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Found 31 results

  1. Artisan Distillery Accepting Offers

    Owner considering all offers as well as owner financing! In this idyllic and growing Central Washington agricultural town, this artisan distillery creates a variety of products which include, whiskey, moonshine, gin, vodka, grappa, ouzo and many brandies and liqueurs. These premium quality products are made by hand using locally grown fruits and grains. While creating unique recipes, they are making spirits of exceptional quality and still capturing the essence of the fruits and grains. This distillery holds a craft distillery and a distiller/rectifier license in Washington.Craft distilleries in Washington state are growing strong. Washington state passed a bill in 2008 creating the Artisan Distillery license, which is for distillers who are producing 150,000 gallons or less of its own spirits per calendar year. At least half of the raw materials used in the production must be grown in Washington. It allows a craft distillery to contract and sell distilled spirits to holders of distillery licenses, manufacturer’s licenses and grower’s licenses. Consumers are growing more interested in this niche industry. Liquor is recession proof and it is profitable. Now is your chance to get in and ride the distillery growth wave. Besides the distillery and tasting room in Washington, the owner has invested in a second location in Oregon in order to focus on growth and expansion. There is extensive inventory, equipment and recipes including a recently purchased copper pot still. Owner is considering all offers as well as offering financing. Act now! Alek 509 280-9734
  2. We are super excited to announce the launch of our latest channel for content marketing, the audio podcast version of our 360 video YouTube webcast - Life, Distilled. Podcasts are huge right now, and there are few better places for connecting with millennial audiences. With the Life, Distilled podcast we have created a platform for introducing this important population to craft spirits and the small batch lifestyle, tapping into their desire to find and connect with brands that share their values. Please give it a listen, share it on social media, and let us know what you think. On iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/life-distilled/id1312985660 On Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/microshiner/life-distilled/e/52215718?autoplay=true If you're interested in seeing (and hearing) your business and products discussed and promoted on the show, drop us a line at growth@microshiner.com Cheers, and thanks for listening!
  3. I'm Richard. Great to meet you all! The account was set up under our company name, but in any case I'm mainly here to chat and exchange ideas and guidance more than anything, since I'm personally as well as professionally passionate about spirits. In terms of my professional expertise, I'm particularly focused on all things wood - barrel ageing / finishing, new barrel coopering, used oak cask sourcing around the globe, innovations and use of "exotic" white oaks, spirit expressions in the context of marketing, etc. Hope to hear from you...
  4. Southern Tier Distilling Company, newly operational, is committed to producing world-class spirits. Our brand mission is centered on quality, flavor and innovation. The distillery has a state-of-the-art 5000L German built still which utilizes modern technology to produce clear and brown spirits. We are looking for a creative, enthusiastic, “SPIRIT-ed” individual to head up our distilling production in this brand new facility. The Head Distiller understands and performs all aspects of distillation from grain to glass. Interested in applying? Submit a resume and cover letter to jobs@southerntierbrewing.com by May 12th Duties and Responsibilities: · Achieve desired quality and production goals · Distillery Related Operations – make wash, grind grain(s), transfer to fermenters, determine quality (heads, hearts & tails), and operate filler · Maintain all production equipment and keep work area organized and safe · Keep ingredients and supplies in adequate supply to meet production needs · Must be able to work any shift in a 24 hour schedule · Conduct Tours, attend special events as needed The Head Distiller must possess: · A love for what they do · The knowledge and desire to develop flavor profiles · Basic knowledge of chemistry and biology, with respect to the distillation process · Microsoft Office Skills, particularly Excel spreadsheets · Minimum Education &/or Experience required: · A formal distilling education or professional experience is considered above all else · Minimum of two (2) years of experience in a Commercial Production Distillery · High School Diploma, or higher, with five (5) years manufacturing experience in a brewing or distilling environment
  5. Unique Opening in VA

