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UK/EU DSEAR regulations - zoning - risk of explosion question

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Hi All,

This is mainly for the UK/EU people, a question...

I want to start my gin venture out of my garage, a nano distillery. 50l boiler small..... low startup costs. But i think i may have hit a snag in the form of DSEAR regulations that state you have to have atex fittings/lights/power board. That would totally blow my budget at this stage...

Does anyone have knowledge of the regulations in more detail that could advise? I would be recitifying NGS on an electric still. Personally I see the risk of having vapour in the air as in the very low end, negating the need for any zones to be declared. 

Or is it sufficient to ensure sufficient ventilation either naturally or by the use of fans to ensure that the amount of vapour possible would be so small that zoning would not be required in the first place? this bolstered with fire safety storage for NGS and the presense of fire extinguishers and a spill kit? could maybe be enough.

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