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flavored Gin botanical quantities

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I have my final recipe complete for my dry gin. I now want to start crafting my flavoured gin, I will be using flavour extract but am wondering about botanical per L for flavoured gins.

Is it reasonable to half the juniper and leave all other botanicals the same? or best to half them all.. or other?

any advice on your experience in the matter is greatly received.

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We just won a "best in class" for our flavored gin - which is the same spirit and proof as the base gin (prior to botanical infusion). We're about 5 batches in on production, and while it does taste better at 100% the same botanicals as the non-flavored version, it also is easier to make them the same, so you can split the distillate depending on sales needs (flavored vs not flavored.  


That said, I don't know what extract you plan on using - though infusing dry or fresh botanicals into a gin is pretty easy, just need a light filter after.  We do that for Amari we make as well. Any reason you are going with an extract over not?

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