    Head Brew-Stiller Hampton, VA ABOUT THE BREWERY: We have broken ground on the first ever Brewpub/Distillery in Virginia. This venue will house a 10BBL 3 vessel brewhouse, 1000L pot still, 200 seating restaurant and a “entertainment venue” with an occupancy totaling 1175. All this will be housed in a Nationally Registered Historic Armory in the heart of Hampton Roads! ABOUT THE POSITION: This is an exciting opportunity for someone that has a passion for quality craft beer/spirits and can navigate a startup business. We’re looking for someone to help us build systems and processes on a new 10 BBL brewhouse and 1000L pot still. The right candidate will be creative, safety-minded, efficient, quality-focused, possess a great work ethic, a positive attitude, and be a team player. As part of the management team, the Head Brew-Stiller will be expected to contribute to our continued growth, constantly displaying a high level of maturity, responsibility, and pride in our work. You will have the opportunity to show your creativity by making exceptional beers/spirits. RESPONSIBILITIES: The Head Brew-Stiller is responsible for the brewing operations; including brewing, fermentation, cellaring, and packaging. Distilling operations; milling, mashing, distilling, tasting, proofing, blending and bottling. Other duties include but are not limited to: • Develop new recipes and improve existing recipes with input from owners • Set the brewing/distilling schedule and maintain inventories of raw materials and finished beer/spirits • Manage yeast per best practices and industry standards, including pitching, cropping, and monitoring yeast • Ensure the highest quality and consistency through use of best practices, including lab tests to monitor and troubleshoot fermentation, in-process, and finished beer/spirits • Cleaning and sanitation of all equipment and work areas • Ensure product quality in the pub by helping clean lines, checking CO2, etc.; work closely with pub staff and provide training about beer/spirits knowledge • Perform equipment maintenance, troubleshooting problems that arise, and repair as needed • Help maintain and develop additional standard operating procedures that ensure all aspects of beer/spirits production and packaging align with safety, sanitary, and quality protocols while allowing for process improvement and workflow efficiency Be an active brewery representative, including attending promotional events and festivals, occasionally participating in tours and other educational and marketing events Assist the owner and other team members in developing growth strategies; assist in hiring and training brewery/distillery employees; effectively communicate (written and oral) with the owners, staff, sales team and others to create a supportive work environment QUALIFICATIONS: • 5 plus years professional experience as a production brewer/distiller • Formal brewing/distilling training (certificate/diploma) from a recognized and accredited brewing/distilling program (Siebel, UC-Davis, etc.) is a plus • Strong knowledge of brewing/distilling techniques, quality control, lab analytics and interpreting the results, yeast management, cleaning and sanitation, cellaring and packaging, and equipment • Experience in recipe formulation and development; a high degree of curiosity to use new ingredients and flavor combinations • Knowledge of developing and documenting formalized Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all processes • A commitment to safety and quality by following industry standards, best practices, and OSHA regulations and requirements • Strong organization and time management skills and attention to detail; ability to multi-task; flexible schedule which includes nights and weekends as needed • Ability to work well as a member of a team and also independently • Strong oral and written communication skills and ability to give and take constructive feedback • A friendly attitude and willingness to interact with customers in the pub and at festivals and events Strong work ethic and flexibility as the brewery expands COMPENSATION: This full time position pays a competitive salary with benefits, sick leave, paid vacation and all your favorite beer/spirits/live music in one place. In addition, incentives for performance and growth goals. Please send resume/questions to TheVanguard757@gmail.com
  6. Seeking a Head Distiller for New Spirits Company in New York State Adirondacks. JOB DETAILS This is a multi million dollar buildout so overachievers beware. New distillery seeking a head distiller to be responsible for the full distilling and quality control process. Should be well versed in new product development, scheduling distilling and fermentation, aging and packaging operations. Open to both seasoned professional and someone ready to take the next step up. This is an opportunity to help create the finest of world class spirits in a unique experience in a naturally beautiful destination being built in upstate New York. Job responsibilities include: Milling, Mashing, Distilling, Tasting, Proofing, Bottling, Blending Day-to-Day operation and management of distillery and its employees Management of raw ingredient inventories, ordering, and quality Record keeping Barreling and barrel aging management Packaging Quality control Creation of new products Equipment and systems maintenance Requirements: • Entrepreneurial spirit. • B.A. degree, preferably in chemistry or a related field. • Brewing and distilling MSc Certificate. • 5-15 years experience. • Experience in creating various spirits, including: bourbon, vodka, gin, and tequila. • Strong relationship management skills. • Business-minded, with strong financial and analytical skills. We are looking to hire someone in advance to be part of the design - particlarly the work flow, development, and coordination of all pre-opening activities. While the current ownership is solidified, a small partnership role may be considered with the right candidate. The site plan is approved and the initial design from a world renowned architecture firm is underway.
  7. Hey ADI Family!! My name is Devin Washington and I am a representative of Black Water Barrels LLC. We are a state of the art Cooperage based in Bamberg, South Carolina specializing in manufacturing high quality White Oak Barrels (30,53,60 Gallon) which can be used for various forms of Wines, Spirits & Beers. Here at Black Water Barrels, we pride ourselves on being a business that is focused on making quality products which are geared towards suppling Craft Distilleries across the United States with the best Barrels on the market! I am reaching out to ask that you would please visit our website to learn more about our products as well as follow us on our social media accounts to stay up-to-date on all the outstanding things going on at BWBSC. If you are interested in partnering with Black Water Barrels LLC, please feel free to reach out to us via Telephone, Email, or our Website at www.blackwaterbarrels.com where you can place Orders or get answers to any questions or concerns you may have. Thank You for your time and we hope to do business with you in the very near future, Cheers! Twitter: @BWBarrels Facebook: Black Water Barrels Instagram: @BWBarrels_ #BWBSC Devin Washington Social Media & Sales Representative Black Water Barrels LLC (407)-748-7485 3914 Main Highway Bamberg,SC 29003 BlackWaterBarrels.com
  8. Using bulk distilled spirits?

