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Looking for Swing Tops

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Looking to upgrade my swing top bottles. Currently use an odd sized 750 ml amber glass. Looks nice but only comes in small orders, so unit cost can add up. Eventually I want to expand the product line, so ideally I'd like to find a bottle that had both a flint or an amber option for the various products, but clear could work for everything.

We currently use an eco base Tennessee for our other stuff, and Ive have looked at the flip top versions but my concern is how tall they get. I'd also prefer a straight sided for this product since I'd have to redesign the label profile to work on the Tennessee. I've seen the Salem and the Dalia, which aren't bad but sourcing is a little hard to find. I also don't want to get more than a pallet at a time between both cost and floor space. I wish I could find someone to do half pallets!

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