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Batch/Date Identification on Bottle Labels

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Is anyone aware of any TTB requirements for date/batch lot serial number identification on bottles ?
One of the label vendors mentioned that we need this on the label (and they can provide it), but I can't find any information anywhere about this.

I am aware of the case labeling requirements as outlined in
§19.488   Marks on packages filled in processing
§19.489   Marks on cases filled in processing
§19.490   Numbering of packages and cases filled in processing

but none of the COLA BAM guide or 27 CFR 5.40 mentions anything about serial numbers/batch ID/date on the labels.

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I've read the regs a few times and don't recall any mention of any type of serial number on individual bottles, only packaging. That being said, we do it.  Our printer (Blue Label) handles it for us. I believe it's about $75 per order to set up (regardless of the number of distinct labels).  We send them the starting IDs and they take care of the rest.  

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