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Found 35 results

  1. Pot still 700 Gallons Originally purchased in 2017 light usage Crated and in stock in Quebec Canada ready to ship. Available to inspect Asking 20000$ USD FOB 15-POT STILL 700gal-Model.pdf 700 Gal Copper Pot Side View.pdf 700 Gal Copper Pot Top View.pdf
  2. Used Iberian Coppers pot still for saleHand-hammered in PortugalApproximately 4 years old - good conditionSet up for direct-fire heating, but you could add a steam coil pretty easily.Will include the still base and burner for free.Must pick up in Boulder, CO.
  3. 250 or 500 Gallon Pot Still With Copper Column. The 250 g Pot Still is available now at reduced price of $20,250. 500 g Pot Still will take 90-120 days to receive. Both are equipped with double jacketed steam heating pot still, manhole, rectification column, condenser, piping and fittings. Minimum of 72kWh boiler recommended for operation. Copper Onion Top SUS 304 Stainless Steel 20 Inch Diameter Condenser 3-Phase AC Agitation Motor 15 Foot Max Height 9 Foot Max Horizontal Space Available For Immediate Shipping WAS REDUCED $20,250 (250 Gal) REDUCED TO SELL: $18,250 (250 Gal) 90-120 days $32,900 (500 Gal) Contact : andrew@tetondistillery.com http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment
  4. You can reach me at andrew@tetondistillery.com for questions about any of the equipment. Additionally we are looking for 1000L Mixing Tank if anyone has one for sale. Pot Stills Equipped with double jacketed steam heating pot still, manhole, rectification column, condenser, agitator (ABB motor, gear reducer), piping and fittings. ATM. 250 Gal/1100L - $22,500 - 14ft 500 Gal/2020L - $32,900 - 16ft Column Stills Batch or continuous distillation. Can be run in split or single column design. ATM. SUS 304 Stainless Steel, 2 Condensers, 2 Rotometers, Steam Element, Stand, (Additional parts for split column) Single Column 600 L - $22,900 - 33ft 800 L - $25,600 - 40ft 1000 L - $37,600 - 40ft Split Column 600 L - $23,900 - 20ft 800 L - $26,600 - 27ft 1000 L - $38,600 - 27ft Fermentation Tanks Jacketed for cooling, SUS 304 Stainless Steel, Side manhole, CIP Cleaning Ball, Thermometer, Pressure Gauge, Sampling Port, Stand with adjustable legs, Mixer - 3 phase motor with shaft and paddle, 3 Layer 800L/928L - 7 BBL - Conical - $7,960 1200L/1330L - 10 BBL - Conical - $5600 (No motor, single layer) 1600L/1820L - 14 BBL- Conical - $10,900 3500L/3950L - 30 BBL - Conical - $17,800 3500L/3850L - 30 BBL - Sloped - $17,400 Transfer Barrels SUS 304 Stainless Steel, Wheels with brakes, Handles, Lid, Ball Valve W/ Tri-clamp 150L - $895 200L - $1095 300L - $1495 400L - $1900 Kettle/Mash Tun Jacketed with insulation layer, Steam heating, mixer and cover, ABB motor 800L/840L - $12,400 1200L/1500L - $11,800 (No motor, false bottom)
  5. We are building our new facility and have two 1000L Direct Fire Hoga Copper pot Stills for sale. Each still comes with a firebox, burner, mixer and related electronics along with the still and condenser units. The stills are a match set with the orientation of the manway door mirrored. Purchaser is responsible for shipping this equipment. Price is $19k per still package. Please contact me at michael@sonomadistillingcompany.com with questions or interest regarding the stills. Cheers,
  6. The Spirits Institute Puget Sound warehouse in Seattle has received one final Figgins Reciprocator® spirit still before we commence work on another two units in January. 2 x 1000-liter kettles (528 US gallons) ~ an innovative, patent-pending design heated by low-pressure steam or thermal-transfer fluid fully ported for pressure relief valves and gauges large-capacity steam or fluid jackets, with insulating jackets for safety bi-directional, explosion-proof agitators with gear reduction for low foaming 24" twin boil balls in gleaming, micro-polished copper stainless steel kettles with domed copper tops and triple leveling feet easy valving to switch from pot still mode to pot-and-column mode 12" plated column with copper bubble plates/caps 10 CIP zones 7 temperature-sensing zones individual plate bypass valves overbuilt, ultra-efficient condenser ~ five feet in length efficient dephlegmator with extra coolant port for supplemental water supply glass-domed hydrometer well ( not a parrot ~ it's an emu! ) with heads/foreshots valve with standard washes, delivers an average of 42.0% ABV + over the course of the run when used as a pot still reaches 96.2% ABV for a protracted period of time during second pass makes excellent barrel-ready whisky, brandy and rum in a single pass through the column neutral spirit may be produced upon re-distillation of several consolidated