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Found 43 results

  1. nabtastic

    Reuse Glass Bottles?

    I've been asked this several times and I keep shutting it down because I don't want to deal with removing the labels and I feel like there will be a lot of paperwork involved but... Is anybody reusing their packaging, i.e. glass bottles? This would only be for a few accounts that are concerned with it but I feel like the savings in packaging would be out-weighed by the cost in labor hours. Anyway, if anybody has information about this or can link me to a thread (searched but didn't find anything) I'd be grateful.
  2. Our distillery is getting a new automated bottling line and we are selling our used Great Engineering BenchMAX Semi Automatic Labeler with Orientation. Comes with foot operation pedal. Good condition. Purchased for about $8,000 but will consider all reasonable offers. Please message me for more information if interested.
  3. Brewer, Cellarman, & Packaging Specialist Witherspoon Distillery - Lewisville, TX The ideal candidate should possess the following profile: Passion for craft whiskey Commercial experience with beer/whiskey brewing, fermentation, CIP, filtration, bottling line technology and operations Understanding of quality controls, assurance measures for beverage packaging and quality control certification Experience with warehousing operations, including forklift operating experience Organized with a meticulous attention to detail Skilled multi-tasker with ability to manage multiple moving parts simultaneously Understanding of packaging procurement and inventory management best practices Ability to train and manage all bottling operations volunteers / workers / contractors 21+ Main responsibilities: Manage all packaging/processing operations for the Distillery in alignment with state and federal regulatory requirements and industry best practices Assist Brewer/Distillers with mash/fermentation/distillation operations Optimize warehouse storage capacity and organization Meet Quality Controls and improve Quality Assurance measures through TQM best practices Manage packaging supplies procurement and storage to ensure material continuity and lower procurement cost What Witherspoon Distillery can offer you: An opportunity to work in a fun and fast-growing team within the distilled spirits industry Direct interaction with hundreds of guests per week The chance to help build a brand one fan at a time Fantastic career development potential, paid time off and available benefits The chance to join a driven and enthusiastic environment with amazing team spirit Job Type: Full-time
  4. kleclerc77

    Wine cap style crimper

    Hey all, I'm looking for a wine cap crimper for one of our new bottles. We bought a Chinese one that no electrician around here will touch. We are willing to put up with a manual/handheld one for now, but are also probably going to want a semi-automated one sooner or later. I can only seem to find wine CORKERS which we definitely do not need. Any hot leads? Thanks!!
  5. Scott @ Twenty2Vodka

    Case Art

    I'm considering adding artwork to our next order of cases. Do you have art work on yours? If so, have you found artwork to help sell more product? Lastly, I design my own stuff and I'm curious if others do too or if most hire it out? Thanks! -Scott
  6. mheisz

    Custom Bottle

    Has anyone had any experience with off shore bottle suppliers? I am currently debating going to a custom bottle with an off shore manufacturer but I am unsure of the suppliers and was wondering if anyone had any experiences and/or advice to share good or bad. Specifically, I am looking at a chinese company for production of my bottles that would cut my costs but almost half delivered... Thanks! Mike
  7. Bruni 1 liter bottles from Italy. These bottles are available for only 1.00 each. There are 1232 available in Palm Coast, FL 32137. This is less than half the normal price and available in the USA. Also available are Spirited Shipper boxes. These boxes are very heavy duty great for shipping. Check out the normal price http://spiritedshipper.com/product/3/three-bottle-wine-shipper I have 650 available for 1.00 each. Email Bill@gunnarspirits.com for more information.
  8. MattBarnard43

    Who Makes the Hornito's Bottle?