    Distilleries who have purchased and aged/bottled bulk distilled spirits: What has the response been? How did you present the decision to customers and wholesale buyers? What were the downsides? What were the upsides? Would you do it again? Thanks!
  9. Experienced Distiller

    I am a seasoned distiller with 4 years under my belt and I am looking for growth at a new venue. I am looking for a Head Distiller position or a higher up position than assistant distilling. I have much experience with larger and smaller scale craft distilling from start to finish of the process, with a focus on whiskies and syrup based alcohols. I have done literally everything in a distillery from grain to bottle. I have helped to develop and grow a now flourishing distillery and am now ready to spread my wings, learn more and take on a new world. I have created and modified recipes for the distillery I worked for as well as for other distilleries under contract. I have made recipes increase their yield by 175% without changing grains or flavor of recipes, as well as managing employees, representing distilleries publically, creating huge online SOP / knowledge databases. I have a considerable amount of pride in making what I put my heart into and making the best spirits. I also have the knowledge to help your distillery with recipes, management, become more efficient and everything in between. I am willing to relocate to the right fit and am very free at the moment. Feel free to contact me at whiskeysmithy@gmail.com, I will happily get you my resume, recommendations (all which should impress) and cover letter. Thank you for your time, I look forward to working with you.
  10. DR GIN

    UK-based Spirits specialist available to help and advise with production of new gins, spirits. liqueurs. Over 40 years experience with blue-chip drinks businesses working on some of the world's most famous brands. If you need help or advice on creation of new brands; advice on manufacturing; legal problems or queries........please make contact. Sensory evaluation also provided.
  11. Vodka production...