stripping runs excellent performance for gin when used in pot still mode samples of FR-made spirits available upon request! Your package includes these features, with unrivaled support before and after the sale: distill a batch on the showroom prototype prior to purchase! no wait time ~ a unit is ready to ship to your distillery immediately personalized shipping coordination, FOB Seattle one-year warranty coverage for replacement parts on-site assembly and performance testing, personally executed by the designer electrically bonded to Earth (grounding) during final installation phase ~ safety first! still operation and sanitizing tutorials for all staff, presented by a commercial artisan distiller Certifiably Safe™ tutorial and certificate for trouble-free operation, batch after batch three months of distillery operations consultation with 24/7 responsiveness An extremely unmatched value! The Figgins Reciprocator® is modestly priced at $64,995.00, with affordable lease terms also available through third-party financing. Call now to talk shop ~ 206.497.7554! The Figgins Reciprocator ~ an innovation in craft distillation.pdf
  7. Our 66 to 122 gal. stills range in price from USD $10,120 to $18,150. Our stills have the following advantages: - Automated distillation runs through touchscreen computer display and ability to save up to 6 distillation runs for future production - Full manual control with ability to observe temperature, pressure, power consumption, etc. during the entire process Two principal distillation options: Pot still mode (70 to 150 proof) for flavor rich spirits such as whiskey, brandy, rum, gin, etc. Reflux still mode (190 to 193 proof) for vodka or neutral spirits for subsequent gin production Additional options: Jacketed tank for on the grain distillations Agitator 66 gallon GENIO Still 250 GENIO Still column with copper basket and touchscreen color display computer To see full list of options and capabilities, please visit our website at: https://g-still.com/shop/ We have showrooms in USA, Canada, England, Poland and Australia for anyone wishing to see our equipment in action. Our contacts can be found at the link below: https://g-still.com/contact/ Cheers, GENIO
  8. Unused 250 Gallon Pot Still available for sale. This was a pot still we intended to run separately as a dedicated whiskey still, but no longer are going to. All equipment can be seen here: http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment If you would like to purchase another size, it is 90-120 days turnaround time. Contact Me: Andrew Boczar andrew@tetondistillery.com • 250 (new) Gallon Pot Still With Copper Column available for sale. • Copper Onion Top • Stainless Steel Dephlegmator Cap • 18 Inch Diameter Shotgun Style Condenser • 3-Phase AC Agitation Motor • 14 Foot Maximum Height • In-Stock Available For Immediate Shipping • $22,500 (250 Gal) - Sale Price $20,250
  9. We've moving to steam and are selling our electric powered 150g with 8" 4-plate column Pot Still. This is from Paul @ Affordable and it's been fantastic. We've cooked, rectified and distilled on it with great success. It's fully functional and ready to go - just don't have enough room to keep it. Paul and his team are awesome for support and future purchases and I'm happy to walk through our operations to assist as needed. It will be deconstructed and shipped on two pallets. $12,000. Rob rob@alpinedistilling.com
  10. 250 Gallon Pot Still available for sale. All equipment can be seen here: http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment. If you would like to purchase another size, it is 90-120 days turnaround time. Contact Me: Andrew Boczar andrew@tetondistillery.com • 250 (new) Gallon Pot Still With Copper Column available for sale. • Copper Onion Top • Stainless Steel Dephlegmator Cap • 18 Inch Diameter Shotgun Style Condenser • 3-Phase AC Agitation Motor • 14 Foot Maximum Height • In-Stock Available For Immediate Shipping • $22,500 (250 Gal) - Sale Price $20,250
  11. We are outgrowing our original potstill. This is a 120 gallon capacity potstill with thumper. It was custom manufactured for us in 2014 using a Groen steam kettle as the foundation. In the top of the still head is a basket where copper mesh can be placed if desired, or potentially gin botanicals. The thumper can be bypassed for straight potstill runs. Two efficient stainless condensers knock down vapors using well water. Kettle is rated for high pressure steam, but we ran it with 15 psi low pressure steam. Two 300L receiver tanks collect heads, hearts or tails as desired. 1.5" TC connections. Skid mounted, measures 4'w x 8' l x 11' h. Asking $6500 FOB. Still is located in Pittsboro NC 27312.