    Anybody know how I can find out who the company is that manufactures the bottles for Hornito's?
  9. Editted- SOLD One of the distilleries I work for in Portland has some very nice bottles for sale. We originally got them for a specialty release which never came together, and now we need the space back. We've got 924 750ml Bruni Modular (http://www.bruniglass.com/…/sh…/mod9/bot-modulor-750-bets-fp), they are unboxed on a single pallet but I can throw in 750ml 12 pack cases if you need them. $2/bottle or best offer. If you're in OR or WA we might be able to deliver them, PM me for details if you're interested.
  10. Austin Hart

    Used Equipment

    United Food and Beverage buys and sales used bottling, and packaging equipment.. We buy and sale - Alvey Palletizers, Bevco Rinsers, Labelers, Hartness Case Packers, Stainless Tanks, Conveyor, Depals, Pallet Wrappers and Much more.. Feel free to visit our website if you are in the market to purchase any used equipment - Unitedfoodandbeverage.com We also buy used equipment so if you have anything for sale please reach out, thank you. Austin Hart (843) 287-1955 Or Austin@unitedfoodandbeverage.com
  11. APHOLOS Brand Identity is a premium packaging identity supplier. At Apholos we design and manufacture premium metal labels, metal closures and accessories to enhance wines & spirits packages.As we expand our distribution in the USA, we are looking for experienced and enthusiastic sales representatives with strong and established customer relationships to represent our company in KENTUCKY & TENNESSEE states. Also with experience in building and growing new accounts.Qualifications:- At least 2 years packaging supplies sales experience.- Knowledge of the Kentucky / Tennessee spirits market.- Interpersonal and customer service skills.- Non competing high-end packaging supplies on his/her representations portfolio.Responsibilities:- Ability to meet sales objectives.- Performance in building, maintaining and growing new accounts.Applicants should contact Diego Gneri (Country Manager USA) via email to dgneri@apholos.com
  12. Trysk Print Solutions

    Hello from Trysk Print Solutions

    Hello from (sunny for this month) Seattle! We're a printing/label company out on the west coast. We work with a number of members currently and hope to work with many more! Check us out here We love what we do and those we work with. Cheers, Rob and the rest of Team Trysk
  13. VA-Distillery

    Glass For Sale

    Hello All! We have recently changed our packaging design, including our glass bottles, and in doing so we have an excess of 10,080 glass bottles from United Bottles and Packaging from Quebec, still packaged and wrapped ready to be filled (7 skiffs of 1,440 bottles per skiff)! Here are the following specifications for the glass bottles: Height: 278mm Width: 78mm Weight: 440 gr Capacity: 750ml Finish: T-Top Closure Color: Flint/Clear Message for further details regarding price, location, or if you have any questions!
  14. Wm. R. Hill & Co.

    New Stock Liquor Bottle

    Hey Distillers, We have a new 750ml bottle which we will be stocking this year called the Highlands which is made by VOA in France and it is very affordable for the North American market. If you are looking for your product to stand out on the shelf then this is your bottle. It is quite heavy at 895 grams and is made by one of the best glass manufacturers in the world so the quality is exceptional. We expect our first shipment in by April and can package these for you in a six or twelve pack case. Capacity 750 ml Weight 895 g Height 315 mm Diameter 86 mm Finish type Bar top finish I have just a few samples available so please let me know if you are interested. Cheers, Shawn Wm. R. Hill & Co. 4500 E. Main Street Richmond, VA 23231 P 910.399.1846 I C 910.620.9921 WmRHill.com
  15. Hello to all East Coast ADI members! I will be happy to help with any questions related to glass bottles. If you prefer to email: sta@saverglass.com or cell: 202-763-9279 Stephane Stanton-Brand Saverglass Inc.
  16. Wm. R. Hill & Co.