    My family is getting into the spirits industry and i have been tasked specifically with vodka production. Im new to the spirits industry but i do have a degree in chemistry which i assume could benefit me in this industry and im sure will help me to understand some of the lingo that is used by you fellow alcohol connoisseurs. Now lets get to why I've started this thread. I've been doing research and what i have found is that the type of still needed and the type of starch source used is very important. Can anyone tell me the best type of still to be used to produce premium grade vodka and if its a column still, how many plates does it need to have? Grey Goose advertise that they distill there spirit 5 times; do they have a big column still with enough plates to only have to run it once to achieve the 5 distillations? Grey Goose uses winter wheat for there source of starch, is that the best to use? I know you can use potatoes, grapes and all sorts of other things. i was just wondering what the best to use is. If you have to actually re run each run then do you cut the heads and tails before pouring back into the still? last thing i couldn't understand was how a continuous running fermenter works? Again, Grey goose can have a batch ready every 30 ours with their fermenter system.
  12. The Chicago Independent Spirits Expo is back for a 6th Year and we are offering an early registration discount to all brands that sign up before August 1st! Every year this event grows bigger with the growth of the artisanal and independent spirits community throughout the world (The USA, Canada, Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, France, Russia, Holland, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Japan, India, New Zealand, Australia, etc.) and the ever-expanding interest in artisanal spirits among both the drinks industry as well as consumers. The CISE brings in 1200 attendees annually, with over 90% of them being bartenders, bar owners, F&B Managers, retailers, distributors, drink media and other members of the spirits industry. Last year’s event saw over 130 exhibitors sampling out a variety of spirits – vodka, gin, rum, tequila, mescal, whiskey, vermouth, liqueurs, mixers, etc. – from all around the world! This year the event will be held: Date: Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 Time: 4:30PM - 9:00Pm Venue: The Chicago Hilton Hotel & Towers Address: 720 South Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL. Neighborhood: The Loop/Downtown Business District Intersection: Michigan Ave. & Balbo Ave. Returning for its 6th year is the The 2016 CISE Industry Round Table Discussion Panel! An esteemed group of professionals from various levels of the drink business discussing the key topics of the day facing the spirits industry. Scheduled Panelists include: Special Guest Moderator: Emily Pennington Hood - Editor at Wine & Spirits Daily Monique Huston – Distributor, Winebow Brett Pontoni – Retailer, Binny’s Beverage Depot Toby Beall – Distiller, Tailwinds Distillery Paul Hletko – Distiller, FEW Spirits Matt Blaum – Distiller, Blaum Bros. Distillery Bill Welter – Distiller, Journeyman Distillery Scott Winters – Importer, American Spirits Exchange Dave Schmier - Brand Owner Danny Shapiro – Mixologist/Bar Owner, Scofflaw, Slippery Slope Winston Edwards - Brand Ambassador, Balcones Aaron Zacharias - Bar Owner, Fountainhead Chicago Brian Christensen – Editor of Artisan Spirits Magazine Registration Information Suppliers - The cost of Early Registration is $500.00 until August 1st. This includes: Your branding on most ISE materials Approx. 4’/6’™ table Linens Two Hundred 3 oz. sampling cups Dump bucket Ice Ice Bucket Four ¼ oz. Pourers 2 supplier rep tickets 2 consumer tickets 4 trade/press tickets List of hotel recommendations/Price breaks Early Registration First time Exhibitors - $600.00 ($500.00 if registering before August 1st.) Returning Exhibitors - $350.00 ($275.00 if registering before August 1st.) Email/Mail – Request a registration form to pay directly with check or credit card. Please state if you are a Returning Exhibitor or a New Exhibitor. Returning Exhibitor ~ Please inquire about your discount code. Online Registration ~ https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2016-chicago-indies-spirits-expo-exhibitor-registration-tickets-23597446598 Tickets are now on sale ~ https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2016-chicago-indie-spirits-expo-tickets-24260637219 Chicago Independent Spirits Expo Contacts For any and all questions concerning the Chicago Independent Spirits Expo, please reach out to: Registration & Fees Dave Schmier Executive Producer Distilled Events indiespiritsexpo@gmail.com Local Logistics/Registration Martin C. Duffy Producer/Logistics Manager - Chicago Distilled Events martinipromotion@aol.com Your brand needs to be distributed by a licensed wholesaler in the state of Illinois in order to legally sample your product. If you do not have distribution in Illinois, please contact us for references. Hope to see you in September! Glencairn Whisky Glass ~ A proud sponsor of the 2016 Chicago Independent Spirits Expo ~ http://www.glencairn.co.uk/ The Chicago Independent Spirits Expo is a 21 year & older event. A valid photo I.D. is required. Please Drink Responsibly. Do Not Drink & Drive. Visit www.indiespiritsexpo.com for a list of other regional events taking place throughout the year.
  13. Vatting and Bottle Shock