  12. 2 pot stills available for sale. All equipment can be seen here: http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment. Contact Me: Andrew Boczar andrew@tetondistillery.com • 250 (new) or 500 (used) Gallon Pot Still With Copper Column available for sale. • Copper Onion Top • Stainless Steel Dephlegmator Cap • 18 Inch Diameter Shotgun Style Condenser • 3-Phase AC Agitation Motor • 14 Foot Maximum Height • In-Stock Available For Immediate Shipping • $22,500 (250 Gal) - Sale Price $20,250 • $32,900 (500 Gal) - Sale Price $23,030
  13. Well the Fat Lady has sung- Appalachian Mountain Spirits is officially closed. For consideration: a one off custom Artisan Still Design pot still, complete with a steam injection system. The still is 200 gallons, or 757 liters. The helmet is a one of a kind heavy duty all copper whisky head and does it make whisky. The condenser is 16" in diameter and ten feet tall and is stainless steel, an all copper lynne arm, stainless steel parrot, plus a depheglamator. The still has a thick 7mm bottom, 16" manway with sight glass. Has a 4" side wall drain, adjustable legs and 3- 3" Tri clamp fitting for electric elements. The steam injector is new and never used, distilling on the grain is more efficient. Still can be direct heat, 400,000 btu propane burner and electric. We used both to get to temp and then shut off the propane. Pictures https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByAZVTVzaBqLOS0wQ0ljNXF1a3M?usp=sharing Please consider the plant has be shut down since June 2016 so the stuff is dusty. The M35A2 Deuce is for sale $7000, 1962 Studebaker, runs great. Miss Dana Still lowered by $5500. Now $31,900 Equipment list (3).xlsx
  14. Can anyone tell me what the open to air copper worm above this Forsyth still is? Condenser or something else? Its actually attached to the still to the left that's partially blocked by steel beams and the persons in the pic.
