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Screw top types and bottles

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Hi everyone,

looking for the screw tops like Guala Closures, the aluminum screw top with additional “skirt”, like a foil top. Are there other similar types, the guala seems proprietary and hard to find. Any bottle sources for these? only need this for a small project, so not high volume. Also, is any special equipment needed to install these tops. Currently use t-cork so install manually. 


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Yes, special equipment is needed to install roll-on pilfer proof (ROPP) caps like the ones you're describing.

You need a capping head that is sized and adjusted to match your bottle, cap, and cap liner material. The head is installed in a capping machine capable of applying the proper pressure and rotation to form the threads and seal the cap. It's surprisingly complex to get right and easy to get wrong, resulting in caps that don't seal properly. There is, in fact, a whole 200+ page book written on the finer points of properly closing a bottle with a screw cap.

We sell a capper, but the manufacturer requires bottle and cap samples to test and adjust the machine prior to shipping. This is to avoid issues with improper sealing. Most reputable manufacturers will require the same. There are only a couple of companies that manufacture the closing heads. The engineering requirements are quite complex.

I'd avoid ROPP caps if you're only planning for a small project and stick to t-top corks. Much simpler, unless you're planning on moving all of your production over to ROPP (which is a nice way to go).

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