    Many people and books talk about bottle shock, and how 3 months in the bottle greatly improve the spirit as it gets its initial oxidation, rest, and mingling of chemical components. The ADI book Distiller's Guide to Rum suggest the greater part of 3 months for storage after bottling before selling, and we have definitely noticed a marked improvement in our spirits from the day they went in the bottle till a few months later. With that being said, does anyone have experience in the time of vatting making a real improvement? Example. If we have to release a product in 3 months, will it be more beneficial to blend and vat the barrels for 3 months, then bottle and sell immediately; blend and vat for 1 month then bottle and allow rest; or allow equal vat and bottle times? Eg. Does the best mellowing happen from blending in the steel vat or resting in a bottle? Thanks for the help!
  14. Our firm, Business Acquisitions, Ltd. represents the owners of one of the top craft distilleries in the Western states. They have a successful track record producing award winning spirits. Click on the link below to find out more about this exciting business opportunity. http://baltd.com/view-listings/5365-craft-distillery-2/ Our fees are paid by our client. Accredited, serious inquiries only, please. Please contact Kevin Waide with questions. Office: 303-758-4600 Email: kwaide@baltd.com
  15. Good Day, I am new to the forums! I am in a new distillery. Brand new start up! Having a blast but still selection and creation are a maze! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  16. Hey y'all, Doing some research concerning grappa production and I've found something that keeps popping up. Seems some producers water their grappas back to bottling proof in small doses over long periods of time, sometimes months. Is anyone out there doing this? Any resources out there explaining why this is done, and how it works? Thanks
  17. Seeking a Head Distiller with a Growing Spirits Company in the Mid-Atlantic. JOB DETAILS Responsible for the entire distilling and quality control process, therefore should be well versed in scheduling distilling and fermentation, aging and packaging operations. Job Responsibilities: Milling – corn, rye, barley, wheat and ensuring proper grind size for each recipe/from batch to batch. Mashing - maintaining consistency & implementing changes in controllable way Distilling – stripping and rectification. Must know how to run a column and a pot still Tasting – making cuts (quality analysis - appearance, smell, taste) Proofing – for record keeping, bottling and barreling Bottling - setup, fill level control, supervision and inventory or finished goods Blending - measuring ingredients and mixing. Blending more than one straight whiskey Record keeping – daily, weekly, monthly; inventory - packaged & raw materials; TTB Reporting Cleaning and sanitizing - all equipment. Avoid contaminates and unwanted bacteria Maintenance of the equipment Manage raw ingredients inventories, schedule deliveries, and forecast production needs. Manage and develop procedures for operations and quality control Manage and monitor all operational needs; materials and staffing. Manage productivity of operations Ensure consistent quality and taste profiles for each product Enjoy engaging with the public at events. Job Requirements: Entrepreneurial spirit. B.A. degree, preferably in chemistry or a related field 3-5 years’ experience as a qualified Master Distiller or Master Blender Experience in creating various spirits, including: rye whiskey, bourbon, rum and gin. Strong relationship management skills. Strong financial and analytical skills; keen business acumen. Proficient in Excel Strong mechanical background Familiar with fermentation (brewing background would be ideal) To easily apply, email resume to amanda@forcebrands.com
  18. **Head distiller wanted**

    We are looking for a head distiller in Arizona. We are a local restaurant and brewery that is adding a distillery. We are licensed and have two small craft stills. We have three products we are looking to produce and also have some room to play. Please send your resume and salary requirements to jon@ohsodistillery.com Please check out our locations at ohsobrewery.com Cheers, Jon
  19. Proofing and Gauging

    I'm looking at Proof and specific gravity hydrometers from here http://www.coleparmer.com/Product/H_B_Durac_Plain_Form_Glass_Hydrometer_ASTM_125H_1_000_1_050_SG_0_0005/WU-08297-80 They conform to ASTM and are traceable to the NIST/A2LA manufacturing facility. Any reason why these wouldn't work? Below is an expert from the TTB: § 30.24 Specific gravity hydrometers. Return to Top (a) The specific gravity hydrometers furnished by proprietors to appropriate TTB officers shall conform to the standard specifications of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for such instruments. Such specific gravity hydrometers shall be of a precision grade, standardization temperature 60 °/60 °F., and provided in the following ranges and subdivisions: ( B ) A certificate of accuracy prepared by the instrument manufacturer for the instrument shall be furnished to the appropriate TTB officer.
  20. I have attached a photo of a few of the beautiful Vendome 500 gallon copper kettles that I have. I also have one 3000 gallon Copper Vacuum pans and three Stainless Steel units. Junior
  21. Happy Monday, ADI! Monday means the weekly Fuel NW marketing blog has posted. You can check it out here: http://www.fuelevents.net/#!fuel-blog/c22sz This week, we talk about the importance of marketing to bartenders, based on responses to our nationwide survey of distilled spirits drinkers. Check it out! As usual, we also feature two craft distilleries in this week's blog. This week's distilleries are from the home states of the NCAA finalists. Go Huskies! Go Wildcats! Cheers, Jen & Erika Fuel NW
  22. Company: New World Spirits Title: Sales Director Location: Metro NY Well-backed new spirits company seeks head of sales to support the launch of a new to world spirit. The role will lead establishing the key account universe and spearhead trade and consumer activation. Initial focus will be in New York City, but the role can scale to have national responsibility. Overview: Create and implement go-to-market strategies: o Identify market opportunities and consumer needs. Position will require active involvement in the field, working with ambassadors and distributors to optimize go-to-market strategies o Establish trade-marketing plans, including, market objectives, pricing strategies, account action plans, schedules, and assignments. o Develop and direct a dynamic brand ambassador program to educate the trade, consumers and press o Lead field initiatives with sales and wholesaler partners o Build brand awareness by planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating trade marketing programs Develop relationships with key accounts, both on-premise & off-premise: o Develop relationships with key influencers in key accounts o Drive distribution through cocktail and menu listings in targeted universe o Improve visibility and merchandising through tactical POS o Create trade pull through customized programming o Raise the profile of the brand within the trade o Build new distribution and generate incremental sales volume Responsibilities · Develop and maintain strong relationships with bartenders, account managers, and account owners · Educate the retail and wholesale trade to drive distribution, improve visibility and increase sales · Increase in-account visibility with merchandising materials and menu / drink list placements · Work with key accounts to develop customized programs that drive consumer trial · Use networking ability to target influencers and increase brand loyalty and consumption · Provide feedback concerning brand positioning, competitive activities and market trends and report key insights with recommendations for solutions · Provide input regarding future marketing / sales plan development · Coordinate with Trade Marketing agencies to ensure proper implementation and execution programming First 6 months Critical Success Factors: · Develop Sales Organization (NY priority) and secure strong base of 100 accounts by end of Q1 · Work with Founders in finalizing consumer and trade marketing plans for Q2 market launch · Identify and secure potential distribution partner for Q2 market launch Skills & Requirements · 5+ Years beverage marketing/sales experience · Preferred experience in managing a distribution network in wine and spirits industry · Preferred experience in building and managing team of local ambassadors / key account managers · Candidate must be able to operate in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment · Candidate must be able to foster a culture of accountability and a drive for success · Must be creative with experience in grass root sales marketing initiatives, inspiring both internal teams and external agencies. · Experience in promotional / guerrilla marketing and event execution · Experience with traditional and new media consumer marketing · Demonstrated public-speaking, presentation and writing skills · Ability to sell, influence and partner with customers and co-workers · Ability to manage budgets and provide timely, concise reporting · Excellent execution and time management skills; strong attention to detail with ability to take initiative, prioritize and meet deadlines · Passion and knowledge of food and drinks as well as cocktail culture
  23. Master Distiller (Minden, NV)