  15. Hello Bay area distillers, I am looking for licensed distilleries who are looking for equipment that I may have, in trade for use of the equipment, we can arrange storage and production contracts. I am willing to pay for space but also could do so in trade. I am open to all possibilities. I was in the midst of building a distillery when neighbors complained, voted for a CC&R change and stopped my land use leaving me looking for brand building solutions to have skin in the game before going to secure a multi-million dollar loan. At this point I am not in a position to move forward on the real estate side but have much equipment to utilize. What I am after: Space to run a brewery or mash tun to make malt whiskeys and other products - your mashing equipment or one I could provide. Barrel storage space to put the barrels away for 3 years minimum. (this could potentially be done at another site). Operate a bottling line either with our equipment or yours. Setting up a dedicated production schedule utilizing your staff or staff I could provide and train. Bring industry professionals to the distillery to explain my brand and enhancing your network if you desire. What I could do for you: - Brewing knowledge - I have taken several Siebel Institute Classes for brewing. I've read many textbooks pertaining to commercial brewery operations, yeast, water chemistry, and taken a great deal of time to develop beer recipes to distill into malt whiskey. - Distilling knowledge - Siebel Institute's Distilling course, Moonshine university, Holsteins' Distilling Class, Various ADI expo classes and I learned a great deal from a truly nice gentleman and someone I consider a friend, Hubert Germain-Robin, who transformed my ideas by showing me traditional methods, blending insight, grape varietal characteristics, and introducing me to people in Cognac, France where I was immersed in much of what is required to setup a distillery and manage a blending cellar. Between 2009 and now I have been doing research and slowly building an array of books, networks of professionals, and equipment to make building a brand possible. Anything I have in my head you are welcome to ask and during the contract I will keep whatever we speak of between us. If there is a concern for proprietary work taking place I will strongly respect this. Importing / Exporting - I had another business where I primarily would import items from China, Korea, Canada, Mexico, and European countries, and resell them. This has shown me forex and importing benefits, laws and regulations, as well as exposed me to many international people who are helpful and available to future needs and relationships. What I do I consider to be more structured and straight forward so I am not as concerned about beer recipes and distilling but i do understand many other types of extraction recipes that would benefit confidentiality. What equipment I have: I have several Chalvignac Pruhlo Alambic stills used by some of the most famous distilleries in California and abroad namely in Cognac, France. The sizes are 660 Gallon (2 fully automated sets from RMS Distillery in Napa - No longer in business), 330 Gallon (full automated new in crates), and 125 Gallon Hoga custom made to fit Charantais designs like the Pruhlo stills. Also, 2 transfer tanks to mix the first run or brouillis before pumping them back into the still for a second distillation. These stills allow gentle distillation making a very smooth eau de vie which can have low aggression and works well for clear spirits as well as control temperatures and makes for refined control of esters for making aged spirits. For anyone who has seen the spirits that come out they know why people use them. Germain-Robin and Charbay both use them in Northern California and these are the standard in Cognac/ Charentais region of France. Links : http://www.drinkmemag.com/the-abcs-of-cognac-distillation-a-look-inside-the-swans-neck/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/72972456433397193/ http://www.markgibsonphoto.com/static/10095.html 5 vessel cip system, 250 gallon tanks with automated Siemens control panel for cleaning cycles of the distillery and brewhouse. I ended up postponing the brewery due to the relocation issues. Jabso pump for cleaning and pumping 2" Yamada Carlson built double diaphragm pump for high proof 2" progressive cavity pump for fruit wines and crushing as well as high proof. Very universal and powerful pump that is gentle. Istill 250 for playing around with vodka and gin. Voran Fruit crusher for fruit eau di vies small 3 vessel 3 BBL brewhouse from stout tanks for small batch whiskey tests batches and making extractions All kinds of wine making tools and transfer gizmos. Anton Paar handheld alcohol meter Goodyear distillery/brewery hoses 1.5" and 2" Husky barrel topping gas pump style handle. Bottlematic 2 labeler Xpressfil Bottle machine 4 spout with gas blanketing Several other odds and ends. I will try and check this site regularly but if you would like to get ahold of me much faster you can either call me or email me. I'm in San Francisco. Thanks, Jeff Bord 707.972.4484 mendodistilling@gmail.com
  16. Affordable Distillery Equipment 800 gallon Ultra Pro Still assembly video taken at Elevated Mountain Distilling Company in Maggie Valley NC: Elevated Mountain Distilling Company purchased their pumps, low pressure steam boiler, 800 Gallon Mash Cooker and Fermenters from ADE. In an environment were the demand for distillery equipment is huge, most equipment manufacturers are charging what the market will bear. We are charging what people can afford. Our prices are as much as 60% lower than many of our competitors and our quality is excellent. Check us out at http://distillery-equipment.com http://moonshine-still.co We have jacketed Baine Marie oil and steam stills from 5 gallon to 2,500 gallon capacity. We have equipment in over 170 successful distilleries in the US and Canada. Call or email Paul at: 417-778-6100 paul@distillery-equipment.com
  17. Hello all. I would like to announce a new line of commercial 60 to 230 gallon pot still column hybrids. Stainless and copper stills fast delivery and meticulously built. They are what some people expect when they given say $4K for the flute type stills built for home users but intend to use in a commercial setting. We can do anything to like to customize your still and have it your way. Our first unit will roll out today. And I will post picture. This model is s 60 gallon working capacity, with a 4 plate dual flow sieve tray column and deplegmator, Condensor, heated by steam or propane this is a propane model. Stainless and copper has a brushed finish and heat stable clear coated to be easy to clean , if you have time to polish it, your doing it wrong I say. This model is roughly $8k with delivery and setup possible on a mileage and labor basis. The other unit will begin production Monday. I produce one unit at a time . So no wondering where is my still? It is 230 gallons same specs as above . Also let me note, these stills are not agitated by an agitator. The seals are all Chinese and poor quality. These seal vapor in and allow the agitator to turn. I use a method time proven by larger companies. Pump circulation. Highly effective. The 230 depending on options this still is around $15K. I will show production pics for now and also the large thumper that can be added for $5K with a column for high proof and $4K if not. Contact me here or at 315 414 1810 . And always American made with as many American made parts I can find.