    750ml Liquor Bottles

    Hey Everyone, We are looking at stocking these two 750ml bottles below in the cork and screw top finish, but first would like some feedback before we commit. These are American made and will cost less than a dollar per bottle so they will be a less expensive alternative to the premium bottles currently in the marketplace. Cheers, Shawn
  17. noladistilling

    Domestic Bottle Suppliers

    Hello! Does anyone have recommendations on domestic bottle suppliers? We have gotten or requested samples from Vitro, Universal, SAVERGLASS and All American Containers. Just trying to do as much research as possible in the start-up phase of our venture. Thanks in advance for any insight or thoughts!
  18. Casey Turner

    Arkansas Glass Products

    Arkansas Glass would like to offer our resources to the American Distiller. We are an American made company that will assist the American Craft Distillery by helping develop bottles and offer competitive prices. Contact Casey Turner at cturner@agcc.com
  19. Hey all, I have a couple of questions on the processing report: - Part II: Finished Products, what constitutes a packaged product? - Under part IV C,D,E, and F Do you need to put packaged products in this category as well, or only bottled? If no, is there a location where finished packaged products go? Thanks, Chris 3030 www.threethousandthirty.com
  20. KarlJohnson

    Sealing Wax Recommendations?

    Does anyone have recommendation for wax tops? We have been trying to make the polymer wax from Etched Images work. They have great colors and it shines nicely, but... We are getting bubbles from the expanding air under our plastic T-tops. And, the wax seems too thick. When I raise the temperature to thin the wax the t-tops melt. I have tried all their tips, putting tape over the joint between the bottle and t-top, adding a first layer of wax over the joint before dipping, higher and lower temps, quick dips and nothing seems to be easy. Perhaps this is all to labor intensive... If anyone has recommendations for a source of wax, could you let me know? Thanks, Karl
  21. KNtbspiritsgroup

    750 mL Glass Bottles for Sale

    Hi Everyone! St. George Spirits has excess glass for sale after the completion of a bottling contract. The bottle is from Germany, specifications listed below. Please let me know if you are interested, I can have samples sent. Matura bottle dimensions: Volume: 750mL Height: 345mm Width: 74mm Weight: 750g Color: Flint Mouth: 18.3mm bartop Matura bulk pallet dimensions: Weight: 2016.5 lbs Height: 74.5” Width: 48" Depth: 40" Available: 60,000 units Price: $0.95 per bottle ($1.20 original) Minimum: Three (3) pallets FOB: Alameda, CA Terms: Advance Picture Attached
  22. KNtbspiritsgroup

    750 mL Glass Bottles for Sale

    Hello All, St. George Spirits has excess glass for sale after the completion of a bottling contract. The bottle is from Germany, specifications listed below. Please let me know if you are interested, I can have samples sent. Matura bottle dimensions: Volume: 750mL Height: 345mm Width: 74mm Weight: 750g Color: Flint Mouth: 18.3mm bartop Matura bulk pallet dimensions: Weight: 2016.5 lbs Height: 74.5” Width: 48" Depth: 40" Available: 60,000 units Price: $0.95 per bottle ($1.20 original) Minimum: Three (3) pallets FOB: Alameda, CA Terms: Advance Picture Attached
  23. Wm. R. Hill & Co.

    New 750ml "Chicago" Bar Top Bottle

    Hey Distillers, Say hello to the new 750ml "Chicago" bottle. This bottle is scheduled for production in June so if you need further information please contact me. Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  24. Wm. R. Hill & Co.

    New 375 ml Jersey Bottle Now Available

    Hey Distillers, We now have a 375 ml version of the Jersey bottle available from Piramal Glass. If anyone is interested in a sample please let me know and I will have one sent to you. Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com Wm. R. Hill & Co. 4500 E. Main Street Richmond, VA 23231 P 910.399.1846 I C 910.620.9921 WmRHill.com
  25. Wm. R. Hill & Co.

    New 750ml Oregon Bottle ~Lightweight Nordic~

    Hey Distillers, In the next month or so we will have available a lightweight version of the 750ml Nordic bottle called the "Oregon". If you are looking to save some money by moving to a lighter weight version of the 750ml Nordic bottle then this is your bottle. If anyone needs further information please get in touch with me. Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com