    Master Distiller Summary: The Minden Flour Milling Company building, a National Registered Historic Place, will be converted into a craft distillery named Nevada Heritage. The new distillery will be one of the first operating in the state of Nevada since Assembly Bill 153 was passed earlier this year, allowing local distilleries to operate. This puts Nevada Heritage in notable company with fellow Silver State artisans as well as landing Minden at the forefront of a burgeoning new industry. Nevada Heritage will live up to its name by reintroducing the best traditions of the Old West, while embracing New West values such as sustainability and premium quality. The Master Distiller will be responsible for developing the Nevada Heritage collection, planning and executing distillation operations, overseeing production, and managing inventory. With support from Marketing and Sales teams, the Master Distiller will also showcase and advertise our spirits to raise brand awareness and build relationships with local and national media sources, all while complying with relevant federal, state and local regulations. Responsibilities include: • The selection of spirits for the purpose of blending. • Analysis of spirits and blends as per quality norms and standards. • Implementation and overseeing quality control measures for wet goods. • Packaging quality control. • Maintain appropriate records (quality control, excise etc.) • Set standards for raw material and product quality & auditing regularly to maintain quality levels. • Day to day activity monitoring of all testing labs, production sites & finished goods inventories. Requirements: • Entrepreneurial spirit. • B.A. degree, preferably in chemistry or a related field. • Brewing and distilling MSc Certificate. • 5-10 years experience as a qualified Master Distiller or Master Blender. • Experience in creating various spirits, including: single malt whiskey, bourbon, absinthe, and gin. • Strong relationship management skills. • Strong financial and analytical skills; keen business acumen. Click HERE to apply online!
  24. UPDATED: 2 Parcels. Land with water and special use permit for distillery on Big Island of Hawaii for sale. For photos, video and more information on the listing please see: http://www.sothebysr...-keaau-hi-96749 http://www.sothebysr...-keaau-hi-96797 Please call Rebecca Keliihoomalu at 808-895-1156 (Hawaii Standard Time) Additional questions, call 808-783-7845 (Hawaii Standard Time) Email: bigislanddistillery@gmail.com (“Big Island Property” in subject line please) October 4, 2013 news release: http://hawaiitribune-herald.com/sections/news/local-news/commission-oks-keaau-distillery.html
  25. Greetings Everyone! My company supplies wine and spirits PET bottles and are based out of Redlands, CA. We specialize in custom bottle design, and I have attached some samples of a few of the stock items that I can offer. If you would like to see a full catalog or any information about what my company can offer you please reply to this or email me at nickm@superiorpackagingsolutions.com. All items are FOB Redlands, CA.