  18. We have a 1000 liter Hoga pot still in the original crate that needs a new home. A number of microdistilleries have used similar equipment to make award-winning whiskey. Hook up your steam boiler and you are ready to go. 1000 L Copper pot still with manway & condenser Steam heating coils 1500rpm mixer/agitator Stand for Still Stand for Condenser Asking $17,900 FOB Bozeman, Montana
  19. I have a new 220 gallon double diamond pot still for sale in the crate ready to ship. It can be heated one of three ways steam, forced hot water or direct fire. If you are looking to start a distillery in the near future this could be the still for you it take's a year or better to get a still built. With the sale of this I will be giving the information of what you need to heat this still with forced hot water from what size boiler that is needed and how to plum it inthat in it's self is a $29,000 dollar value. email me direct or call for more info $11,800 shipping not included email tallshipdistillery@gmail.com www.tallshipdistillery.com phone 603-842-0098 John Pantelakos Owner Tall Ship Distillery LLC
  20. 2 copper pots of 2000 liters each (antiques and artisanal copper vessels) Ideal for infusions & maceration of gin botanicals - Heating method: steam - Artisanal fabrication with copper (thickness 8 mm) - Origin: Argentina - Price: usd 20.000 dollaras - FOB Mendoza/Argentina
  21. 2 copper pots of 2000 liters each (antiques and artisanal copper vessels) Ideal for infusions & maceration of gin botanicals - Heating method: steam - Artisanal fabrication with copper (thickness 8 mm) - Origin: Argentina - Price: usd 20.000 dollaras - FOB Mendoza/Argentina
  22. 2 copper pots of 2000 liters each (antiques and artisanal copper vessels) Ideal for infusions & maceration of gin botanicals - Heating method: steam - Artisanal fabrication with copper (thickness 8 mm) - Origin: Argentina - Price: usd 20.000 dollaras - FOB Mendoza/Argentina
  23. For sale UNIQUE 3 antiques pot still. Full alembics 100% artisanal fabrication. Antiques from 1936 (old school fabrication) - Charentais system (French) Capacity: 1250 liters Origin: Argentina - Mendoza Province Price: 30.000 dollars (each set of three componnets: alembic pot, preheater and condenser) -FOB Price
  24. I build from the ground up just about anything custom. Tailored to exact customer specs. 515-559-4879 Joseph Dehner Give a looks see redbootstills.com
  25. For Sale - 1000 Liter Hoga Still - Hand hammered all copper pot still - New - never used. - Steam Coils - 3 phase agitator - CIP balls in boiler, onion, column - 16” manway in boiler - 12” manway in onion - Temp and pressure gauges - Pressure relief valves - Custom made iron stand - Price is $20,000 firm - Available for pick up immediately We purchased this still in 2013. It was never installed. We have purchased a larger unit and need to free up the space. Please contact me if interested 615-347-6661 or madmanager@mac.com
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