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Share one Vodka distiller 20 column plates building on skid

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Copper 200Gal distiller pot, lyne arm type, 4 copper column plates for Whisky, 16-20 column plates for Vodka, multifunction style, direct 3 storage tanks, design for your actual needs. FOB Ningbo price USD$50000~USD$58000.

If you want more details,welcome to contact me at any time Email: dye203@dayuwz.com

Daeyoo Tech. Co.,Ltd. Wenzhou (Brewing and Distilling manufacturer) 



Call: +86 18966255852

Email: dye203@dayuwz.com        

Skype: tiffanyxie1995

Wechat/What's app(most popular chatting software in China): +86 18966255852

VodkaWhisky distiller equipment-20 copper column plates-storage tank.jpg

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