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Found 8 results

  1. A growing distillery in the Peruvian Andes is looking for distillers interested in a 2-3 month work exchange. We are a craft distillery working with small scale sugar cane growers to produce Caña Alta, Peru's finest Cañazo (similar to Rhum), as well as our own botanicals for macerations and beyond. Destilería Andina is located in Ollantaytambo, half-way between Cusco and Machu Picchu, a perfect location for exploring Andean culture, archaeological sites and hiking on your days off. Looking for knowledge of fermentation, botanicals, blending, aging, product development, marketing and of course distillation. We provide housing and a stipend. For more information write haresh@destileriaandina.com. Visit our website www.destileriaandina.com.
  2. Distillery Training

    Are you looking to start your own craft distillery? Do you need help with recipes, TTB applications, marketing or equipment purchases? Black Button Distilling, one of New York's Largest craft distillery's now offers 1 on 1 classes for those looking to enter the Craft Distilling field. 100% hands on and taught to only one student at a time these classes are designed to answer the questions you can't find in a book and to get entreprenuers familiar with distilling equipment and safety procedures. The class will pay for itself many times over by helping you avoid costly mistakes and delays. For more information please visit: https://blackbuttondistilling.com/product/master-distilling-course/
  3. ADI Members, Thanks again for all your support with your Marketing Myth Countdown series! It has allowed us to get to know many of you and we are grateful! We've just posted the final entry for this blog series. This week's myth is a two-headed monster: (1) "We Don't Have A Marketing Department"; AND (2) "We Have A Marketing Department." You'll just have to read this one for it to make sense … http://www.fuelevents.net/#!fuel-blog/c22sz Also, check out this week's featured distilleries: High Ridge Spirits from Alabama and Wood's High Mountain Distillery out of Colorado. Remember, Fuel NW is here to serve the Craft Distilling community. If you want to find out how we can help your distillery, contact us! There's a link for that on our website. Or, if you ever just want to talk shop, we're down for that too! Finally, if you're traveling through Portland and want to meet up for a cocktail, we love making new friends! Thanks again ADI! Jen & Erika Fuel NW www.fuelevents.net 971-678-2602
  4. Greetings, ADI! It's Monday, so the Marketing Myth Countdown continues! This week's Marketing Myth: #3 "I Got 99 Problems But Marketing Ain't One" Check it out and let us know what you think! At the end of this week's blog, we ask for your thoughts and comments ... and we would really love to hear from you! You can reply right from our webpage or post something here! Also, this week's Featured Distilleries are: New England Distilling out of Portland, Maine and Sound Spirits from Seattle, Washington. If you want us to feature your distillery in future blogs, just let us know! It's free and we get darned good web traffic! Thanks for your continued readership! Check out this week's blog here: http://www.fuelevents.net/#!fuel-blog/c22sz Cheers, Jen & Erika Fuel NW happyhour@fuelevents.net www.fuelevents.net
  5. Greetings ADI Forum! We are so grateful for all of you! Every time we post something here, we receive phenomenal comments & insight from your members -- thank you! We have a branding/marketing firm based out of Portland, Oregon with a strong focus on craft distilling. We are passionate about this business and have unparalleled experience in the industry. We won't bore you by repeating here the qualifications listed on our website -- but please do check out our bios (http://www.fuelevents.net/#!about-us/c12q7) and read about the full range of services we offer (http://www.fuelevents.net/#!services/c21wo). We wanted to let you know that we are now accepting new clients for any and all branding, marketing, market research or training projects. Perhaps you have an in-house marketing team but you feel like you want to get to know your consumer base a little better ... we can conduct market surveys or focus groups tailored to your business! Or maybe you feel like your sales team just isn't getting your brand message across to distributors & accounts ... we can conduct in-depth training seminars to turn them into the fierce sales warriors you deserve! Are you brand new to the distilling world? We can create a marketing plan for your business and then either help you implement the plan or turn it over to your existing team (and remember, marketing plans are good to have in your back pocket when you're looking for investors). Please do check out our website -- www.fuelevents.net. We hope you'll see that our passion is in artisan/craft distilling and it is our goal to help grow this entire industry. The initial consultation is free so you've got nothing to lose by contacting us! We look forward to meeting you! Cheers, Jen & Erika Co-founders, Fuel NW 971.678.2602 happyhour@fuelevents.net
  6. Hey all, First of all, we want to THANK YOU! This forum was incredibly supportive of the "Craft Distilling Super Survey" we recently published. We got more responses from this forum than any other on-line resource! We also made great new contacts/friends with distillers across the country! We are grateful! Please feel free to contact us if you want to talk about the results to any specific question in the survey. It is easiest to reach us via email at happyhour@fuelevents.net. In the meantime, on Monday (February 24, 2014) our company, Fuel NW, is going to begin publishing a 5-part blog about common marketing myths in our industry. You can explore the blog here: http://www.fuelevents.net/#!fuel-blog/c22sz or watch our twitter/facebook posts to find out when new posts are released. We are a small marketing firm based out of Portland, Oregon with a strong focus on Craft Distilling. If you want to hear more about our credentials, check us out here: http://www.fuelevents.net/#!about-us/c12q7 Thanks again, ADI Forums, for your amazing support of our new venture! Cheers, Jen & Erika, Fuel NW
  7. One More Workshop This Year

    We are in the middle of our September workshop. We have one more left this year, November- 4-8. We have spots left and the early registration discount of $100 is still in effect. Register at www.artisancraftdistilling.com Check out some pics on our facebook page We will again be in Gig Harbor, WA 30 minutes from Seatac airport. Cheers!
  8. --Take your First Big Step to the Next Big Thing with us next March 11 - 15, 2013. We will be in our 4th year of training those who want to own their own DSP. --- We will be in Gig Harbor, WA. Our week long workshop already has several folks from around the country registered. Check us out at Artisan Craft Distilling for details. Check out the workshop and the testimonials to see why we are your best value in training. We will again be partnering with a former attendee distillery Heritage Distilling where you will have hands on training everyday in addition to the classroom work at the Inn at Gig Harbor. Mention that you are attending the workshop and get special room rates at the inn. Also register before February 15th and get an early registration discount of $100 on the week long workshop. We have a very aggressive agenda that includes two evenings of networking. We play our board game called Booze Clues,this is a drinking and learning game that is always a lot of fun. Join us next March. If you have questions please email at artisancraftdistilling@gmail.com for more information, or call us at 509-989-2683 Cheers! Allan