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HI All,

Over the years most of my work has been behind the scenes except for glass and decorating presentations and speaking events.  Our sales people are the ones usually on the road.  I am wanting to get out a bit more in 2019 and am working it into quality of life trips starting now.

First stop is the Mobile, Alabama region where my youngest daughter will be representing UCONN at the National Soccer club championships this week.   While there I hope to see as many distilleries that I can within an hour, or two driving distance in any direction.

Next trip will be to Florida from Dec 22 to Jan 4.  Lots of people I haven't seen and all over the state, so let me know if glass packaging and decoration issues deserve a visit.  Although I am with Pavisa Glass, from the beginning we joined ADI to help grow the industry, not just sell our processes.  There was just too much bad information out there keeping people in the dark of all the options right here in North America.

When we got started with Craft demand was overwhelming.  I am afraid to say we disappointed a few.  We have added much more capacity. 2019 should be a great year.

I am happy to recommend the right company based upon your unique needs whether it is Pavisa, or anyone else.

Reach out and I will stop in.


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