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uk startup looking for any kit for Gin production... garage based setup so no 500 litre storage tanks.

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I am starting collecting equipment early,

I need at least the following but if you have other stuff you think would be useful run it by me, I am on a journey here..

still, 100 or 200 litre
SS collection / storage vessels
bottling machine (something like a enolmatic single head vacuum filler with SS filler)
reverse osmosis water filter


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Stills are a bit difficult to find second hand in the UK, new still with column in this size range would costs you 2.000 UKP new or more. Stainless steel collection and storage vessels are cheap, 100-200 UKP new for 100-300L. Enolmatic might be difficult to find second hand. Reverse osmosis you don't want second hand, <100 UKP if it doesn't need to be very fast. PM me for brand/vendor names.

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