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Weeping Barrels

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How much barrel dripping and weeping is to much?

We recently received a new order of barrels (30gal. #3 char) and when I prepped them with water to get ready to fill, with gin, they were perfectly fine. After a week or two we have daily drips and weeping along the stave edges near either head. Our next big project is to begin our whiskey production and I will be using 53gallon barrels but I am a little apprehensive about buying bigger if these are a problem. Notably, our first batch of barrels did not have this problem and I don't know if I am being overly nit picky or not.

In your experience should I expect some level of drips and drops or should the wood stay fairly stable in such a short time span?

My major caveat is our first barrels came in the spring and were in the building resting during the hotter months here in NC. But we now have moderate days and cools night with our changing season.

I appreciate any advice you all might be able to lend or maybe a preferred barrel supplier that you have had good results with if it really is bad. 



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Your barrels should not be dripping at this stage. Start by speaking to your Cooper.

We have a simple tool that's made for tightening the bands by pushing them toward the fat center of the barrel using a 5lb hammer. A few whacks usually clears the problem. IIRC, it's called a hoop driver.


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Thank you. I appreciate the insight.

I will reach out to our cooper and see what we can do to get everything squared away.

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