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We need a "Spirit Style Guideline"

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An example:BREWERS ASSOCIATION BEER STYLE GUIDELINES - https://www.brewersassociation.org/resources/brewers-association-beer-style-guidelines/
Poster: http://www.posterswholesale.com/resize/Shared/Images/Product/Periodic-Table-of-Beer-Styles/49283b.jpg?bw=1000&w=1000&bh=1000&h=1000

Why do we need this: 
I was planning on going off on some flowery language here but the truth is this: It's about marketing. 

Craft Distillers are not able to independently educate consumers on a level that is meaningful. Right now we live by the TTB's SOIs and unorganized fanciful names. These cover very little of the true scope of spirits. During Prohibition American consumers lost access and forgot a lot of the spirits that they drank. Very few people I know understand the different spirits that are common around the globe – Amari, bitters, brandies, Ouzo/Raki, Krauterlikor, vermouth, and many others. As craft distillers we can’t all make the same things and excite the consumer – whiskeys, bourbons, gin, vodka. We need to educate the consumer to other spirits to produce curiosity and stoke demand. We need to begin to define styles that exist, explain what they are, how they are used, and push this out to consumers. Anyone now trying to make Uuzo or Raki is going to have an extremely hard time selling it as they will need to explain it to nearly every single customer out there. Very few people are know what it is and fewer would buy a bottle of something as they have no clue to the flavor profile. We can't give samples to every single person in the country. We need a way of exposing consumers to these lessor know spirit types and give them a hint as to what it may taste like. That's how we can promote curiosity. 

Example profile:
Name: Amari
Description:  Generally a bitter liquor used as a digestif or as a mixer for drinks. 
ABV: 15-50%
Brands: Compari, Apertol, Cynar (substitute craft brands here)
Example Drinks: Negroni, Poison Dart, Americano

And creating a poster of style like the above would be super helpful. We should be creating a demand for styles and letting individual distilleries craft their own version. I personally would leave out the big producers and only list craft people to make this a little more ADI appropriate. 

This is something that the ADI and other craft spirits associations should collaborate on. It’s not going to be hard (aside from maybe some politics) but it needs to be done. I’m more than willing to help. 

Sadly the big producers will not do this, but they will follow our coattails. 

And to prove a point, this is the first result I got when I searched for “Chart of Spirit Styles” - Not super helpful to us:  

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