_3477.HEIC IMG_3476.HEIC IMG_3475.HEIC IMG_3474.HEIC IMG_3473.HEIC IMG_3472.HEIC IMG_3471.HEIC IMG_3470.HEIC IMG_3469.HEIC IMG_3468.HEIC IMG_3467.HEIC IMG_3466.HEIC IMG_3465.HEIC IMG_3464.HEIC IMG_3463.HEIC IMG_3451.HEIC IMG_3450.HEIC IMG_3449.HEIC IMG_3447.HEIC IMG_3444.HEIC IMG_3443.HEIC IMG_3442.HEIC IMG_3441.HEIC IMG_3440.HEIC IMG_3439.HEIC IMG_3438.HEIC IMG_3437.HEIC IMG_3436.HEIC
  3. Greetings fellow distillers! We're expanding and would like to sell our previous unused equipment. Items which are for sale include: 1. Corson 200 Gallon Pot still (with custom "scottish style hand hammered helmet") with 14" 4-plate column. 2. Corson 400 Gallon Fermenter - 3. Corson 400 Gallon Mashtun 4. Corson Spirits Safe We've only tested this equipment but ended up using a bigger unit for production. So this stuff is "like new", if not completely new depending on your standards. Additional information is available upon request at Lucas@ghostwoodwhiskey.com EDIT: The whole system was at $120K, we are now asking only $80K, OBO. If you want just a single piece of this package, I'm open to that as well. Perks - Still.PDF Perks MASH TUN.PDF PERKS-Fermenter.PDF
  4. Hello All, We are looking for a 30bbl mash tun with plates to produce malt based products in conjunction with our mash mixer. We do not need steam to the mash tun. Please contact me if you have any more questions.
  5. Looking to buy hot and cold liquor tanks for a distillery on Long Island, NY. Both must be well insulated. HLT will run on 250F steam, CLT will run on glycol. Desired size range is 1000-1500 gallons. Willing to consider converting mashtuns (HLT) and fermenters (CLT) if the specs are suitable. Please email matt@matchbookdistillingco.com Thanks, Matt
  6. Has anyone else had difficulty getting equipment delivered on time? Or even in the realm of on time? What about quality issues? Equipment delivered that was essentially not manufactured correctly and working properly or parts missing? Customer service that disappears right after the sales part of it? I feel like there's got to be others out there who have dealt with this from supposedly reputable manufacturers. It's beginning to feel like an epidemic of everything that I purchase. I do my research and talk with references, etc. It literally doesn't seem to help.
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