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Bulk Cabernet Franc Port Style wine for sale

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We are selling excess Cab Franc port style wine, all wine is currently still in barrels. Listed below are the vintages and the amounts that we have for sale. 

2005= 300 gallons (SOLD)

2006= 300 gallons

2007= 480 gallons

2008= 420 gallons

2010= 480 gallons (SOLD)

2011= 300 gallons

$12/gallon, will sell in barrels or tote, buyer pays for shipping. Product is located in SW Michigan. If you have any questions or would like samples please email me at Robbie.Scudder@moerschhg.com


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9 hours ago, bluestar said:

A little more info? What makes this port style? Alcohol content?

We made it the way Port is made by adding spirits to the fermenting wine which then stopped the fermentation while there was still residual sugar. It is about 10% residual sugar and about 18.5% alcohol.

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On 9/16/2018 at 4:33 AM, bluestar said:

Thanks, might come try samples of the barrels some time?

Sounds good, send me an email, Robbie.Scudder@moerschhg.com when you want to get together.

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