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Found 16 results

  1. New Fermentation Tanks 3500 liters (925 gallons). Price: $17,800 each. 6 available. 5 wrapped and ready for shipping, 1 was unwrapped to take a picture and inspect. Jacketed for cooling with sloped bottom SUS 304 Stainless Steel Side manhole CIP Cleaning Ball Thermometer Pressure Gauge Sampling Port Stand with adjustable legs Mixer - 3 phase motor with shaft and paddle Our price includes the motor (other providers usually do not). Call or email andrew@tetondistillery.com for pricing.
  2. Members 0 2 posts Report post Posted May 2 New 1000 Gallon Stainless Fermentation Tanks. 200 Gallons of head space Tri- Clamp Connections Dish Bottom Single wall, with Stainless Coil for heating/cooling Comes with agitation assembly (motors, propellers, etc) CIP sprayball setup Tanks have never been used, they were just made to incorrect specs that did
  3. A while ago, Spokane Industries set out to build and stock small portable fermenters for the wine industry. Turns out, the Craft Distilling folks were WAY MORE interested! Who knew! πŸ˜ƒ We build them in two sizes: 550 gal and 825 gal. We have several of both sizes in-stock, READY TO SHIP . These tanks are manufactured by us in Spokane, Washington, USA. NOTE: If we are out-of-stock when you contact us, the tanks are something that we can produce with minimal wait time. Please inquire! 2 Standard sizes: 550 Gallons / 2080 Liters - Starting at $3,992.00
  4. Selling off my distillery equipment. Have some bottles left, 1/2 pallet of 375 juniper bottles from Berlin packaging - 12 bottle cases and tops, $.80 per bottle 1/2 pallet of 750 Pancho bottles form Bruni Glass - 6 bottle cases with some wood corks $1 bottle 900 of the 750 Pinch Granduer from OI specialty. - with some wood corks - $1.2 per bottle. Rikutec Fermentation tanks 1000L have three - $300 each 1 SS 250gal tank - $1500 Tube in Tube Wort Chiller from Trident Stills - $1500 Activated Carbon filler housing from Trident Stills - $500
  5. * Used * 800 L Fermentation Tanks for Sale. Price: $6370. Link for pictures: http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment/fermentation-tank-800-liters-211-gallons. If you want new fermenters, it is a 90-120 day wait. Other sizes available. Our price includes the motor (other providers usually do not). Email andrew@tetondistillery.com Fermentation Tank 800 liters (211 gallons) Jacketed for cooling with conical bottom SUS 304 Stainless Steel Side manhole CIP Cleaning Ball Thermometer Pressure Gauge Sampling Port Stand with adjustable legs
  6. Saving water is critical in my neck of the wood-less woods. Of course we also want to design-in efficiency for time and energy use heating and cooling water. So, need some help/advice for the following: Considering using a tankless water heater pulling from a source tank of pre-filtered, pre-conditioned water to pre-heat mash water to 110 to 120 degrees. This then saves steam boiler time to heat to mashing temps. Considering a return tank to store heated condenser water. This heated water can be used for the CIP process, with the remainder cooled down overnight to return to t
  7. I'm in the market for a new or used spirits storage tank. I'd like to find something under 104 in. tall. 1000 - 1500 gal. Thanks, B
  8. Just wondering, What type of experiences have people had with the chinese producers from Alibaba? Any manufactures to avoid? Any whom you've had an excellent experience with? I'm looking specifically for some smaller scale ( <500L ) stainless tanks for blending, holding and transferring. I started looking at basic tanks but there is so much available and like many of you out there, I dont have huge amounts of money. So every dollar I can save on the startup is golden. -Dave
  9. I am a importer of custom fermenters and winery equipment. I have a customer that wants a 6000 litter Mash cooker. My question is regarding the steam jacket depth. A normal cooling jacket has a depth of 2 to 5 mm. That is the distance were the glycol can flow between the tank wall and jacket. My question is what is the ideal depth to insure efficiency? Dwight Busalacchi Mio Vigneto Products
  10. Hi everyone, I am trying to close out on my final equipment and I am trying to find smaller sized stainless steel storage tanks. I am looking for tanks in the 10 gallon to ~50 gallon range that can be sealed. Anyone got a good source? Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, I am trying to close out on my final equipment and I am trying to find smaller sized stainless steel storage tanks. I am looking for tanks in the 10 gallon to ~50 gallon range that can be sealed. Anyone got a good source? Thanks!
  12. We are rolling SS sheets into cylinders using a slip roll. We first put a 90 degree lip into the end of the sheet with our press brake, where we will eventually mount a copper dome. We designed and built the press brake and slip roll. Here are some pics.
  13. Distillation Equipment NOTE; Additional photos posted in thread) Serious Inquiries Call me at (505) 440-8666 or email for additional questions photos etc Cabezon118@gmail.com I had intended to build a still and start up a distillery operation when I sold my bottling company. I decided to go fishing instead. The following is basically everything you need to build a still except the column. All items are available in Cedar Crest NM approx. 30 minutes from Albuquerque and 40 minutes from Santa Fe. Items are listed in the same order as the photos. I am asking $15K one buyer takes all. Equipme
  14. I'm looking for a Letina 165 gallon finishing / blending tank and if it were on wheels all the better.
  15. David Mutch

    SS Tanks

    I am curious as to where most people are purchasing their SS Tanks. I am looking to purchase some tanks, I would like some open top and closed tanks along with some tanks that have jackets for heating and cooling, any suggestions on where to purchase would be great.
  16. Hey all, I was doing research on buying some SS tanks and came across this website called www.kinnek.com. You know how it's pretty time consuming and plain annoying to try to get quotes from these equipment suppliers? Well, this website make that a lot easier for me. Basically, you post what you need on there, and suppliers who sell it will get their salespeople to give you quotes right on the website. It was a lot faster than calling these suppliers, and I got enough quotes to really see what the market was like out there. Anyways, thought I'd sure this nugget with the rest of you. Has anyo
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